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As its name suggests, an all-season tire is the key to your driving needs all year. It can surpass dry and wet weather conditions, and some can even get past the light to moderate snow. Now, you can save more by not buying a separate tire for the summer and winter.

Two of the best all-season tires today are Cooper ST Maxx and Goodyear Duratrac. They both have impressive qualities that will aid you in having a better driving experience on-road.

cooper st maxx vs goodyear duratrac

What Is the Cooper ST Maxx?

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Cooper Tires is a trusted company known for its wide selection of automobile tires since 1914. You will find various options, including those that can fit on utility vehicles, light trucks, minivans, SUVs, CUVs, etc. When it comes to all-season tires, its Cooper ST Maxx tops the list. 

The term ‘ST’ in tires means Special Tires, and Cooper ST Maxx gives justice to that term. The company’s on- and off-road all-season tire has proven durability, performance, and style. It is designed for tough and rocky terrains, and it can also run smoothly and quietly on highway pavements. As an all-season tire, its biting edges can surpass light snow. 

It features Cooper’s 3-ply Armor-Tek3® construction that makes its sidewall stronger and improves its tread wearability. It also lessens the impact of harsh road qualities that can damage tires when driving on muddy, sandy, or rough terrains. Thanks to its cut- and chip-resistance formula, you can expect this tire to have excellent traction no matter the surface condition. 

Cooper ST Maxx also comes with a four to five-rib tread design and a unique combination of natural rubber and silica compound that keeps small stones and water away from the tire. You can now drive confidently anywhere without worrying about hydroplanes, punctures, and abrasions. 

However, one of the things you won’t like is the noise. It can get pretty loud. If that is not a problem for you, this tire will provide you all the right qualities at a reasonable price. That is why ST Maxx is our favorite choice for those who prefer to have an all-season tire.  

What Is the Goodyear Duratrac?

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Goodyear Tire is one of the oldest tire brands in the market. They have been around since 1989, and they never fail to deliver the most trustworthy tires to its clients. Their Wrangler Duratrac is an addition to its all-season tires, and it is also one of the company’s best-sellers. 

Versatility is the key ingredient why many customers prefer Goodyear Duratrac. Like the  ST Maxx, it can stand on-road and off-road obstacles, making it a valuable purchase. You can rely on it all year no matter the terrains and trails it will face because of the Tractivegroove Technology that Goodyear used to ensure the tire’s durability. 

Moreover, it has self-cleaning shoulder blocks that prevent small stones from damaging your tire’s rubber. You will feel more confident while driving as you become worry-free from slipping and puncturing your tires because of this feature. 

More importantly, its highly angled center tread blocks improve your car’s grip and promise a quieter trip with its reduced tread noise. It also offers excellent handling where you can easily control its steering, cornering, and braking capacity. Thus, you get more control over your journey no matter what the season is. It can stand on light snow as well, similar to its Cooper counterpart. 

What Are the Pros of Cooper ST Maxx?

  • Great for Off-Road
  • 3-ply Armor-Tek3 construction
  • Traction is good for icy roads

It is rare to find a tire that performs best on all seasons and terrains. That is why choosing Cooper ST Maxx is an excellent pick if your regular destinations involve driving on mild to harsh road conditions. Out of all the possible benefits you will be getting from this tire, we shall highlight three of its promising advantages. 

First, it has an enormous size that plays a significant role in your off-road adventures. The enormous track regions provide your car a good footing that helps it survive extremely muddy or bumpy areas. More importantly, its four to five-rib quality has a stone ejector feature that keeps pebbles from getting stuck and damaging the tires. It can also carry heavy loads if you need to tow a car or bring other materials.

Another thing to love about it is its long-lasting durability because of its class-leading 3-ply Armor-Tek3® construction. It increases the sidewall durability and provides its tread design more grip on any surface. Its lateral grooves and this technology help dissipate the impact of harsh road qualities and secure that it can reach its maximum mileage.

Finally, this tire fits #15 metal studs that are especially used to enhance its icy roads’ traction. It is why you can depend on this variant if you live in an area that experiences winter at some point in a year. It may not have the Three-Peak Mountain Snow symbol, but it is M+S rated. Its size can run from 30X9.50R15LT to 35X12.50R20LT.

What Are the Pros of Goodyear Duratrac?

  • Tractive Groove Technology
  • Compatible with #16 metal studs
  • Rim lock for tire safety

Goodyear Duratrac is an excellent all-around driving tire and includes advanced tire technology to improve its grip and traction. As an on-and off-road tire, it is only suitable that Goodyear invests in its Tractive Groove Technology, which increases the tire’s survival on muddy areas. Aside from that, it also helps make loading and towing less challenging since the tires distribute the load’s weight evenly. 

If you are located in a place that experiences heavy winter, Duratrac is also compatible with #16 metal studs, which are advisable for a car to surpass deep snow. Thus, it is only safe to conclude that you can count on this tire during winter. There is a long list of user reviews stating how excellent this tire performs on dry, wet, and icy road conditions.

Lastly, Goodyear’s Wrangler Duratrac has a rim lock that ensures your tires’ safety and intactness. It prevents you from sudden or accidental damage to your wheels. More importantly, its durable quality also improves the longevity of the tire’s life expectancy. 

What Are the Main Differences of Cooper ST Maxx and Goodyear Duratrac?


Winner: Cooper ST Maxx

Cooper, in general, has a good background when it comes to its tires’ life expectancy, and ST Maxx is not an exception. It can run up to 70,000 miles and six years for its treadwear warranty, while the Goodyear Duratrac can only reach up to 50,000 miles.

Thus, it is only reasonable to choose the former if your priority is to get a tire where you do not need to change every two to three years. 

Off-Road Performance

Winner: Cooper ST Maxx

Both tires are expected to perform exceptionally on off-road adventures. However, Cooper ST Maxx’s size and heavyweight quality make it a better option for off-road adventures. It can stand with grace on any extreme terrain qualities and tough territories, especially on muddy areas. 

Goodyear Duratrac is also a reliable variant, but several users complain about its loose and flimsy sidewalls that can get in the way with harsh road features. 

Comfort and Sound

Winner: Goodyear Duratrac

For those drivers who are sensitive to tire noise, the Goodyear Duratrac will suit your preference. Most all-terrain and all-season tires give off tread noise that can be distracting for some. However, the Duratrac’s tread technology ensures less noisy driving on highway pavements than Cooper’s.


Winner: Goodyear Duratrac

Finally, the cost is another thing that you might be considering when buying tires. If your goal is to get the most quality over the price, Goodyear has a more budget-friendly option for you. Cooper ST Maxx is a few dollars more expensive than Duratrac. 

Use Cooper ST Maxx If:

  • Your priority is a tire with a longer treadwear guarantee
  • You wish to have a tire that can survive extreme road conditions
  • You want to have a better grip and steering control over your tires

Use Goodyear Duratrac If:

  • You prefer a budget-friendly option
  • You prioritize a more quiet highway ride 
  • You opt for tires that can withstand heavier loads 

Wrap Up

The Cooper ST Maxx and Goodyear Duratrac may be similar in terms of being all-terrain and all-season tires, but they still have differences that make one better than the other. That is why you must know your priorities as a user to narrow down the reasons you will choose one over the other. 

Nevertheless, nothing between the two is a bad choice as they both secure a safe and secure journey for you and your passengers.

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