Anyline’s first Tire Tread Scanner

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Checking a tire’s tread depth is essential, but impossible if you keep losing the gauges – yes, I’m talking about me. Good news, Anyline has a solution for that.

anyline tire tread scanner

Yesterday, the company announced its first revolutionary Tire Tread Scanner app. It’s designed to work with any smartphone, as long as there’s a camera on it. In other words – any smartphone.

The idea behind this app is to make things simpler and faster. With the current technology, we have analog or digital tools that are precise, but can be problematic for usage. Also, as I said before, I usually lose them a few minutes after I measure the depth, so I’m happy about this.

Anyline is a leading force in the AI and data capture segments and is using that to create the app. It’s designed to enable the user to scan the tire through the mobile app and get a precise measurement.

They achieve this by creating a 3D model of the tread and with the help of an AI, the software will measure the depth precisely. This doesn’t make the fancy laser tools obsolete or unprecise, but there are other advantages here.

Considering that Anyline’s solution is a mobile app, tire services will see most of the benefits. As soon as the technician “reads” the tire, the data can be stored under the owner’s name. This reduces the time it takes for the data to be entered and eliminated any risk of entering the wrong information.

The press conference got me hyped up about this tool. If someone from Anyline is reading this – guys, I wanna try it out.

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