How To Plug a Tire Without a Plug Kit

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  1. nice advice and very instructive.
    can you give an idea what to use in case we dont have gorilla glue please.
    what other material can be use instead?

  2. What a blatent plug (pun intended) for a brand product. The Gorilla glue pictured is, effectively, the same thing as every other super glue gel out there.
    And as for your advice, who dismounts and remounts a car tire. I know it’s possible, I’ve done it, but without special tools (none of which are on your list!!), it’s very difficult.
    Third, super glue hardens to a crystaline substance. Every little flex of the inner wall is going to break that bond.
    If you’ve got the tire off the rim, why not a patch of rubber, like a bike inner tube and some rubber/contact cement. Oh, wait! That’s right, Gorilla doesn’t have a a rubber cement product.
    Makes sense now.

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