Waterfall Tires Reviews and Buying Guide

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Waterfall tires don’t cost much. Regardless of whether you opt for the all-season specialist Eco Dynamic PCR, the commercial & light truck maven LT-200, or the winter-expert Snow Hill 3, the asking prices of almost all Waterfall tires fall within the budget of the majority.

Waterfall Tires Review

Which is surprising given the excellent performances these tires give in conditions they are designed for. The Eco Dynamic PCR’s dry traction and road performance, for instance, can compete with any all-season tire you can compare it with, even though its asking price is super cheap.

In this article, we’re going to review the best Waterfall tires currently on the market. These include Eco Dynamic PCR, LT Eco Winter, Snow Hill 3, and more. All Waterfall tires have earned rave reviews from their users. But none can compete with the Eco Dynamic in terms of popularity.

We’ll also be answering some of the questions most people have about Waterfall tires. If you ever thought about purchasing a set of Waterfall tires for your vehicle, but didn’t go ahead with the purchase because you didn’t know much about this Turkey-based brand or its tires, this review is for you.

#1. Eco Dynamic PCR

Eco Dynamic PCR

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The Eco Dynamic PCR is a budget-friendly all-season tire. It is one of those tires that take dry performance to a whole new level. A 5-pitch tread design ensures proper contact in dry terrains, with thin shoulder blocks helping this tire remain stable at high speeds in summer conditions.

Block Stabilization Technology ensures this tire’s braking distances remain short on wet and dry roads, while the Step Shoulder Technology blesses it with excellent cornering at high speeds. Then come the 4 wider grooves. They are the reason why this tire’s aquaplaning resistance is as good as it is.

One of the best features of this tire is its ability to adapt to dry and wet road conditions. The credit for this goes to its Adaptive Tread Technology. What the technology has done is make the tire’s rubber pliable enough to grip wet roads, while at the same time leaving its dry performance intact.

Waterfall has relied on a combination of cutting-edge technology and design tweaks to make this tire 5% lighter than others in its class. The resulting lightweight construction has lowered this tire’s rolling resistance, ensuring that your vehicle burns less gas and provides more fuel savings.

Since it is a passenger tire, one would expect the ride quality to be nothing less than plush. Guess what? Despite its humble price tag, plush ride quality is exactly what this tire offers. Unless you’ve gone off-road or are driving at breakneck speeds, it will provide you with a noise-free and smooth ride.

Is there something about this tire that we didn’t like? Its winter performance is poor. The absence of sipes around the tread area means it won’t offer any grip when it starts snowing. For that reason, it’s recommended to replace this tire with any dedicated winter tire in extreme wintry conditions.


  • Super-cheap
  • Impressive dry and wet performance for the asking price
  • Comfortable and noise-free ride quality


  • Treadwear warranty (45,000 miles) is less than most high-quality tires
  • Snow performance could have been better

#2. Waterfall LT-200

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The Waterfall LT 200 is built for commercial and light trucks. That explains why this tire has super-aggressive looks. Unfortunately, that doesn’t explain the limited sizes it’s available in – at the time of writing, the LT-200 is only available in two sizes (155/R12C 8 PT LT and 5.00R12 C 88/86R).

When you compare it with other commercial and light truck tires, you’d see that this tire offers three features that are mostly unavailable in this segment. These include reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, a comfortable ride, and excellent hydroplaning.

Start with reduced fuel consumption. Waterfall has done the same thing with this tire which it successfully pulled off with the Eco Dynamic PCR: it has made the LT-200 lighter than the competition. This, in turn, has reduced the LT-200’s rolling resistance, ensuring it consumes less fuel.

For the comfortable ride, say thanks to three of Waterfall’s proprietary technologies. These include Variable Pitch Technology (which ensures five pitch and tread blocks come together to reduce noise), Step Shoulder Technology (responsible for excellent handling), and Block Stabilization Technology.

Then comes this tire’s above-average hydroplaning resistance. No technology deserves any credit for this. Instead, it’s the tire’s circumferential grooves – deep channels that run circumferentially around the tire – that ensure the LT-200’s road contact stays intact in wet conditions.

Like the Eco Dynamic PCR, the LT 200 is also covered with a 45,000 miles tread warranty. While the warranty is on the lower side for an all-season tire, it is par for a light truck tire. Especially when you consider that this tire’s asking price is ½ of that of its counterparts belonging to Michelin.  


  • Impressive treadlife warranty 
  • Comfortable ride at highway speeds
  • Low rolling resistance and fuel consumption


  • Treadwear warranty (45,000 miles) is less than most high-quality tires
  • Snow performance could have been better

#3. Waterfall Snow Hill 3

Waterfall Snow Hill 3

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There are better ways of saving money than driving all-season tires even when there are inches of snow on the roads. The Waterfall Snow Hill 3 serves as proof that even when you’re on a budget, you could still get a set of dedicated winter tires for your drive.

At the cost of sounding biased, the Intelligent Compound Technology has done wonders for this tire’s snow performance. The technology makes the tire’s rubber more pliable in winter condition than what it was back when the sun was shining. This allows the tire to grip the road better.

