When Are Cracks In Tire Tread Unsafe?

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  1. didn’t they have a warrantee? those are like 80% unworn. i have had two sets of goodyear wranglers that are cracked badly. i am afraid to go over 40!
    thanks for the video! i am calling goodyear tomorrow. john

  2. Excellent video! Your discussion and video of the circumferential cracks in the tread grooves was eye opening. Your cross section through the cracks to show how the crack depth went all the way to the steel belts was very insightful, and your point about corrosion of the now exposed steel belts was the best!

  3. Great video. . just noticed cracking near the rim of just 2 tires on once side of the car, also Yokohama. I keep this car outside and the sun does heat this side of the car more than the other. I am just going to replace them. Purchased in 2016, but not much mileage on them. The other 2 look just fine.

    Thanks for this informative video. It is not worth taking any chances and this video really showed me why.

  4. Thank you for the great video! I have a 2018 Ford F150 with 33k miles. The Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude HT tires are severely cracked in the tread. I am looking for a good tire, not sure what to buy. I would have thought that the tires would have lasted longer. Again your video with the tires cut in half was an eye opener!

  5. Fantastic video! I was on the fence about installing our snow tires, with decent tread depth remaining, on my daughter’s car for another winter (cracks between treads). But not any more!!! The sections you cut through your tires that showed the cracks relative to steel belts was shockingly enlightening. This might just have saved us a very unpleasant unforeseen catastrophe. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the Video! It confirmed my thoughts on my tires, I just changed 4 Geolanders just like yours, two with tons of tread & two with plenty left, all with the exact cracking that yours had. I will also add that I think that these tires gave nearly 0 traction in the snow. Had to put my near mint 96′ Pathfinder in 4WD to move it at all in 1″ of snow in my flat driveway. Thanks again & Take care!

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