Lexani Tires Review: Very Cheap Tires

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Some vehicle tires are cheap. Others are super-cheap. Then come Lexani tires, which cost less than a third of what premium brands like Continental, Bridgestone and Michelin cost. This means you almost purchase an entire set of Lexani tires for the price of one tire from some of the more famous tire makers.

Surprisingly, while Lexani tires are super-affordable, their manufacturer (the South Korean brand Nexen) has made its name producing accessories, rims and wheels for luxurious and performance vehicles.

What does that say about Lexani tires? Is their performance reliable? Or the price tag means that corners have been cut to let these tires remain in the budget of most people?

That is what we aim to find in this tire review article. In the following paragraphs, we’ll review the top 10 Laxani tires currently available on the market. We’ll also answer some of your questions about Lexani tires. Read on to know more.



Lexani LX-Six II is a beautifully designed, all-season tire, specifically manufactured for consumers who love to travel frequently in various seasons.

This affordable ultra high-performing tire is puncture-resistant and suitable for everyday driving. On the road, the tire provides steady control with sharp responses to ensure safety and comfort while driving.

The single directional V-shaped tread patterns are designed to remove the water quickly and provide excellent dry handling and braking that makes these tires perform well on hard and dry grounds.

These lightweight tires are suitable for most climatic conditions except wintry conditions. These tires do not perform well on a snowy surface and might get noisy if the tread pattern is slightly damaged.

Also, these tires do not come with any tread wear warranty.


  • Puncture resistant
  • Excellent grip on dry surfaces
  • Directional V-shaped tread patterns drain the water quickly


  • Poor wet traction
  • No tread life guarantee


Whether you own a luxury car, sports coupe, SUV, or crossover, the Lexani LX Nine tires fit on all of them. This high-performing tire gives exceptional stability and grip, especially during summer.

The improved traction and handling are aimed to increase during dry and wet conditions. The outer shoulder blocks of the tire provide help for better cornering control thus making the drive safe, smooth, and comfortable for the consumer.

The asymmetrical and directional tread pattern and the circumferential grooves lower the road noise and further help with tractions on wet roads by reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

This tire is available in 20-26 inches’ sizes with H, V, or W speed ratings. They also offer a limited tread warranty for this tire.


  • Improved traction at all speeds
  • Enhanced cornering controls
  • Reduced noise
  • Limited tread warranty


  • Poor winter performance


Lexani is well known for manufacturing high-performing tires worldwide. The LX-Twenty is the most advanced tire in their squad. This tire is designed using the latest tire technology.

To increase control on wet and dry surfaces the tire is designed uniquely by combining the tread compound with an asymmetric and directional tread pattern. The circumferential grooves present at the directional tread pattern minimizes the risk of hydroplaning and gives enhanced control on wet surfaces.

The smaller grooves present at the adjacent of the tire provide additional help in the grip and decrease braking distances.

The most apparent and worthy feature of LX-Twenty is the tire’s independent blocks. Both the tread block and the shoulder blocks provide greater stability and better cornering traction.

If you look at the internal design of the tire you will find a pair of steel belts spirally wrapped with nylon that provided extra strength and robustness to the tire at increased speed and also during rain.

The available sizes for LX-Twenty range between 17 – 30 inches. The speed ratings are V, W, or Y. Lexani offers 30,000 miles’ tread warranty for the LX-Twenty.


  • Greater stability on dry surfaces
  • Offers a good tread life
  • Control handling and braking in the rainy season
  • Satisfactory hydroplaning resistance


  • Poor winter handling



If you are looking for a high-performing affordable tire, then the Lexani All-Season LX-Seven tire deserves your attention. The tire is specifically designed to provide its users a great level of luxury, solidity, continuous traction, and warranty at a budget-friendly price.

The well-engineered tire uses a tread compound pattern to improve dry and wet traction. Moreover, the tread compound also enhances control during cornering and handling.

The most highlighted feature of this tire is the center rib. It serves this tire the quickest steering response and superior braking performance. The tire also provides a relaxed noiseless ride to the users even at a three-figure speed.

The V-shaped tread pattern and its grooves present on each side of the tire are responsible for expelling the water out at the wet surface and during rain. They are also responsible for preventing hydroplaning.

The Lexan LX Seven works best in summers, rain, and mild winters, but it is not a winter tire per se. The performance of this tire even on light snow creates problems for the consumers.

The sizes available for Lexani LX-Seven range between 17-22 inches with a speed rating of W. You also get a limited tire warranty on this tire.


  • Fast steering response
  • Noiseless performance
  • Resists hydroplaning
  • Limited tread life warranty


  • Poor traction on snow and ice


Lexani LX-Thirty is a high-performing all-season tire. This tire suits all categories of cars, including luxury SUVs and crossovers.

A stronger all-season tread compound and W-shaped directional tread pattern are incorporated during the manufacturing. Both provide extraordinary wet and dry grip to the users when driving at any speed i.e. from high to highest.

The overall road performance, steering response, and cornering strength of the tire are improved by the presence of partially condensed shoulder blocks and compact center rib. The use of this technique is much appreciated by the users as this makes driving much safe and controlled.

