Goodyear’s latest addition to the Wrangler lineup

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As a brand, we know Goodyear for maintaining its lineup of SUV and light truck models. We usually praise the off-road capable models, but there are ones designed for the road.

Goodyear Workhorse HT

Yesterday, Goodyear released its latest addition to the Wrangler lineup – the Workhorse HT. Using the phrase “built for the long haul” gives the impression that it’s designed for longevity and durability. To be fair, most of the Wrangler tires are aiming for that.

Like most tires in this lineup, the Workhorse HT is an all-season tire. As a result, performance in lighter conditions is available. Naturally, don’t expect a marvelous snow performance, regardless of what any marketing material may say.

Depending on the size of the model, some tires may come with a rubber compound where soybean oil is used. This is a step up towards using more eco-friendly materials, when you consider that in most cases, manufacturers use petroleum-derived materials. Goodyear claims that this brings the company one step closer to completely eliminating these kinds of oils from its tires.

Even though Goodyear used “greener” materials, the tire’s performance should be just as you’d expect. Highway tires are designed to be well refined and long lasting – which is what the manufacturer claims to have achieved.

Many may say that the Workhorse HT isn’t something revolutionary, and they may be right. The tire doesn’t offer something we haven’t seen before, but I believe it pushes the market in the right direction. Greener tires with no compromise in performance or longevity is the right way to go.

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