Falken Rubitrek AT vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W

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Rubitrek and Wildpeak from Falken Tires are popular all-terrain tires. But they’re quite similar not only in terms of their function but also in terms of their appeal. However, they do come with some tiny differences that set them apart as two separate products with different performance outputs. We help highlight the differences so you can choose the one that suits your needs best. 

Falken Rubitrek AT vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W

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The Falken Rubitrek is built to take on all weather conditions. Suitable for medium to large size trucks and SUVs, the tire offers a great balance of spirited off-road handling in difficult conditions with commendable on-road performance. The tread design is optimized for long-lasting wear regardless of the conditions it is being driven upon.

When it comes to wet weather performance, the tire is designed to tread on still or flowing water. The tread design prevents it from Hydroplaning. On snow, the Rubitrek AT comes with the three peak mountain snow symbol suggesting that it offers excellent traction on snow. This is one tire that the user could literally take anywhere- from mud, forests, snowy hills to even covering long miles on the motorway. On the other hand, one won’t hesitate to use the tires on the streets and motorways since they handle on-road duties pretty well.

What is the Falken Wildpeak AT all about?

Meant for all-weather rugged capability, the Wildpeak is very similar to the Rubitrek. However, there are a few points that make it different. Otherwise, the Wildpeak is all about conquering any type of terrain- be it snow, mud, or rocky terrain. In terms of vehicle compatibility too, this tire goes well with medium to large-sized pickup trucks and SUVs.

Unsurprisingly, the three peak mountain snow symbol is present on the Wildpeak too. This tire comes with all the kit that makes it strong and durable. From the tread design to its overall appeal and size, the tire screams ‘badassery’! As the name suggests, the Wilpeak is truly wild since it welcomes any obstacle thrown at it with verve and gusto.

What are the Pros of Falken Rubitrek?  

  • Offers the perfect balance between off-road and on-road performance.
  • Excellent ride quality on road, one of the best for an AT tire
  • A Silica tread compound offers long-lasting tread life
  • One of the best tires to drive on snow and under wet conditions
  • Offers uniformity in traction over snow, wet and dry conditions
  • Patented advanced 3D canyon sipes aid in better off-road performance and help resist tire wear from high torque.
  • Heat diffusing technology in the lower sidewall keeps the tire temperature cool at high speeds
  • Full-depth sipes and grooves ensure consistent performance throughout the life of the tire
  • Offers a satisfactory amount of comfort and road noise is kept well within the limits
  • 55,000-mile tread warranty is confidence-inspiring for owners and prospective buyers in the market

What are the Pros of Falken Wildpeak?

  • Rugged off-road tire that works best on mud, sand, and rocky areas
  • One of the best AT tires in the market that is capable of taking you almost anywhere
  • Has the deepest tread in class that offers consistent wet and snow performance through the life of the tire (for LT sizes)
  • Support ramps and step-down features in the tread blocks improve vehicle stability and handling. They also prevent stones from being stuck between the blocks.
  • Lower sidewall is equipped with heat diffuser technology that helps keep the tire cool at high speeds
  • A secondary bead on the outer sidewall provides enhanced protection from rocks and other sharp objects
  • A Silica Compound tread offers superior tread life
  • Offset shoulder blocks on the sidewall protect the tire’s sidewall, especially in off-camber or low tire pressure situations
  • 3D Canyon Sipes on the tread offer wear and tear protection from additional torque
  • 55000-mile tread life warranty on all sizes is confidence-inspiring to owners and prospective buyers in the market

What are the main differences between Falken Rubitrek AT and Falken Wildpeak AT3W?

While the two tires are almost identical, there are a few subtle differences that make them behave differently under varying conditions. 


Winner: Falken Rubitrek

Falken Rubitrek and Falken Wildpeak have a very similar tread pattern. They’re both AT tires and the technology that has gone into making these tires is the same too so one could expect a similar rate of treadwear. Both tires are sturdy and durable in their construction. Rigid tread blocks with support ramps and step-down features help prevent stones from getting stuck in the grooves. They also enhance handling and stability.

Both the tires feature offset shoulder blocks on the upper sidewall that form a strong shield to protect the most vulnerable part of the tire (the sidewall) from sharp objects on challenging terrain. A Silica rubber compound makes the Rubitrek and Wildpeak last pretty long.

However, the Falken Rubitrek has an upper hand in treadwear by a slight margin. The center blocks on the Rubitrek’s tread are closer to each other than center blocks on the Wildpeak’s tread. This makes the Rubitrek’s last slightly longer and in addition, makes it a better road tire but more on that later. 

Off-road performance

Winner: Falken Wildpeak

The Rubitrek and Wildpeak offer excellent performance off- the road. Both tires have the deepest treads in the segment. Rugged and rough tread blocks offer excellent ground piercing abilities that help in mud or rock-ridden terrain. Both the tires offer aggressive upper sidewall protection through balanced shoulder blocks that not only help cut through trails more effectively but, also protect the sidewall, especially when driving under low tire pressure. 

