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Ironman tires have been around since 1952. During the seven decades of their existence, they have developed a reputation for delivering performance on a budget, making Ironman one of the first choices for users who are in the market for affordable, high-quality tires.

Ironman Tires Review

This should make one thing clear. Ironman tires cannot compete with those from Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, or Goodyear. These companies deliver premium tires at prices that will blow a hole in your pocket. Ironman has no intention of getting involved in the pricing game.

Instead, if you look at its competitors, you’ll see names of budget tire brands, such as Waterfall, Lexani, Mastercraft, and Arroyo, among others. All these brands are aimed at customers who need basic transportation and have no intentions of pushing their vehicle to its limits.

This leads us to the question: Are Ironman tires better than their competitors? We will try to answer this most important question in this Ironman tires review. To do that, we’ll look at Ironman tires’ quality, performance, tread life, and price. Read on to know more.

Ironman Tires Review

Here are the best Ironman tires currently on the market

#1. Ironman GR-906

Ironman tires review

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The Ironman GR-906 is a value-priced all-season touring tire. It shatters the myth that you have to pay a fortune to get high-quality, year-round performance. In doing so, this tire gives an alternative to users dismayed by the rising prices of premium tires.

An all-season touring compound helps this tire thrive in dry and wet conditions. The tread compound keeps the rolling resistance low to minimize fuel consumption. At the same time, its stiffness allows the tire to absorb road vibrations, ensuring a comfortable ride.

Wet and snow traction is also above-average. Multiple high-density sipes around the tread area keep this tire under your control in slippery conditions. They do that by latching onto the road surface, not letting this tire slip at speeds where most budget tires struggle.

In terms of tread life, you won’t have any complaints. A modern symmetric tread design promotes even wear and helps this tire outlast its 60-month limited protection guarantee. The tread design also ensures solid handling so that you won’t have any nervy moments behind the wheel.

That is where the good news ends. This tire comes with no warranty, a potentially deal-breaking flaw for most people, even when you factor in its low price. Also, while it doesn’t let many vibrations into the cabin, this tire does get noisy at high speeds. So be prepared to roll the windows up.


  • Brilliant fuel economy
  • Above average wet traction 
  • Comfortable ride


  • No warranty
  • Noisy at high speed

#2. Ironman iMOVE GEN2 AS

Ironman iMOVE GEN2 AS

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Some performance tires offer sharp handling and high levels of grip. Others fetch high marks for cornering and steering responsiveness. Still others tend to be ultra-quiet and comfortable. The Ironman iMove Gen2 AS boasts all three attributes. That too at a price most people can afford to pay.

Start with the handling. This performance-oriented tire handles sharply on dry surfaces and offers amazing grip in similar conditions too. Oversteering, a common problem with budget tires, is nowhere to be seen. You’re in complete control of your vehicle behind the wheel.

Next comes steering responsiveness. Most budget tires take a few moments before responding to steering input. The iMove Gen2 AS cannot be more different. It turns into the corners within seconds of receiving a command from the steering, not letting any lag get in the way.

This tire is also ultra-quiet. Which is something we’d have expected from performance tires, most of whom justify their astronomical prices by keeping mum on high speeds. However, for a budget tire like the Gen2 AS to stay quiet at highway speeds is quite an achievement.

Unfortunately, this tire struggles on wet roads. Its wet traction cannot lay a glove on this model’s traction on dry surfaces. Similar is the case with snow traction, which is almost non-existent. And the absence of any treadwear warranty might also put away some of its potential customers.


  • Sharp steering responses
  • Good grip and traction on dry roads
  • Quiet and comfortable


  • No treadwear warranty
  • Subpar wet traction

#3. Ironman RB-12 NWS

Ironman RB-12 NWS

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The RB-12 NWS replaced the uber-famous Touring Pro in Ironman’s lineup. Hercules insists that it offers enhanced ride comfort, wet traction, and performance than its predecessor. It is also claimed that the RB 12 has a reduced road noise and offers better road handling.

Does this tire’s road performance prove these claims? It does, for the most part. A computer-optimized tread design has done a marvelous job of increasing this tire’s contact area with the road. This, as you might guess, leads to better handling stability and traction at high speeds.

Wet traction is also above-average. The tread design’s large shoulder blocks have innumerable biting edges to guarantee controllability in wet conditions. They increase the tire’s ability to grip the road, making sure it doesn’t go out of control when the going gets tough.

Tread life is also on the higher life. Part of the credit goes to the symmetric five-rib design that evenly distributes the forces of braking, acceleration, and cornering around its surface. This minimizes the heat build-up in the tread, keeping irregular tread wear at bay.

You’d also get a comfortable and quiet ride. This tire has a variable pitch tread block design that creates a sound frequency equal but opposite to the road noise. As a result, when the tire is in motion, the opposing sounds cancel each other out to give you a noise-free experience. 