Then there are the microscopic bite particles. You cannot see them with a naked eye, but their performance will be visible to all. These micron-size particles go through snow and/or ice to grip the hard surface beneath, giving the tire something to latch on to when everything about is slipping.

As if this tire didn’t have enough biting power already, Waterfall has provided it with aggressive block edges. These ensure that regardless of the amount of snow on the road, the Snow Hill 3’s traction remains intact. Small wonder then that this tire keeps passenger vehicles stable on slippery surfaces.

One more feature of the Snow Hill 3 deserves mention here. It is available in more sizes (seven) and is 5% more lightweight than most of the best winter tires. Sure, lightweight construction means its grip won’t be as better. But it also means that the tire’s rolling resistance would be on the lower side.

Anything that could keep potential buyers from opting for this tire? The fact that it produces a lot of noise on the road might prevent a few deals from happening. That said, most winter tires you see out there can’t be described as silent. So the fact that it isn’t noiseless shouldn’t go against the Snow Hill 3.


  • Exceptional grip and traction in wintry conditions
  • Offers excellent handling on snow and ice
  • Tread compound adapts to weather conditions


  • Isn’t exactly noise-free
  • Fuel economy isn’t the best in class

#4. Waterfall Quattro

Waterfall Quattro

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The Waterfall Quattro is a four-season tire from this Turkey-based brand. Like its colleague – the Eco Dynamic PCR – this tire too excels at traction. The balance and stability when driving at high speeds are exceptional. It also offers multiple grooves to improve grip in wet conditions.

As is the case with all Waterfall tires, the Quattro comes with a carload of technologies. The first of which is the Intelligent Compound Technology. It has made this tire’s rubber more pliable than that of its competitors, increasing its grip in wintry conditions.

Next comes the Eco Tire Technology. It has lowered this tire’s weight to deprive your vehicle of any excuse of above-average CO2 emissions or fuel consumption. Aside from that, the Step Shoulder Technology does well to increase this tire’s handling and cornering in all sorts of conditions.

The Quattro is the only Waterfall tire that comes with a 3PMSF symbol. A certified laboratory awards this symbol to tires that are considered reliable and safe for driving in snow. Not in winter conditions. Not on wet roads. But on hard, packed snow.  

This isn’t a small achievement from a budget-friendly tire like the Quattro. The likes of Michelin, Bridgestone, and General use it to sort their dedicated winter tires from the good ones. That a budget-friendly brand like Waterfall managed to clinch this symbol is surprising (in a good way).

As for refinement, there are good and bad sides. The Waterfall Quattro is a comfortable tire. Passengers in the backseat won’t face any trouble sleeping as you’re driving them from point A to point B. But they’d have to use earbuds first, as this tire makes much noise when you drive too close to its speed limit.


  • Available at a pocket-friendly price
  • Has the 3PMSF symbol
  • Has multiple grooves resisting hydroplaning


  • Makes a lot of noise at high speed

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common queries people have about Laxani tires:

Is Waterfall tires any good?

Waterfall tires prove that the maxim ‘you get what you pay for’ isn’t always true. The Eco Dynamic PCR is rated by reviewers and users alike as one of the best all-season tires out there. Its budget-friendly asking price hasn’t stopped this tire from offering excellent dry performance. Neither does it hurt this tire’s cornering and stability at high speeds.

Who are Waterfall tires made by?

Waterfall tires are made by a Turkey-based company previously known as Kolsan. The company was founded in 2000 and later changed its brand name to Waterfall. It currently has three types of tires in its lineup. These include summer/PCR tires, winter tires, and four-season/all-season tires.

How long do Waterfall tires last?

Almost all Waterfall tires are covered with 45,000-mile treadwear warranties. This translates to anywhere between 3 to 4 years of tread life. In the absence of hard-cornering, off-road exploits, and accidents, there is no reason why Waterfall tires won’t last as much time.

Are Water Eco Dynamic tires all season?

The Waterfall Eco Dynamic is a high-performance, all-season tire. It is designed for SUVs and passenger vehicles. The tire’s asymmetric tread design, all-season tread compound, and multiple grooves enhance its traction and road grip in dry, wet, and wintry road conditions.


Waterfall tires provide the best of both worlds. On the one end, they are super cheap. Anyone who is in the market for a new set of tires could afford them. Their pocket-friendly prices are the main reason why the company holds such a strong appeal among the masses.

That tag, affordable asking prices alone aren’t to credit for Waterfall tires’ popularity. Performance of models like the Eco Dynamic PCR has also enhanced this tire manufacturer’s reputation. This sets Waterfall apart from other budget tire manufacturers, some of whom cut corners to keep prices low.

Sure, Waterfall also has cut corners, especially regarding the treadlife warranty it offers on its all-season and four-season products. But this doesn’t impact the tires’ quality or performance.

For this reason, if you’re in the market for an all-season tire, check out the Eco Dynamic before considering other options. However, if you’re looking for a dedicated winter tire that could keep your vehicle stable on hard, packed snow as well as loose ice, the Quattro deserves your attention.

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