Arizonian vs Goodyear Tires: The Main Differences

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When it comes to tires, the market selection is now bigger than ever. You have the option to go for high-end luxury/premium tires that are by far the best performing tires you can get. You can also go for a budget version of a premium tire which does sacrifice the top-end levels of performance and traction, but still gives you plenty to work with.

Arizonian vs Goodyear Tires

Arizonian Rating: 4/5


Goodyear Rating: 4.5/5


You can also move down to budget tires which are predominantly okay for most situations but aren’t really fitting for those who do lots of miles. At the very low end, you can go for sub-brand affordable economy tires like those manufactured by Arizonian which isn’t the best in anything, but the price certainly is tempting.

In this Arizonian vs Goodyear tires comparison, we are going to put a low-tier economy budget tire brand against the largest tire manufacturer in the world. We will tell you what you get by paying double or even triple the amount of money and if that is indeed the thing you should do.

Arizonian Tires History

Pretty much everyone is aware of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company as this tire company has been around since WW1. Cooper does not only make Cooper-branded tires as they also make many other tire brands most of us are familiar with such as Mickey Thompson, Avon, Dean, Roadmaster, Starfire, and finally Arizonian Tires.

Arizonian Tires is a special affordable economy-level tire brand that can only be sourced through Discount Tire. These brands aren’t only limited to Cooper as Goodyear does the exact same thing by making Douglas Tires that are only available through Walmart. As such, these tires can only be sourced in the USA and it’s safe to say that many Americans are buying them.

The brand was founded in the 1960s and has since been available through Discount Tire (America’s Tire) continuously. The philosophy behind these tires is that they are manufactured according to all the latest safety standards and that they can be bought by pretty much everyone. These tires cost considerably less when compared to even Chinese budget brands which aren’t really any better.

This means that these tires are perfect for those who don’t do all that many miles and those who own an old car and don’t want to spend too much money on tires. They are able to satisfy most drivers in regular dry conditions, but things tend to change when you encounter rain and snow.

Arizonian Tires Tire Family

Arizonian Tires is a brand that can only be sourced through Discount Tire (America’s Tire) which means that if you are interested in buying them, you should go ahead and check the Discount Tire website. It’s worth mentioning that there are only a handful of tire lines Arizonian offers, and only two of them are available at the moment.

Arizonian Silver Edition All Season

The Arizonian Silver Edition All-Season tire promises all the bells and whistles but without the price tag that usually comes with high-end tires. Arizonian says that the Silver Edition all-season tire is made for those who want all-season reliability that can endure whatever you throw at it. Granted, this is not exactly the case as the tire simply isn’t able to cope with everything, especially during winter time.

The good thing about the Arizonian Silver Edition All Season tire is that it literally fits on everything, from passenger cars to SUVs, and trucks. Judging by most reviews online, people seem to be predominantly happy with this tire, especially in the dry. When it comes to wet performance, snow, ice, or overall noise and comfort, the Silver Edition All Season simply can’t cope with high-end brands.

Arizonian Silver Edition III

The Arizonian Silver Edition III is the latest tire made by Arizonian. This touring all-season tire fits most passenger cars, minivans, and sedans, but it does not fit larger vehicles like SUVs and trucks. The Silver Edition III seems to be a fairly comfortable tire as well, one that does not simply shatter when it encounters rain and less-than-perfect tarmac quality.

The Silver Edition III definitely is an improvement over the original Silver Edition tire, especially when it comes to comfort, treadwear, and wet traction. However, the tire is widely criticized due to its lack of snow and ice performance, so much so that using these tires in deep snow is pointless. Some have also said that Arizonian should offer these in more sizes.