Longitudinal and lateral grooves work together to provide improved hold on wet road surfaces. They also minimize the risk of hydroplaning thus providing extra safety. But still they are not recommended to be used during the rainy season.

The tire does not produce loud noise and gives a peaceful ride to the driver. However, this tire does not work well on snowy and icy surfaces.

With a 320 AA UTQG load rating the tire offers a wide variety of sizes ranging from 18 – 32 inches. Each tire features a V or W speed rating with a limited tread warranty.


  • 30,000 miles’ tread life warranty
  • Available in various sizes
  • Noiseless  highway performance


  • Not good at resisting hydroplaning



Lexani LXHT-106 is an all-season basic tire ideal for light trucks and pickup cars. Despite the use of the latest tire technology, the LXHT-106 is available at a much more affordable price in comparison to its competitors.

The tire has a symmetric tread pattern with the all-season tread compound and the latest groove technology. All three work together to achieve consistent traction on dry surfaces. The tire has a crisscross center rib that helps the grooves in improving steering control and driving performance.

The additional grooves present at the circumference of the tire and the sipes evacuate water and minimize the risk of hydroplaning during the rainy season and also on wet surfaces.

The outside road noise is reduced by the help of multi-pitch tread blocks whereas, the shoulder blocks increase the durability of the tire.

The size range of the tire is 16 – 18 inches available in LT and P-metric sizes with T-speed training.

On snow, the tire does not work well.


  • Brilliant dry performance
  • Excellent cornering and steering response
  • Available at a budget-friendly price


  • Not for heavy vehicles



Among all Lexani’s terrain tires the Mud Beast is the most combative and sturdy-looking tire designed for trucks, jeeps, etc. This long surviving mud terrain tire delivers an outstanding grip and control during driving.

The tire comprises sturdier sidewalls and deep tread designs. The Mud Beast has a cut-and-chip tread compound that allows it to survive every challenge during an off-road environment.

Furthermore, this tire performs exceptionally well in all seasons. Mud beast has an outstanding grip when driving on wet, dry, and snowy surfaces.

The voids and lugs keep the tire clean and give added safety while driving. These features make driving not only safe but also noiseless and comfortable at all speeds including on highways.

This tire is available in a 16 – 20 size range with a D or E load range training and a limited tread-life warranty.


  • Excellent grip on dry, wet, and snow tractions
  • Offers an impressive tread life in this class


  • Unstable on sand



Lexani Slayer A/T is manufactured with aggressive tread patterns that allow it to drive smoothly on muddy surfaces. Also, the presence of numerous sipes around the tire’s tread area removes the mud quickly from the tire and makes driving easy and steady.

Although the grooves present on the tire control the noise level still the tire gets quite noisy on highways. The tread life of the Slayer A/T is improved by the use of silica tread compound and center rib.

The tire not only possesses a striking look but also delivers remarkable traction on a dry surface and performs extremely well with dirt and pebbles. The best part of this tire is despite being an adventure tire it can work as a hybrid.

Among other all-terrain tires, it is a promising one but does not offer great handling and grip on wet surfaces.


  • Balanced on- and off-road traction
  • Works well on mud and pebbles
  • Offers a longer tread life warranty
  • Striking appearance


  • Noisy on highways and at high speed



Lexani LXHT-206 is designed for SUVs and light trucks for highway travelers. The tire is stable and noiseless on the road even at high speed. It has a decent response during steering and cornering.

The tire performs exceptionally well on dry and hard-packed surfaces. The presence of the deep tread pattern prevents hydroplaning. The multiple sipes and grooves on the outer sidewalls of the tire reduce the noise.

Lexani offers a 40,000 miles tread life warranty for this tire, which is about as good as you can expect for low price tires such as this.

However, the tire does not perform well on wet surfaces and is not a suitable option for the rainy season. Not only that it also, delivers poor performance in the winter season. One of the most common risks associated with this tire during rain or snow is slipping.


  • Stable on Highways
  • Satisfactory hydroplaning resistance
  • 40,000 miles treadlife warranty


  • Poor winter handling

#10. LEXANI LXTR-203


Lexani LXTR-203 is an all touring, safe, and affordable tire that works best with SUVs, light trucks, and vans. This tire offers a relaxed, quiet, and stable ride. The tire has good traction on wet and dry surfaces. It also has a sharp response to cornering at dry surfaces that ensures hassle-free driving.

During rain, the deep and wide vertical channels remove the water and prevent hydroplaning. It also gives an improved steering grip on the wet surface and can be used in the rainy season.

The presence of multiple sipes and grooves on the outer sidewalls of the tire makes the driving noiseless even at high speed. It is a durable tire with a tread-life warranty of 40,000 miles.

Despite being an all-season tire, it is not reliable to be used in winters. The tire slips on snowy or icy surfaces.


