Does Discount Tire Patch Tires? (What To Know)

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Fixing a flat tire is sometimes a matter of urgency that needs to be dealt with immediately if you want to continue driving. Fixing a flat tire means plugging it, patching it, or even both. It is especially concerning when you get a flat tire in an area you are not all that familiar with. If that indeed happens, you should look for your local Discount Tire shop.

Does Discount Tire Patch Tires

Does Discount Tires Patch Tires?

After scrolling through numerous forum threads and talking to Discount Tire customers directly, I realized that Discount Tire does indeed patch tires. Not only that Discount Tire patches tires, but they do see free of charge, even for non-customers. As such, if you experience a flat tire, you can take it directly to a Discount Tire shop and they are likely going to patch it for free.

Which Services Does Discount Tire Offer?

  • Drivetrain Repairs And Maintenance (Alignment, Differential, AWD System, Lift Kits, Steering, Suspension)
  • Electrical System Repairs And Maintenance (Battery, Alternator)
  • Engine System Repairs And Maintenance (Diagnostics, Belts, Hoses, Cooling System, Diesel Engines)
  • Tire & Brake Repairs And Maintenance (Brakes Repair, Flat Repair, Tire Balancing, Tire Rotating, Tire Installation, TPMS)
  • Transmission Services
  • Fluid Checks And Replacements
  • Muffler/Exhaust System Repairs
  • Visual Inspection And Preventive Maintenance

Does Discount Tires Do Drivetrain Maintenance And Repairs?

Discount Tires does sometimes do drivetrain repairs and drivetrain maintenance. More specifically, they do alignments in some shops, differential inspection, AWD system inspections, lift kit inspections, and certain suspension and steering-system-related repairs and maintenance. It’s worth mentioning that Discount Tire mostly deals with suspension and steering-system-related commerce, not necessarily repairs.

Sometimes they will not be able to fix certain systems if they don’t have all the necessary equipment readily available. Nevertheless, they are likely going to refer you to a credible shop that can.

Does Discount Tires Do Electrical System Repairs And Maintenance?

You can stop by your local Discount Tire shop if you need to replace a worn-out battery with a new one. You can also visit your local Discount Tire shop if you need to replace a faulty alternator. It’s worth saying that Discount Tire is not able to fix complex EV and hybrid system high-voltage components as they only do electrical repairs and maintenance on ICE cars.

Be sure to contact your local Discount Tire shop before you decide to take your car in for electrical repairs as it is not 100% guaranteed that they will be able to do it.

Does Discount Tire Do Engine Repairs And Maintenance?

Discount Tire is able to inspect and repair some of your engine-related systems such as belts hoses, cooling systems, air filters. They are also equipped to deal with diesel engines as well. Most people rely on Discount Tire to do all the engine-related diagnostics and check-ups while most people tend to take their cars for engine-related repairs to a more dedicated shop.

Either way, Discount Tire is able to help you out if you are having trouble with your engine. However, if they are unable to help you with your exact problem, they are likely going to refer you to someone who can.

Does Discount Tire Do Tire And Brake Repairs?

Discount Tire, as the name might suggest, does many tire-related things such as taking care of flat tires by either plugging them, patching them or both. They also sell tires, install tires, rotate tires, balance tires, and they also do tire pressure monitoring system repairs and sensor replacements.

Discount Tire is also able to help you if you need assistance with your brakes as they are willing to help you diagnose the issue and help you solve it. This means that they also do some brake repairs, but only if their technicians know precisely what they are doing.

Does Discount Tires Do Transmission Services?

Modern-day transmissions are more complex than ever which means that it takes quite a bit of skill and knowledge to know how to handle modern-day transmissions. Thankfully, Discount Tires is also able to diagnose and potentially even fix some of your transmission problems. As such, be sure to pop down to your local Discount Tire shop if you experience any issues with the transmission.

However, given the fact that some transmissions are more complex than others, Discount Tire is likely to refuse to fix a transmission they are not 100% comfortable fixing. Even so, they are likely going to refer you to someone who is.

Does Discount Tires Do Fluid Checks?

One of the most frequent things Discount Tire does is check your oil and all the other necessary fluids such as coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. It’s worth mentioning that Discount Tire does not offer oil replacements, but only fluid level checks.

Does Discount Tires Do Muffler/Exhaust System Repairs And Replacements?

The state of your exhaust system/muffler is crucial when it comes to cleaning all the car’s harmful substances before they reach the exhaust tip. Without a functioning exhaust system, your car is not going to be able to pass emissions testing nor it will be able to provide a comfortable and seamless ride.

All of this means that whenever your exhaust/muffler system malfunctions, you will have to either repair it or replace it. The good news is that Discount Tire is able to help you with your exhaust and muffler system, if they are not, they will provide you with someone who can.

Does Discount Tire Do Preventive Maintenance And Visual Inspections?

In order for a car to function for a long time, it needs proper maintenance. However, sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what needs doing so a visual inspection is the correct course of action. Furthermore, performing preventive maintenance means that you will proactively solve certain issues before they take place.

This is a key aspect of making sure your car operates in the very best capacity, but it can sometimes be difficult to decide where to take your car when it comes to preventive maintenance. Discount Tire is a place that takes great pride in maintaining cars which means that you should indeed take your car here.

How Effective Is Tire Patching?

Tires are designed to withstand daily abuse, but it is sometimes difficult to repair a tire that has been severely damaged. As such, a tire patch is able to mend a punctured tire, but only if the puncture is located within the tread area, and not on the sidewall. Furthermore, a tire patch is unable to help you if the puncture is not completely straight.

Tire patching is also ineffective if the tire has been punctured multiple times, or if the punctures are overly large. Some say that tire patching is the best method of repairing flat tires and that is true, but only if the patch has been installed correctly. Compared to plugging a tire, tire patching offers a more comprehensive repair which also means that it is more difficult to do and it costs more.

Tire plugs are primarily being used if you go over a nail that causes the tire to leak air. It is extremely easy and cheap to plug a tire because it only takes minutes. A tire patch on the other hand requires you to take the wheel off, separate the tire from the wheel, clean and grind a 2-inch area around the hole and then patch it.

As such, a tire plug tends to be cheaper because it takes less time and effort to administer it. All in all, a tire patch is the most effective tire repair method, yet some people tend to prefer both.

Does It Make Any Sense To Both Plug And Patch A Tire?

Whenever you puncture a tire, you can go ahead and both plug it and patch it. A tire patch and plug combo is the safest, and most effective method of dealing with punctured tires. It’s worth mentioning that a plug and patch combo does not make your tire as new, yet it rather manages to bridge the gap between an uncompromised tire and a punctured tire.

No matter which method of fixing a flat tire you go for, be sure to always contact a credible tire shop and ask for advice. Some tires simply can not be repaired and should be replaced because you can never compromise when it comes to on-road safety. Also, there are methods out there that can help you fix a flat tire yourself without going to the shop, but these need to be done perfectly.


Discount Tire is a company that deals with a variety of car repair/maintenance services which also include patching a tire. Even though they are often able to visually inspect some car components, they are not always able, or willing to fix them.

A Discount Tire spoke person said that they will only do repairs and maintenance services for which they have all the necessary tools and equipment. However, if they are not able to serve, they are likely going to refer you to someone who can.

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