Goodyear History

At the birth of the 20th century, a man called Frank Seiberling founded the Goodyear Tire company in Ohio, USA. The company got its name from Charles Goodyear who was the very first person to ever manufacture vulcanized rubber. Sine 1898 to this very day, Goodyear has stayed on the top of the tire industry, and it seems like they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Before WW1 snuck around the corner, Goodyear was busy inventing the very first tubeless tire and they were also the very first company to ever manufacture an airplane tire in 1909. The Ford Model T rolled out of the production facility in 1908 and it features tires made by Goodyear. After WW1 ended, Goodyear was on a roll as they became the world’s largest tire company by 1926.

However, Goodyear never stopped innovating as they were also the very first company to come out with nylon tires in 1947. Less than 20 years later Goodyear was celebrating making their one billionth tire, a feat many old tire companies didn’t manage to do to this very day. This was also the time when Goodyear got heavily invested in motorsport which they never left, also to this very day.

In 2022, Goodyear is as strong as they ever were because they are deeply invested in all areas of the automotive and airplane tire industry. They offer many tire families, tire series, tire sub-series, sub-brands, motorcycle tires, commercial tires, and pretty much everything else that is made out of rubber.

Goodyear Tire Family

We have already mentioned a few times that Goodyear is an absolutely colossal company. This means that they encompass pretty much the entire market including niche markets. No matter if you need a tire for a car, an airplane, a van, an RV, a motorcycle, or an off-road project car, Goodyear has got you covered. However, here we are only going to list tires that are available for passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, and crossovers.

Goodyear Assurance

Touring tires are what Goodyear is known for and the Goodyear Assurance lineup is the one most people tend to go for. The Assurance lineup is designed for longevity, refinement, and flexibility. These tires are not far from some dedicated performance tires which means that you are getting a tire that can do almost everything.

The Assurance line houses quite a few sub-models such as the Assurance Fuel Max, Assurance MaxLife, Assurance Finesse, Assurance WeatherReady, and Assurance ComfortDrive. These can be fitted on virtually all passenger cars and they come in many shapes and sizes.

Goodyear Eagle

If you desire a purpose-made performance tire that can hold its own against the world’s most decorated performance tires, the Goodyear Eagle tires are the ones to get. These tires can be found on anything, from project MX-5 Miata track toys to multi-million dollar supercars. The best thing about the Goodyear Eagle is that these don’t sacrifice comfort in order to be focused.

The Eagle line consists of Eagle Sport, Eagle F1, Eagle LS, Eagle NCT, Eagle GR, Eagle RS, and Eagle Exhilarate tires. These also come in various shapes and sizes with sub-models emphasizing different priorities such as longevity, comfort, or maximum traction.

Goodyear Ultra Grip

Goodyear is a massive tire company which means that they have tires for virtually every usage scenario, including wintertime. The Goodyear Ultra Grip is a purpose-built winter tire designed to manage snow, ice, slush, grime, dirt, and everything else you encounter. However, where these tires shine the most is dry traction which is unrivaled by dedicated winter tires.

The Ultra Grip lineup consists of Ultra Grip GW2/3, Ultra Grip Ice WRT, and standard Ultra Grip winter tires. These are available for all types of cars including small cars, large cars, hatchbacks, SUVs, trucks, and even dedicated off-road vehicles.

Goodyear Winter Command

The Goodyear Ultra Grip is not the only winter tire you can get at Goodyear because they also offer the Goodyear Winter Command. The Winter Command lineup differs from the Ultra Grip because it is also available with studs that are unrivaled when it comes to ice. However, these are limited in sizes and can’t fit all that many vehicle types.

Goodyear Wrangler

The Goodyear Wrangler is one of the world’s most famous off-road tires because it can be found on virtually every off-roader at every off-road course. These can be fitted with everything with higher ground clearance and there truly aren’t many dedicated off-road tires that are as common as the Goodyear Wrangler.

The reason why the Wrangler is such a success for Goodyear is that it offers unrivaled traction in various off-road situations and because they come in around 20 different sub-models and variations. Furthermore, the Wrangler lineup also offers dedicated extreme off-road tires and even extreme mud tires.

