Sam Club Tire Installation Cost: How much is it?

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No matter how good a tire can be, it is going to become obsolete sooner or later. This means that you will have to replace your tires eventually, and it is rather difficult to decide where to get them and where to install them. Thankfully, there are many places where you can buy your tires, install them, and benefit from many other complementary tire services.

Sam's Club Tire Installation Cost

Sam Club is a huge membership-only retail warehouse that offers tires, tire installations, and everything else you’d ever want when buying your new set of tires. So, how much does a Sam Club tire installation cost?

Sam Club Tire Installation Cost

First and foremost, if you want to enjoy the huge variety of tire services from Sam’s Club, you will need a membership card as Sam’s Club does not offer any tire services to non-members and those who bought their tires elsewhere. If you are a member and you did buy your tires through Sam’s Club, you can install those tires for a price of $20 per tire ($80 in total).

Even though there are places where one can install tires bought from anywhere for a much lower price, almost no other place offers a tire installation package that is as tempting as the one at Sam’s Club. If you want to know more about this package and everything else you can get at Sam’s Club, stick around and find out.

What Does the Sam Club Tire Installation Package Include?

  • Tire installation
  • Lifetime tire rotations and balancing
  • Lifetime tire repairs
  • Tire disposal
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Mounting tires and new valve stems
  • TPMS reset
  • Road Hazard Warranty

How Can I Get Free Lifetime Tire Rotations And Balancing At Sam’s Club?

The best and easiest way to get free lifetime tire rotations and balancing at Sam’s Club is to go for the $80 tire installation package. Given the fact that a simple tire rotation costs $21 at Costco or even up to $40 at Jiffy Lube, it makes perfect sense to pay $80 because that gets you free tire rotations and balancing for as long as your tires last.

The benefits of rotating and balancing your tires are substantial as both of these enable your tires to grip the road more safely. They also extend the lifespan of your tires, they make your car smoother and more comfortable while also keeping your money where it truly belongs – in your wallet.

How Can I Get Free Lifetime Tire Repairs At Sam’s Club?

Great deals often come with terms and potential hiccups and that is why many consumers these days need to be careful while shopping not to fall into a trap. For example, if you buy your tires for an amazing price, but your warranty does not cover any damages, the entire deal goes from great to dreadful if your tires get damaged.

That is why it is always important to have a plan B within your contract so that stuff like these can’t hinder the entire deal. That is why by paying $80 for a Sam’s Club tire installation package, you are also getting unlimited lifetime tire flat repairs which hopefully you will never need.

How Can I Get Free Tire Disposal At Sam’s Club?

If you opt to install your Sam’s Club sourced tires at Sam’s Club, you are also getting the Sam’s Club Tire Installation Package which includes tire disposal free of charge. This means that you can simply drive your car to a Sam’s Club facility with your old tires, they will replace them with new ones, and you can drive off without worrying about what to do with your old tires.

It’s worth mentioning that many wholesalers and tire centers do offer tire disposal services, but most of them want you to pay extra for tire disposal even with similar tire installation packages.

How Can I Get Free Emergency Roadside Assistance At Sam’s Club?

If you browse the web a little bit and you do your homework about tire installation packages at other similar stores, clubs, and centers, you will soon find out that almost none of them offer roadside assistance, but Sam’s Club certainly does. This means that a Sam’s Club tire installation cost also includes a 3-year-long emergency roadside assistance package.

This package includes towing, assistance with flat tires, fuel delivery services if you run out of fuel, lock-out services, jump-starting the car, and even winching/extracting your car if you get in trouble with a nearby bush/ditch.

How Can I Mount My Tires For Free At Sam’s Club?

If you want to mount your tires for free at Sam’s Club, the best thing you can do is buy your tires through Sam’s Club and opt for an installation package because it includes tire mounting, new valve stems, and installation. Given the fact that mounting four tires can cost as much as $150-$200, it makes perfect sense to pay $80 at Sam’s Club and enjoy all the tire services you will ever need.

If you do decide to do so, Sam’s Club technicians will also install new valve stems with your freshly mounted tires completely free of charge.

How Can I Get A Free TPMS Reset At Sam’s Club?

 If you go to Sam’s Club website, you will see that you have to pay $19 for a one-time TPMS reset, but if you did your homework, you should be aware that if you buy your tires through Sam’s Club and if you go for the Sam’s Club tire installation package, you get a TPMS reset completely free of charge.

You can also pay an additional fee of $5 per wheel if you want to include an entire TPMS kit to go with the reset.

Can I Get Free Tire Services At Sam Club?

If the aforementioned tire installation package is not enough for you to buy your next set of tires through Sam’s Club, you should also know that you get plenty of tire services just by being a Sam’s Club member. These include:

  • Tread depth and air pressure checks – Whenever you arrive at a Sam’s Club facility to drop off your car for certain services or you just want to go shopping, you can get a free tire depth and air pressure check simply by showing your membership card to one of the employees.
  • Wiper blade installations – If you go and shop for brand new wiper blades at Sam’s Club, you should be aware that you can have them installed on spot by a Sam’s Club employee completely free of charge.
  • Battery installation and inspection – If you buy your car battery through Sam’s Club, they will happily install and test the new battery for you. Moreover, you can always come back and a Sam’s Club employee will inspect your battery.

Why Should I Buy My Tires At Sam Club?

First and foremost, the main reason why you should buy your tires from Sam’s Club is the price. This means that even if you do find Michelin, BF Goodrich, Good Year, or Pirelli tires for a lower price than at Sam’s Club, all you need to do is to print the quote, bring it to Sam’s Club, and they will match the price right on spot.

Secondly, buying tires is not just about buying them as you need to mount them, install them, maintain them, and even dispose of them when they reach the end of their lifetime. This is where Sam’s Club comes in as they try to be a one-stop shop by offering you all of these services and more in value packages such as the aforementioned installation package.

Sam’s Club also only deals with quality products made by the world’s most renowned tire brands such as the ones listed above. They offer a wide selection which also includes tires for duallies and motor homes with all the other benefits listed in this article.

Buying at Sam’s Club is convenient and time-efficient as you can preselect virtually everything you need and schedule appointments from the comfort of your couch. By opting for a tire installation/maintenance package at Sam’s Club, you are killing a few birds with one stone which saves you time, and money and enables you to spend time doing the things you truly love.

How To Schedule An Appointment At Sam Club Tire Center?

The easiest two ways how you can schedule an appointment at a Sam’s Club Tire Center is to either do so in person while finishing your shopping or use the online locator to find your nearest location and simply call them. The pandemic has presented a few challenges with the former, but you can always choose the latter when it comes to setting up an appointment.


The final Sam Club tire installation cost combines many benefits such as tire mounting, installation, tire maintenance, tire disposal, roadside assistance, hazard warranties, and even tire repairs. It’s really hard to argue that this package is not one of the best ones you can get, so be sure to consider buying your next set of tires at Sam’s Club because you can save quite a bit of money and time in the process.

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