Both the tires with their updated technology and challenge-ready tread help conquer almost any terrain on a hardcore truck or SUV. However, the Falken Wildpeak has a slightly greater advantage in off-road performance compared to the Falken Rubitrek. The Wildpeak’s tread pattern is evenly distributed throughout, including the center unlike on the Rubitrek where the blocks in the center are closer to each other. 

In our opinion, not everyone would notice the difference in performance between the two tires as the difference is very subtle. However, off-road purists and enthusiasts who often indulge in technical off-roading may identify the difference when both tires are put to test side by side. The Wildpeak definitely scores an extra point in off-road performance. 

On-road performance

Winner: Falken Rubitrek 

The Rubitrek and Wildpeak being capable AT tires, perform on-road duties quite judiciously. Though they’re built tough for the countryside and the forests, both tires seem to handle tarmac in a civilized way. As much as the tread blocks help in offering off-road traction, they also help in proving adequate traction on the road. 

One can use both tires to cruise comfortably at highway speeds without the worry of losing traction, especially in instances where one needs to accelerate or brake aggressively. The cooling system on the sidewalls of both tires prevents blowouts and keeps the tires cool at high speeds, even in areas that experience high temperatures.

As you’ve read earlier, the Falken Rubitrek is more road-friendly than the Wildpeak, all thanks to the tread blocks in the center that are closer to each other. Compact tread blocks offer more traction as they are most likely to be in contact with the road at all times. Consequently, Rubitrek remains more planted on the road and offers better traction than Wildpeak. In addition, it also provides better feedback to the driver and increases overall confidence. Another advantage of this tread pattern is that it makes the Rubitrek a more comfortable tire as it passes on fewer vibrations into the cabin, thus making it less noisy than the Wildpeak. 

Wet Performance

Winner: Both Tires

Both tires are capable of treading through flooded areas or river streams, thanks to the Silica infused compound and the aggressive tread pattern that channels all the water through the large gaps on the tread instead of locking it between the tread and the road. 

Under heavy rain or stormy weather, both tires perform in the same manner. The tread cuts through water quite effectively and maintains its contact with the road at all times, thus preventing the chances of hydroplaning. One could drive confidently at safe speeds without losing traction on wet roads. We think that the Falken Rubitrek and the Falken Wildpeak are at par in terms of wet weather performance.

Snow Performance 

Winner: Falken Wildpeak

The Falken Rubitrek and Wildpeak AT tires feature a tread pattern that takes on even the toughest of terrains with relative ease and it is this same tread pattern that makes life easy for users driving over snow. Both tires have the three peak mountain snow symbol on them, a badge that proves their ability to tread in the coldest of conditions. 

The tires work on snow in a similar way, as they work on mud. Deep tread patterns and strong tread blocks help dig into the snow. Rigid tread blocks with support ramps and step down features prevent the snow from getting stuck in the grooves. The 3D Canyon Sipe Technology offers the needed traction and reduces wear, especially in uphill snowy regions where vehicles rely largely on their torque figures to move forward. 

We’d say the Falken Wildpeak does a slightly better job in the snow than the Falken Rubitrek and the reason is the same as listed in the Off-road performance criteria. The difference in performance may not be evident but the added advantage that the Wildpeak offers could come in handy in severe weather like snowstorms. Even distribution of the Wildpeak’s tread pattern helps it get that extra bit of traction to cut through deep snow, unlike the tread pattern on the Rubitrek that is closely arranged in the center. 

Price and Value 

Winner: Falken Wildpeak

Both tires offer a mix of uses and features. While one is good off-road, the other helps you cruise comfortably on the highway. In terms of value, we’d say both tires offer sufficient value as all rounder AT tires. 

In terms of price, the Falken Rubitrek is more expensive than the Wildpeak for reasons unknown. So the Wildpeak wins in this case too!


Winner: Both Tires  

 Both the tires come with a 55000 mile/ 90000 km tread life warranty on all sizes since they belong to the same brand. Falken also offers a Road Hazard protection plan where users get a free replacement of the tire up to two years or for the first 3/32nds of the tread life in case of manufacturing defects.

Use the Falken Rubitrek AT if…

  • You drive on the tarmac as much as you drive off-road
  • You want AT tires that are comfortable and less noisy
  • Treadwear is a concern for you 
  • You’re looking out for a proper all-rounder AT tire that ticks all boxes
  • You live in a region where snowfall is moderate to heavy
  • You live in a region that experiences heavy rainfall and flood

Use the Falken Wildpeak AT3W if…

  • Your commutes involve driving through extremely treacherous terrain 
  • You’re an off-road enthusiast and you love driving through technical trails 
  • You live in a region that experiences heavy to severe snowfall
  • You live in a region that experiences heavy rainfall and floods
  • You hardly drive on the highway 
  • You’re looking for more value from an AT tire for the price you pay  

To conclude, we’d say that both the AT tires from Falken- the Rubitrek and the Wildpeak offer a lot not only in terms of performance but also in terms of value. They’re both similar in many ways but ultimately, it is the utilitarian factor that decides which tire should be used under what conditions. Falken has been very clever and observant in making tires that are almost the same but; their tiny differences set the two tires apart by many miles. 

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