Goodyear Efficient Grip & Goodyear Excellence

The Goodyear Efficient Grip family of tires is designed with efficiency and touring in mind, but without compromising on performance and traction. However, these aren’t as widely available as other Goodyear touring tires are because they only come in two different variations. One is an all-season tire while the other one is a performance touring tire. Both of these can be had for pretty much any passenger car.

The Goodyear Excellence touring tire lineup is really similar to Goodyear Efficient Grip, but the Excellence lineup is available in more sizes and is a more refined tire overall.

Goodyear Fierce

If you own a truck/SUV that you love to take to an off-road course while retaining its daily driveability, the Goodyear Fierce lineup is the one you should be looking for. These tires are made with serious off-roading in mind, but are surprisingly comfortable and quiet, especially at highway speeds. As such, these are only available for trucks and SUVs.

Goodyear Frontera

The Goodyear Frontera lineup is made for those who drive SUVs and trucks, but never take them off-roading. These tire families are designed with comfort and refinement in mind which means that they are not the best when it comes to off-roading. Considering the fact that most people these days don’t buy SUVs and trucks for off-roading, these are proving to be a hit for Goodyear. These are available in SL (Sporty) and HL (Highway) variants.

Goodyear Integrity

The Goodyear Integrity tire lineup is the “entry-level” Goodyear tire designed to be affordable and widely available for all types of cars. The Goodyear Integrity lineup offers all-season tires that are decently refined while not costing a ton of money.

Differences Between Arizonian Tires and Goodyear

This is the part of our Arizonian Vs Goodyear tires comparison where we will put these two brands head-to-head and see which one comes out on top.


Dry traction is likely the place where Arizonian Tires are at their best which means that they perform admirably, especially considering the price. However, no tire in this article can match the Goodyear Eagle tire when it comes to dry traction, and especially not any Arizonian-made tire. Wet traction is where the Assurance lineup wipes the floor with Arizonian and it is pretty much the same case with every other Goodyear touring tire.

Off-roading is a one-sided story as the Goodyear Wrangler and Fierce lineups are unrivaled by anything Arizonian makes. Winter tires are also a one-sided story because there aren’t too many premium brands on the market that can rival Goodyear in the wintertime, let alone an economy brand.

All in all, Arizonian tires are good in the dry, they are decent in the wet. Goodyear tires on the other hand are great at everything.

Available Options

Availability is where a major tire brand like Goodyear can reap all the rewards because Goodyear offers a massive selection of tires in each category. They virtually have a tire for everything you need. On the other hand, the Arizonian Silver Edition lineup is available for many cars, but these aren’t on the same level as Goodyear tires.

Price and Warranty

When it comes to price, Arizonian tires undercut Goodyear tires by up to three times for a similar category of tires. This is a huge price difference and one that can’t simply be ignored. However, you get what you pay for as most Goodyear premium tires are a lot better than anything Arizonian ever made.

Warranty isn’t as one-sided as we have expected as Arizonian tires come with a fairly commendable 65k-mile treadwear warranty. This comes as a bit of a surprise as many budget tire brands don’t come with warranty coverages at all. On the other hand, the Goodyear Assurance MaxLife tire comes with a record-breaking 80k-mile treadwear warranty.

Advantages Of Arizonian Tires

  • Cheaper
  • You can get them all across the US at Discount Tire
  • Good for an old car that doesn’t do many miles
  • Good warranty coverage for the price

Advantages Of Goodyear Tires

  • Better performance
  • Better warranty
  • More options
  • Everything else

Which Brand To Choose?

Goodyear is the better brand and there is no way of getting around that. Even though Arizonian tires can be of good use to some people, Goodyear tires can be of great use to all people. The price might be a bit steep for some models, but if you want the best, you have to pay for it.

At the end of our Arizonian vs Goodyear tires comparison, we can easily say that Goodyear is the better manufacturer between the two, but sometimes it makes sense to go for Arizonian tires instead.

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