How To Book a Tire Appointment At Discount Tire

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Discount Tire is one of the largest independent wheel and tire retailers in the US as it operates in most states and has more than 1,000 locations nationwide. There are many things you can do at Discount Tire, but the most common ones are buying wheels and tires, maintaining your car, and repairing your wheels and tires. So, how to book a tire appointment at Discount Tire?

How To Book a Tire Appointment At Discount Tire

How To Book A Tire Appointment At Discount Tire?

You can book your tire appointment at Discount Tire in three different ways. Probably the easiest way is to just call your local Discount Tire facility and schedule an appointment that way. If you want, you can also visit your local Discount Tire facility and schedule an appointment in person. Finally, you can also schedule an appointment online by visiting their “schedule an appointment” website.

How To Book A Tire Appointment At Discount Tire Over The Phone?

If you want to book your appointment by phone, you need to first find the associated phone number for the location you want to visit. Also, be sure to double-check the hours of operation in order not to call when the center you are interested in is closed. In order to get all the info you need, be sure to use this handy store locator tool.

This tool will ask you to enter your Zip code and will then show you all the Discount Tire facilities closest to your location. All you need to do is click on one and you will be presented with the necessary phone numbers and hours of operation. From there, you just need to call and book the appointment!

How To Book A Tire Appointment At Discount Tire In Person?

If you are old-fashioned and you like scheduling appointments face to face, you can also visit your local Discount Tire center and do it in person. This is likely the best way to schedule an appointment if you have a Discount Tire center nearby as it enables you to browse some of their stock before making a final decision.

Also, if you want to buy new wheels and tires, many Discount Tire stores have stock that isn’t available online, especially used and nearly new tires. This will also sometimes enable you to do small check-ups for various maintenance needs in order to get the best possible service when you actually do arrive for your appointment.

How To Book A Tire Appointment At Discount Tire Online?

If you want to book your appointment without talking to anyone, you can do so using this website for Discount Tire service centers or this one for tire buying, mounting, and installations. Either way, you will first have to select your desired location, select the services you plan on getting, an available time slot, and enter all necessary information before finalizing the deal.

This method is perfect for those who are constantly traveling or those who aren’t able to either call or visit a Discount Tire center during working hours. Either way, it’s always a good idea to call after scheduling an appointment this way just to be sure that everything has gone smoothly.

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What Can I Do At Discount Tire?

  • Shop For Wheels And Tires
  • Maintain Your Car
  • Repair Flat Tires
  • Rim Repairs
  • Tire Stud Installations

Can I Shop for Wheels And Tires At Discount Tire?

Discount Tire specializes in tire and wheel retail which means that you can buy a whole host of both custom and aftermarket wheels from Discount Tire and all the prominent tire brands as well. However, Discount Tire also offers various budget-friendly tire brands such as Pathfinder tires which aren’t available anywhere else.

The entire process of sourcing your wheels and tires through Discount Tire is quick, convenient, and really easy to understand. All you have to do is find the wheels and tires you want to buy online, and then select when and where you want them to be installed.

Can I Maintain My Car At Discount Tire?

As the name might suggest, Discount Tire is a company that specializes in tire and wheel services which means that you can maintain your wheels and tires at Discount Tire. Most people tend to take their cars to Discount Tire for tire rotation and balancing which are likely the two most important pieces of tire maintenance for most tires these days.

Discount Tire will also do stuff such as tire air pressure checks, tire inspections, TPMS services and installations, road force balancing, tire heat cycling, and tire air pressure fill-ups. Discount Tire does not do stuff like oil changes, wheel alignments, towing services, battery maintenance, or anything to do with the car’s brakes.

Can I Repair A Flat Tire At Discount Tire?

You sure can. Not only that you can take your Discount Tire-sourced tires for a flat repair, but you can also take any other tire to Discount Tire where they will inspect the tire and tell you if it indeed is worth saving. There are many people out there saying that Discount Tire has even done this completely free of charge which surely is impressive.

However, the best thing about Discount Tire is how experienced and knowledgeable their employees are which means that your tires are in great hands.

Can I Repair Rims At Discount Tire?

One of the things that Discount Tire does which isn’t all that common across similar large retailers is that they are also in the business of repairing and refinishing both lightly damaged and scuffed rims and severely damaged rims. Discount Tire is able to fix scuffed, scratched, gouged, and even bent rims using high-end machinery, OEM paint, powder coating, and even re-chroming if necessary.

They tend to do this really quickly which means that you will be back on the road in no time. If your rims are beyond repair, they will consult you on buying new rims as they are not going to perform rim repairs on wheels that are not safe for use.

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Can I Install Tire Studs At Discount Tire?

Discount Tire offers a whole host of winter and ice tires which means that you can satisfy all your winter and ice tire needs at Discount Tire. If you want to install studs into your tires, you can either source those through Discount Tire or bring your own and they will install them for you. Moreover, when it comes time to swap out your winter tires for a set of summer tires or vice-versa, they will do that as well.

Why Should I Take My Car To Discount Tire?

  • Variety of Wheels and Tires – One of the best aspects of taking your car to Discount Tire is the sheer number of wheel and tire brands they offer. As far as tires are concerned, you can choose between more than 60 different brands from various price categories which is more than what you get with Costco or many other similar centers.
  • Enticing Financing Options – When it comes to financing, Discount Tire offers you the ability to finance your wheels and tires for 6, 9, or 12 months if your final price is over $199, $1,100, or $1,500.
  • Quick Shipping Times – Discount Tire is one of those places that offer some of the quickest shipping times in the industry which is a great thing for those who need their wheels and tires fast.

How Expensive Is Discount Tire?


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As you can see, Discount Tire is not the cheapest place to buy your tires, but they do offer a competitive price when it comes to tire installations while also enjoying a higher customer satisfaction rate than most similar places. You also need to keep in mind that Discount Tire primarily deals with tires and wheels which isn’t the case with most other companies listed here.


If you’ve ever wondered how to book a tire appointment at Discount Tire, you’ve come to the right place as we have all the answers you need. You can do so either by phone, in person, or using the online appointment schedule tool if you don’t want to talk to anyone and schedule your appointments whenever you want.

Discount Tire is a great place for all your wheel and tire needs which also means that it can’t match many other companies as far as maintenance and repairs are concerned. Those who seek to find a one-stop shop for all their car needs are likely to skip going to Discount Tire as they can find more services in most companies listed in the chart above.

However, if you only want wheels and tires and everything that goes with them, Discount Tire is one of the best places to take your car.

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