  • Good traction on wet surfaces
  • Durable and trustworthy
  • 40,000 miles treadlife warranty


  • Tread compound isn’t pliable

Lexani Tires Buying Guide

Lexani tires are high-performing, beautifully designed, durable and hard to beat the price. These tires are specially designed for customers that desire good-looking but aggressive at performing tires. Just like other well-known tire manufacturers, Lexani too has a complete collection. However, the company has emphasized more on manufacturing ultra high performance tires. These tires are oversized but have small sidewalls.

Lexani is loved by most of its customers due to two main reasons. The very first reason that makes Lexani stand out from its competitors is its affordability. And the second attraction for the customers is that Lexani offers a complete portfolio of tires.

Whether you own a crossover, an SUV, a truck, a sedan, or a sports car Lexani has tires has everything you wish for. The performance of the best Lexani tires are very much close to the Asian-origin tires but the technology used is much more advanced and improved.

Not only that Lexani tires also manufactures all-terrain, all-season, and all touring tires for customers that love to travel all over the country. So, let’s just get through the below Lexani Tire Buying Guide to make the purchase of these tires easy and exact for you.

So, let’s first look at the positives of Lexani Tires.

Why Buy Lexani Tires?

1. Low Price

If you are someone who is looking for a tire that delivers superior quality and is also light on the pocket, then Lexani deals are for you.

Lexani offers aesthetical tires in an affordable range. They offer quite a low price in comparison to its competitors including the high-performance tires. They have focused not only on the quality and appearance of the tire but have also positioned their tire in the mid-tier range.

2. Eye-Catching Design

The manufacturer has worked well on the design of these tires. They are super eye-catching and complement well the luxury cars like BMW or Mercedes Benz.

The high-performing low profile tire such as LX-Nine is the choice for many sports car owners because of its attractive appearance, affordability, and better tread life.

These tires look gorgeous with Lexani’s Rims. However, they are designed in such a way that they can be used with other rims as well.

3. High-Quality Rubber

The tire is made of hard rubber so, mounting these tires on Lexani rims or any other rims becomes a challenge. So, it’s better to let the mechanic handle this part.  However, the hard rubber helps the tire to withstand all the roughness during driving.

4. Excellent Handling On Dry Surfaces

Lexani tires provide excellent handling and grip to the users on dry surfaces. These tires work well for everyday driving and give quick and sharp responses while cornering.

With much affordable price and great steering response, these tires offer a great deal for most of the users.

Why You Should NOT Buy Lexani Tires

1. Not Very Durable

Lexani tires offer a very limited tread life warranty in comparison to its competitors. These tires are poorly affected by debris, snow, and rain.

They offer a limited tread life warranty for some of their tires. Keeping in view the affordability of these tires the tread-life warranty is good but the performance of these tires is not as good as of the premium tires.

2. Low Traction During Rain And Snow

Among all the tire manufacturers, Lexani tires have the worst performance in the rain. The grip in rainy seasons becomes very challenging for the user.

Also, the handling becomes unsafe especially while cornering the car. The hydroplaning is resisted poorly and increases the risk of slipping.

We do not recommend Lexani tires for the areas where it rains heavily all the year as the handling and braking distances are longer and needs extra care and effort.

Though these tires are designed to be used in every season, we do not suggest the use of Lexani tires during winter, especially on snow.

These tires become slippery on ice and snow. These tires are not considered to be safe while driving in rough conditions like heavy rainfall or snow.

3. Have Balancing Issues

The usage of the harder rubber creates balancing issues for the drivers, especially at high speed. During driving users have experienced vibrations produced by the tire that makes them uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common queries people have about Laxani tires:

Who are the Manufacturers of Lexani Tires?

The manufacturer of Lexani Tires is Nexen Tires. Nexen is South Korea’s first tire manufacturing company. Initially, Lexani was only manufacturing super luxury and fancy-looking rims for high-performing vehicles and sports cars. But recently they have started manufacturing tires that go well with its rims. Both the tires and rims by Lexani are loved by its customers.

What is the origin of Lexani Tires?

These tires are made in Irwindale, California USA. However, some Lexani tires are also manufactured in Mexico.

What is the maximum lifespan of Lexani Tires?

The maximum lifespan of Lexani Tires is not more than four years that make around 40,000 to 60,000 miles. Lexani tires do not offer a better warranty in comparison to premium brand tires.

Is the performance of Lexani tires good in rain and snow?

No, not all Lexani tires perform well in snow or rain. The grip, handling, and braking performance of these tires are far from good on wet and snowy surfaces.


Lexani makes high-performance tires for vehicles but you might not get the same performance as premium tires. We shared some of our top picks from Lexani tires with detailed reviews to help you understand the difference in performance between each one of them so you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the best tires for your vehicle.

Lexani manufactures high-performance tires as well as passenger touring tires, and all-terrain tires. These fancy-looking tires are affordable and advanced in technology, making them the most desired tire among consumers.

However, the performance of Lexani tires is not the same as the premium tire brands. As they do not offer well-established traction in all-season, especially in winters.

Also, Lexani tires offer a limited treadlife warranty in comparison to the premium tire brands. If you typically see excessive tire wear on your vehicles, Lexani is probably not the brand for you.

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