Where Do I Install Tires Bought Online?

Last Updated September 9, 2022

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In today’s day and age, you can buy almost everything from the comforts of your couch which makes your life much easier. However, if you go to a store directly and buy a set of tires there, you can typically also install them there, or at least find out where you can install them.

Where Do I Install Tires Bought Online?

Therefore, if you buy your tires online, you will do it much easier, but you certainly can’t install your tires from the comfort of your couch. So, where do I install tires bought online?

Where Do I Install Tires Bought Online

Almost every larger tire brand has some sort of a tire center or facility where you can install your tires for a reasonable price. Moreover, many online shops also offer installation services or at least installation service discount coupons which can be used in most reputable tire centers.

On the other hand, you can ship your tires directly to your home and go to an independent tire shop and pay the installation costs. Either way, there are many different places where you can do it, and we are going to tell you all about it in this article!

Where Can I Install Tires?

  • Your local independent tire shop
  • Aftermarket specialty tire and wheels shops
  • Big chain tire and car service centers
  • Large wholesalers with tire facilities
  • Your dealership
  • Oil change centers
  • Gas station service centers

Can I Install Tires At An Independent Tire Shop?

Most people who buy their tires online tend to take them to local independent tire shops as this is likely the easiest and often the cheapest way to do it. These shops typically work on a smaller scale which means that you shouldn’t wait too long. Moreover, a local independent tire shop can often offer discounts or special coupons for people who tend to live nearby.

The drawbacks of installing your tires at an independent tire shop are typically associated with how experienced and knowledgeable your local mechanic is. Therefore, if you own an expensive car or one that uses center locking nuts, your local tire shop might not be up to the task.

Can I Install My Tires At An Aftermarket Tire And Wheel Shop?

Nowadays people love making cars authentic and exclusive which means altering the way they look so they can portray a specific image about the owner. One of the ways you can achieve this is to invest in a set of shiny new rims, and most of these aftermarket shops also offer tire mounting and tire installation services.

If you are completely satisfied with the way your car looks and you don’t want to buy a set of new wheels, you can often install your tires on your existing wheels at one of these shops. They tend to be more expensive, but they will take care of your car better than most places on this list.

Can I Install My Tires At Big Chain Tire And Service Centers?

Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone, Discount Tire, and Tire Rack all have their own tire facilities where you can bring your tires and your car and their technicians will install your tires for you at a set price. Places like these often tend to offer numerous car maintenance services as well which means that you can also maintain your car while getting your new tires installed.

The potential drawbacks of these places are that they can often be overcrowded, expensive, and even too far away.

Can I Install Ties At A Large Wholesaler?

Places like Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco also offer all sorts of car maintenance services and check-ups, but not all of them offer tire installation services if your tires are bought elsewhere. The good thing about these is that they tend to offer competitive prices, they rarely ever close, you can get an appointment quickly, and you can browse through their shops while your car is being taken care of.

On the other hand, these large wholesaler facilities can also be overcrowded, and if you own an expensive car, you will not get the special treatment you’d come to expect from a specialty workshop. We also need to mention that many of these will not do anything to your car if you are not a registered member.

Can I Install Tires At My Dealership?

Many people who own expensive cars and cars that require a more thorough treatment tend to take their cars to dealerships for all sorts of services including oil changes, major repairs, detailing, and even tire installations. Dealerships have a thing for returning customers which means that most dealerships will be happy to see you.

You also need to keep in mind that most dealerships operate on a much higher standard when compared to large tire centers and facilities because they also tend to charge more.

Can I Install My Tires At Oil Change Centers?

Places like Jiffy Lube and Valvoline are known for instant oil changes, but many people tend to take their cars there for other car maintenance services, some of them are associated with tires. As such, you can also do your due diligence and contact your local oil change centers and ask if they are willing to install your tires for you.

Do keep in mind that many people are questioning the effectiveness and sheer logic behind going to many of these places as they are known to not pay too much attention to any specific car.

Can I Install My Tires At A Gas Station Service Center?

It depends on the type of gas station as not too many of these offer much else besides gas, oil, windshield wipers, coolants, air compressors, and other car accessories. If they do offer some maintenance services and tire installations, be sure to inspect the place beforehand as these certainly aren’t the number one choice for most people.

Can I Install Tires By Myself?

Installing your tires by yourself might seem like a great idea to save some money and try to do something useful with your hands. However, it all depends on what you need to do and if you have all the necessary tools for the job. You also need to keep in mind that not all environments are safe for tire installations, especially those without level ground.

First of all, if you need to mount your tires onto your wheels, you should simply visit a tire workshop as this is rather difficult to do without proper equipment. You will also need to take care of the tire pressure monitoring sensors, your valve stems, and your wheel weights, all of which require some form of expertise and knowing your way around a car.

On the other hand, if you are simply swapping your wheels and tires, you can do so yourself. Be sure to park your car away from traffic, preferably in a garage where you are shielded from outside elements. Also, be sure to engage your parking brake and always park the car on level ground.

The first step is to loosen your tire bolts while your car is still on the ground. After loosening up your bolts, you ought to take a jack to raise your car. It is always a good idea to use multiple jacks, but you can change your tires with a single jack. After raising the car, take off your bolts and replace the wheels. Do the same process in reverse order and that should do it.

Where Can I Buy Tires?









Cheap prices

Road Hazard Warranty

Big selection

Huge selection of all types of tires




Lifetime maintenance

Road Hazard


BFG, Bridgestone, Michelin

Sam’s Club



Cheap prices

Road Hazard Warranty

Special deals

A dozen premium brands

BJ’s Tire Center



Free lifetime maintenance

Installation included

Road Hazard Warranty

15 premium brands or so

Tire Rack



Biggest model selection

Fast online shopping


A few dozen premium and non-premium brands

Discount Tire



Online shopping

Fast and free shipping

Huge selection of all types of tires 

Does It Make Sense To Buy Tires Online?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, online shopping has become somewhat of a standard for most goods these days. The reason why is mostly due to how simple it is. However, this is not all good as online tire shopping represents a few additional challenges except for tire installation. You can’t inspect the tires before you buy them which can sometimes cause lots of issues.

If you go and buy the tires yourself, you will not have to worry about shipping, shipping insurance, and if something happens during delivery. You can buy tires when you need them and you can have them immediately if you just go and visit a tire shop nearby. Be that as it may, online tire shopping is taking over because you can buy from anywhere in just a few clicks.

Online shops also offer all sorts of discounts, deals, packages, and coupons that tend to lure in new shoppers all the time. Yes, it does make sense to buy tires online, but only through reputable online tire shops as these should be adequately safe when it comes to data collection and payment data.


Where do I install tires bought online? Well, there are many different places where you can install your tires. Some of them are better than others which means that you should do your homework and find the place that offers the best balance of quality and price.

Dealerships and specialty wheel and tire shops are usually the most expensive but operate at a much higher quality level while oil shops and gas station service stations tend to be the least popular options.

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