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Hisham Hasan

hisham h
Hisham Hasan is an automotive mechanic and inspector with 8+ years working on both newer and classic cars. During his time performing automotive inspections, he has inspected 100s of tires for damages, condition and safety. 
Hisham is an avid NASCAR and Formula One fan and is fascinated by the mechanics of wet weather and dirt driving tires. Hisham studied physics in college and is a geek when it comes to the physics of tires. Hisham lives in Redwood City, Calif.
His favorite pastimes are running, swimming, traveling and going on nature trails in the Bay Area. His favorite places are Huddart Park in Woodside and the Oakland and Berkeley Hills. 

Dean Marc Eusebio was a former after-sales business developer in a leading automotive brand in the Philippines. He was in-charge of auto parts promos and programs specifically on tires and other consumable products.

Dean is obsessed with anything that has licensed plates. From two-wheeled pocket rockets to massive 6-wheeler pickup trucks, he spends most of his time reading magazines, local or international, and watching car-related documentaries and series. 

He believes that the best and fundamental upgrade you can do to your car is slamming it with a good set of tires.

Dean Marc Eusebio

dean marc