That isn’t to say that everything is great about this tire. Multiple users have complained that these tires lack what it takes to handle the warm rain of the summer, let alone wet conditions in winter. This raises questions about their dependability on slippery surfaces.


  • Stylish white sidewall design
  • Enhanced ride comfort
  • Minimize heat build-up
  • Low noise


  • Below-average wet traction

#4. Ironman RB SUV

Ironman RB SUV

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Ironman launched the RB-SUV in 2014 with the promise that this tire would deliver a comfortable ride and extended mileage to drivers of SUVs, CUVs, and pickups. The user response over the next eight years indicates that these claims do have some merit to them.

A symmetric tread pattern enables this tire to offer year-round traction. Moderate siping detail around the tread’s edges improves this tire’s handling in wet conditions. They also improve this tire’s overall traction in dry, wet, and wintry weather.

Wide circumferential and lateral grooves minimize the risk of hydroplaning. They eliminate water from beneath this tire’s footprint and, in doing so, ensure a constant road contact at all times. The resulting all-season traction helps this tire guarantee year-round driving safety.

Thanks to the additional biting edges around the tread area, braking distances are on the shorter side, in dry as well as wet conditions. The result of this is a year-round secure driving experience.

Wet and light snow traction is guaranteed with the M+S rating. This rating is only awarded to tires that have met the rater’s guidelines for traction and grip in similar conditions. That a budget tire like RB SUV has this rating is beyond impressive.

Any area where this tire could have done better? Tread life warranty would have been nice, even though you still get a 2-year manufacturer’s hazard warranty. Wet traction is also on the lower side, especially when you compare it with premium competition.


  • Incredibly cheap
  • Sturdy construction
  • Stable on the highway


  • Subpar wet traction
  • Zero treadwear warranty

#5. Ironman All Country AT

Ironman All Country AT

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The Ironman All Country AT works excellently on hard packed surfaces. Its stiff rubber compound grips the surface surprisingly well and hard shoulder blocks will give your vehicle the stability to stay on course in challenging terrains.

Various longitudinal and circumferential grooves prevent the build-up of water inside the tread area, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. This enables the All Country AT to maintain a constant contact with the road, improving its grip in wet conditions.

Self-cleaning is another area where this tire excels. The space between the grooves is wide enough to not let any stone or rock particles get stuck inside the tread area. This evacuation also takes care of mud and slush particles and improves this tire’s traction.

The only issue we have about this tire is snow and ice traction, or the lack of it. Its tread compound isn’t flexible enough to safely carry you from point A to point B over packed snow and ice. Aside from that, the absence of a treadwear warranty is another glaring shortcoming.

All of this is to say that the All Country AT performs well on dry and moderately wet terrains. It offers a comfortable ride, keeps hydroplaning at bay and is usable in mud and over larger rocks. However, this tire shouldn’t be your first choice for driving in wintry conditions.


  • Excellent traction on hardpacked surfaces
  • Superb hydroplaning resistance for the price
  • Remains usable over unpacked snow


  • Zero treadwear warranty
  • Isn’t usable on hardpacked snow and ice

#6. Ironman All Country CHT

Ironman All Country CHT

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The Ironman All Country CHT is an entry-level commercial highway tire. It deserves your attention if you drive commercial vans or larger commercial trucks.

Commercial tires are different from their passenger counterparts in that they have more tread and are made of harder rubber. The extra rubber provides the All Country CHT with a long road life, while the stiffness of its rubber makes this tire less likely to puncture.

At the same time, don’t expect this tire to be as comfortable as some of Ironman’s passenger tires reviewed above. The extra rubber has inhibited this tire’s ability to absorb road vibrations, making the drive noticeably less comfortable for the person behind the wheel.

Wet traction is another area where the All Country CHT could have done better. That isn’t surprising given that it has a stiff rubber tread compound. Tires that perform adequately in wet and wintry conditions are made of flexible rubber that expands (to offer better grip) in harsh weather.

Considering it is a budget tire, the All Country CHT is fairly quiet on the road. That is great news for small business owners who are unwilling or unable to purchase premium tires. Its hydroplaning resistance is also good for the price, though still fairly low when compared to its pricey counterparts.


  • Superb highway stability
  • Tough and long-lasting construction
  • Fairly quiet ride


  • No treadwear warranty
  • Average wet traction

#7. Ironman RB-LT

Ironman RB-LT

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Who says a company could only produce X number of affordable all-season tires? The RB-LT is proof that Ironman’s lineup of value-priced all-season tires is fully stacked.

The RB-LT has what it takes to deliver year-round performance. A flexible rubber compound and unique tread design improve this tire’s grip and traction on dry terrains. A solid center rib, coupled with inner steel belts, gives it the stability needed for safe driving at high speeds.

Wide grooves within the tread area enhance the tire’s hydroplaning resistance. They also improve this tire’s handling on slippery terrains. Plus, the presence of sipes around the tread area should inspire confidence in this tire’s ability to handle wet surfaces.

