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If most of your destinations involve bumpy, muddy, rocky, or sandy terrains, an all-terrain tire could be the answer. 

However, the ultimate question is which all-terrain tire you should choose?

The Cooper AT3 and BFG Ko2 (Tire Rack links) have several features that assure safe, sound, and secure travel no matter the road quality. 

Cooper AT3 vs BFG Ko2

Due to their competitive qualities, picking between the two can be a tough task, but we’re here to help. 

What Is the Cooper AT3? 

Cooper has been around since 1914, and since then, they have never failed to provide quality products to its customers. Their focus is on the designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of truck tires. They serve cars, minivans, SUVs, and trucks, making it a good source of all-terrain tires.

The best thing about Cooper is they can compete alongside Goodyear and Michelin but offer more reasonable prices than the two. As a result, you will be getting a reliable product without breaking the bank. 

One of its top-selling icons today is the Cooper AT3. The AT in this design stands for all-terrain, and it is your best buddy for off-road and heavy-loaded driving adventures. It is a product of the brand’s Durable Tread technology, allowing it to accommodate heavyweight payloads without immediately wearing and tearing the tire. More importantly, you can rely on it for towing and hauling no matter the road quality. 

The tire’s rugged and biting edges give it more grip to any surface, improving your car’s resistance on slippery and muddy areas. You can also rely on this truck tire when driving on highways if you prioritize a comfortable and quiet journey due to its Whisper Grooves. It may even perform well on light snow. 

With all these features on hand and budget-friendly pricing, it is not surprising that a lot of people appreciate the Cooper AT3. Plus, it comes with 60,000-mile treadwear protection. This all-terrain tire can work with you for a long period without disappointing your expectations.  

What Is the BFG Ko2? 

BF Goodrich is another company that you can count on when it comes to automobile tires. They started in the 1870s, but they are now a Michelin subsidiary after the French company acquired them in 1910. Currently, they have a loyal customer base for its all-terrain and mud-terrain tires due to the tread design that satisfies every need of off-road driving enthusiasts. 

At the top of our list is BF Goodrich’s All-Terrain KO2, which is also defined as the 2nd Generation Key benefit On- and Off-Road tires. It is compatible with light trucks, SUVs, and CUVs, and it also features all-weather qualities. One of its key features is the Coreguard Technology that makes up for the tire’s tough sidewalls with an advanced deflection design. It also claims to be a Baja Champion and performs well in snowy road areas with its 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Rated quality. 

The tire’s improved traction gives your car the extra support it needs, especially on off-road driving, as it stabilizes the tread center. With its aggressive and computer-optimized design, it can deliver a longer life expectancy than its previous generation. It can run up to 50,000 miles. 

What Are the Pros of Cooper AT3? 

  • Tread design for various weather conditions
  • Longer mileage capacity
  • Deep treads

Here are some good reasons why you will love Cooper AT3. First, it can withstand different weather conditions because of its tread design. The multi-faceted tread blocks from its Durable Tread™ technology make it ready for freezing icy roads in winter and burning pathways during the summer. It also improves your car’s steering response and gives your tires a biting and excellent grip on any surfaces. 

The most commendable part about this tire is the pattern that Cooper made to improve its durability. It has 60% traction on sand and road and 40% on dirt and mud. It has a five-rib and symmetric tread pattern that balances its off-road and on-road performance. Despite its deep treads, it can still self-clean from stubborn small stones that can get stuck in between.

Cooper’s radial tires have ply cords and steel belts that ensure their long-lasting capacity. Moreover, the Silica-based compound and Cooper’s Secure-Grip All-Terrain design make the tire perfect for the harshest circumstances that your car may encounter. They are also the reasons why it has excellent traction, even on wet surfaces. That is why you can still tow or haul heavyweight items even during the winter. 

Compared to BFG Ko2, Cooper AT3 has a longer mileage capacity. You can enjoy its advantages more, and changing your car’s tires can happen less frequently. 

What Are the Pros of BFG Ko2? 

  • Advanced Deflection Design
  • 20% Increase of Wall Toughness compared to previous models
  • 50,000 mile treadwear warranty

Like any other truck tire, BFG Ko2 also has a unique tread pattern that increases its edge over other variants. When the brand claims that it has better qualities than the rest, it should mean better grip, traction, stability, durability, and steering and braking performance. Below are some of the best qualities that BFG Ko2 has.

First, it has an Advanced Deflection Design that keeps water, dirt and small stones away from the tires. You can get more confidence while driving because hydroplaning and tire holes become less of a problem. Moreover, it has an interlocking tread pattern that takes your car’s traction to another level because it has an increased wearing capacity and better stability. 

Another thing that makes BFG Ko2 a better option for off-road adventure is the 20% increase of its wall’s toughness compared to the first generation. With its protruding sidewall blocks and locking 3D snipes, you can drive on dry, wet, and heavy snow surfaces with ease. It also comes with a staggering shoulder design that makes braking, steering, and accelerating less challenging. It has a quick-handling response for unforeseen situations that may happen while you are on- or off-road. 

With its enhanced rigidity, excellent road performance, and longer tread life, every penny you will pay for BFG Ko2 is worth it. Its mileage may not compete with Cooper AT3 as it only has 50,000 miles treadwear warranty, but you can always rely on these tires all year. 

What Are the Main Differences Between Cooper AT3 and BFG Ko2? 

Even though the two are all-terrain and all-season tires, they still have several differences that you must consider. 

Treadwear Warranty

Winner: Cooper AT3

As you learned earlier, Cooper AT3 has a longer life expectancy since its treadwear warranty is up to 60,000 miles for six years. On the other hand, BFG Ko2 can only last up to 50,000 miles. While the latter’s tread life is twice better than its previous generation, it still cannot stand beside Cooper’s AT tire. 

Wet and Icy Road Performance

Winner: BF Goodrich Ko2

BFG Ko2 has deeper treads than Cooper AT3. This design has a far better grip than the latter, making it more reliable when the road gets muddier or icier. Also, BFG Ko2 has a 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol on its sidewall, proving that it can stand heavy snow conditions. However, it is far less impressive than the legitimate winter tires that are more expensive. 

Cooper At3 can only withstand light snow. 

Shock Absorption Capacity

Winner: Cooper AT3

In this feature, Cooper AT3 tops the list because of the internal design that the tire has. It distributes weight efficiently, no matter how heavy the payload is. Plus, its tread pattern is designed to have excellent cornering, steering, and braking performance to ensure your safety on any road quality. 

While BFG Ko2 also promises a safe and secure ride, its traction is not as good as its counterpart if we base it on the road testing results.


Winner: BF Goodrich Ko2

While Cooper AT3 claims that it has budget-friendly prices, BFG Ko2 still wins the price category because of the valuable qualities it can offer. However, we are only basing this on its purchase price. You can still save more with Cooper’s tires since they last longer than BFG’s. 

Use Cooper AT3 If: 

  • You prioritize a tire that can tow and haul heavy payloads in any weather condition
  • You prefer driving off-road and have a less noisy tread
  • You want a tire that has a stronger sidewall capacity

Use BFG Ko2 if: 

  • You are considering budget when purchasing
  • You are living in arctic areas, and you need a tire that can stand heavy snow
  • Mileage is not a problem for you

Wrap Up 

As we said earlier, Cooper AT3 and BFG Ko2 have strong and competitive features that you need to reconsider before deciding which to choose. They also have weaknesses that make one better than the other. Thus, you need to identify your needs as the driver, especially if you are sensitive to budget, performance, and mileage.  


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