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In addition to providing a wide range of services, AAA can assist with a wide range of service requests. The AAA Towing Service can tow your vehicle to the place of your choice if the tire on your vehicle requires a patch or plug. The extent of your coverage will be determined by your membership level.

Does AAA Patch Tires

Unfortunately, AAA will not be able to repair or patch your tire, but they will be able to install a spare tire (if you have one) or tow you to the nearest AAA authorized service center or any location of your choice where you can have your vehicle tire repaired or replaced entirely, depending on the condition of the tire.

Please keep in mind that AAA will only tow you up to the number of miles specified in your membership, and any more miles will be charged.

Example: If you have a basic membership with the American Automobile Association, you are only entitled to 7 miles of free towing, and every distance beyond that will require you to pay a fee of up to $7-$12 per mile, depending on the distance traveled.

What You Should Know About AAA?

The American Automobile Association (AAA or Triple-A) is more than just a club. They offer roadside assistance services from towing to battery and fuel delivery, jump start, and the most common flat tire service. That said, below are some of the services offered by AAA should you find yourself stuck on the side of the road.

Is there a spare tire available from AAA?

If you have a flat tire or a punctured tire, AAA is always available to assist you! You can ask a AAA expert to inspect the quality of your present tire to see whether it is still capable of holding air if your car does not have a spare tire or donut on hand. It will depend on the extent of the tire damage that AAA Roadside Assistance will be able to either install a replacement part or tow the vehicle.

Is AAA roadside assistance able to assist with flat tires?

When you contact AAA Roadside Assistance, you will not be left stranded. The damage to your tire will determine whether or not you will install your usable spare tire, re-inflate your tire, or tow away your vehicle.

What is the cost of changing tires with AAA?

Depending on the vehicle, the cost is normally between $300 and $600.  It doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll soon find yourself without flat tires, spare components, run-flat tires, sealant/inflator, and any sort of plans.

How much does it cost to tow a vehicle a distance of 10 miles?

As of writing, towing costs $75 for the first 10 miles and $3 each mile after that for the remainder of the trip. If you require additional services (such as a tire change), you will be charged an additional $50.

Is it possible to have AAA repair a flat tire at home?

If you experience a tire blowout, you should pull over to the shoulder of the road if at all possible. AAA can tow you back home or to another location of your choosing, such as a mechanic’s shop. If there is no damage to the tire and your automobile is still operable, they can also install a spare or inflate the tire.

What Would You Do If You Get A Flat Tire And Don’t Have Any Parts?

There will be times that you’ll find yourself getting a flat tire and your spare tire doesn’t hold as much air to carry the weight or you don’t have the necessary patch/repair kit to get back on the road right away. Below are what you can do when you find yourself in the said situation.

  • Keep a tire repair kit in your car at all times. Repair kits that patch a small puncture in a tire to assist keep the pressure up are more popular on cars that don’t have access to replacement parts.
  • Opt for run-flat tires. Run-flat tires perform in the same way as conventional tires, but they can only be used for a short period of time and at a slower speed.
  • Make sure you have access to roadside help services.

How Long Does It Take To Patch A Tire?

In contrast to patching a tire, which can take from around 20 to 30 minutes, the process of inserting a plug takes only a few minutes and can usually be done while the tire is still mounted on the car. It may be necessary to vulcanize the tire patch in some cases, which is a procedure that employs heat and curing materials to reinforce the rubber of your tire. 

How Long Does A Patch Last In A Tire?

Tire experts estimate that a properly installed plug and patch will last between seven and ten years on average. The use of tire patches is not recommended more than once, despite the fact that they can last for an extended period of time. It has the potential to have a detrimental impact on the speed rating and perhaps cause blowouts.

How Much Does It Cost To Patch A Tire At A Tire Shop?

The average cost of a tire patch and rebalancing is roughly $25 at most firms and auto outlets. If you are fortunate enough to notice a puncture early, you should only be charged between $15 and $30 by the repair shop. Other chains of retailers can charge as little as $20 or less for a tire patch, and some even offer tire patches for free.


AAA doesn’t provide tire patching. However, AAA can assist with a wide range of service requests. The AAA Towing Service can tow your vehicle to the place of your choice if the tire on your vehicle requires a patch or plug.

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