High-speed performance is one area where this tire performs admirably. Acceleration and hard cornering are decent for a value-priced tire. And the grip and traction will let you push the RB-LT to its limits, something we haven’t said about many Ironman tires.

The absence of treadwear is nothing to be proud of, especially once you consider that there are budget tire brands costing less but still backing their tires with warranties. Examples of such manufacturers include Lexani, Waterfall, and Arroyo.


  • Decent hydroplaning resistanc
  • Excellent grip in dry and wet conditions
  • Good tread life for the price
  • Delivers decent year-round performance


  • No treadwear warranty

Ironman Tires Buying Guide

What is it you should watch out for when buying Ironman tires? Are there areas where this tire performs better than its budget competitors? Are there areas where Ironman tires could have done better? We’ll answer all these questions in this section.

Why Buy Ironman Tires?

Here’s why Ironman tires have been going strong since 1952:

1)   Super-cheap

Ironman tires prove that sometimes in life you get more than what you paid for. Excellent dry performance, superb hydroplaning resistance, decent tread lives, and stability at high speeds – these are some of the features common between Ironman and premium tires.

That is despite the fact that these tires are super-cheap. An entire set of Ironman GR906 costs less than $400 for some sizes – half as much as you’d have to pay for premium all-season tires. This shows that even in 2022 you could get decent performance on a budget.

2)   Excellent reputation

Ironman has a long-held reputation for producing decent tires at an affordable price. And it isn’t only their tires performance or price tags that have enhanced Ironman’s reputation. The company’s excellent customer service has also won it plaudits from fans and critics alike.

Anyone who has ever had a problem with these tires would vouch for how quickly the customer service resolved their problem. Which is something you don’t normally expect from a brand that offers no treadwear warranty on its tires (more on this later).

3)   Stylish looking

One reason most people don’t buy cheap tires is that they are wary of installing cheap-looking tires on their vehicles. And you cannot blame them since cheap tires look cheap, whether they’re placed on a superstore shelve or installed underneath your vehicle.

However, if you go for Ironman tires, you won’t face this issue. As good as Ironman tires are when it comes to road performance, they haven’t made any compromises on style, either. Their tire treads have a beautiful shape to prevent anyone from guessing their actual price.

4)   Enough for everyday driving

Everyday driving is one area where Ironman tires really shine. These tires could outlast their warranty if you aren’t the type of driver who pushes their vehicle to its limits. Provided you drive sensibly, these drives will accelerate, turn, and brake the way you like.

It isn’t only on a dry tarmac that you’ll get these attributes. In wet conditions, too, these tires can hold their own, especially if you drive within the speed limits.

5)   Mostly quiet and comfortable

While there are a few notable exceptions, most Ironman tires offer a comfortable and noise-free ride. They let the driver and other passengers enjoy the ride by absorbing road vibrations and not generating much noise. You can thus roll the windows down.

Why NOT Buy Ironman Tires?

Here are the negative aspects of Ironman tires:

1)   Not for performance driving

Make no mistake about it. Ironman tires will struggle if you push them too hard for too long. Their tread will wear down pretty quickly and your vehicle’s stability will also go too south if you use these tires for performance driving. Braking distances, too, will get longer.

2)   No tread life warranty

Here’s one thing that might put many customers off. Especially once you consider that all budget tire brands offer a tread life warranty, no matter how small. That Ironman back its tires’ tread life raises genuine questions about their road life.

3)   Average snow and wet performance

Another area where Ironman tires cannot compete with their premium counterparts is wet and wintry conditions. These tires offer a noticeably limited traction on slippery surfaces, while their braking distances are also longer, especially in severe wintry conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common queries people have about Ironman tires:

Who makes Ironman tires?

Hercules tire brand makes Ironman tires at its facilities located in China and imports them into the United States for distribution. Some of Ironman tires are made at Copper tires’ facility in Findlay, Ohio, USA.

Are Ironman tires American made?

Ironman tires are manufactured by the Hercules tire brand in China.

Are Ironman tires good in the rain?

Ironman tires have an average performance in the rain. While they boast the traction and grip required to safely carry you from point A to point B in the rain, premium tires offer much better performance and shorter braking distances in similar conditions.

Are Ironman tires good in snow?

The Ironman RB SUV performs decently in light snow. Its M+S rating means this tire can offer the grip and traction required to keep your vehicle stable in mild to moderate wintry conditions.


Ironman tires deliver the best of both worlds. On the one end, these tires are available at a super-cheap price, making them an affordable option for the majority of car owners. Some Ironman tires are so inexpensive that an entire set costs less than one competitive premium tire.

At the same time, these tires’ dry performance, ride quality, and tread life is decent. Some of them, like the All Country AT, can also handle muddy and rocky terrains. This goes on to show that you don’t have to break the bank to land high-performance tires.

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