How Much Is An Oil Change At Big O Tires?

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Engine oil is likely the most important fluid found in any combustion engine car these days as it is used to lubricate, cool down, actuate, clean, and seal the engine which means better performance, better fuel economy, and a longer-lasting engine. However, there are many places where one can take a car for an oil change, but how much is an oil change at Big O Tires?

How Much Is An Oil Change At Big O Tires

How Much Is An Oil Change At Big O Tires?

An oil change at Big O Tires costs around $80 on average without any discounts. Thankfully, Big O Tires is one of those places that constantly offers discount coupons on oil changes and you can always find similar coupons on many online coupon sites which means that you can expect your final Big O Tires oil change to cost around $35-$50.

Which Car Maintenance Services Does Big O Tires Offer?

  • Tire Maintenance and Repairs
  • Alignment Services
  • Car Battery Services
  • Car Brakes Repair
  • Oil Change, Lube and Filters
  • Car Fluids
  • Headlight and Taillight Installations
  • Suspension Services

Does Big O Tires Do Tire Maintenance and Repairs?

As the name might suggest, Big O Tires is primarily a car tire-related facility which means that they offer all the necessary tire maintenance and repair services. You can buy your tires directly through Big O Tires to take full advantage of these maintenance and repair services, but you can take tires bought elsewhere for maintenance and repair as well.

They will happily repair a flat tire, mount it, rotate it, balance it, and get you back on the road as soon as possible. They will also include stuff such as tire pressure checks, visual inspections, and installation of snow tires. You will also be able to learn some along the way if you are the type of customer who likes to ask questions as Big O Tires employees tend to be very informational.

Can I Align My Wheels At Big O Tires?

A proper wheel alignment is necessary in order to be both safe and comfortable on the road. All cars come from the factory with perfectly aligned wheels, but these can get out of whack if you experience a sudden impact on your tires, suspension, or other parts of the drivetrain. Misaligned wheels can cause all sorts of issues, some of which can lead to an accident.

Thankfully, Big O Tires is one of those places where doing wheel alignments is the standard. The best part of doing your wheel alignment at Big O Tires is that they offer a free-of-charge wheel alignment check which will tell you if you need a wheel alignment in a matter of minutes.

Can I Get A New Battery At Big O Tires?

You sure can. Big O Tires tries to be a one-stop-shop for all your car battery needs which means that you can source your batteries through Big O Tires, you can test your battery at Big O Tires, and install your new battery with Big O Tires. To make matters even better, they also offer free consultations about which battery models are perfect for your specific car.

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Moreover, if your alternator, starter motor, or battery cables also need replacing, they will happily do those as well.

Can I Service My Brakes At Big O Tires?

Brake-related problems are some of the most stressful issues you can come across because brakes are likely the most important safety components on any car. If your brakes are squealing, screeching, growling, or whining, you can take your car to Big O Tires where they will inspect your brakes and tell you what needs doing.

Big O Tires offers a brake inspection service that includes a detailed inspection of your entire braking system, and if anything is out of the ordinary, they will also be able to repair it.

Can I Change My Oil At Big O Tires?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you can not only replace your oil at Big O Tires but rather do rather everything that needs doing to your entire engine lubrication system. Big O Tires oil change service comes with a brand-new oil filter, up to five quarts of selected engine oil, four tire rotations, preventive car maintenance analysis, chassis lube, and complimentary fluid checks.

While at it, you can also change your cabin air filters and your fuel filters which will make your life a lot easier the next time you take your car for maintenance.

Can I Change My Car Fluids At Big O Tires?

Besides oil, Big O Tires also deals with replacing various other essential car fluids such as brake fluid, differential fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, and fuel system cleaner fluids. All of these are included in the Big O Tires Routine Auto Services and Fluids Package which also includes windshield wiper maintenance, belts maintenance, maintenance of all sorts of hoses, and radiator maintenance.

Can I Install My Headlights and Taillights At Big O Tires?

You can install both your headlights and your taillights at Big O Tires in addition to maintaining them, cleaning them, servicing them, and inspecting all the associated systems. There are many car maintenance facilities across the country that do stuff like oil changes and tire maintenance, but not too many of them will go as far as messing with headlights and taillights which only further reiterates that Big O Tires is a place filled with skilled and knowledgable technicians.

Can I Service My Suspension At Big O Tires?

A fully-functioning suspension system is designed to soak in bumps and keep your car relatively leveled during cornering and driving over adverse terrain. If you sense your car leaning to one side or the other, or if it rolls into a corner too much, chances are that your suspension system is to blame.

Thankfully, Big O Tires offers both suspension system inspections and suspension system repairs. These include inspection and repair of your shocks, struts, tie rods, ball joints, rack and pinion, CV joints, and even axles.

Can I Buy Wheels and Tires At Big O Tires?

Big O Tires is not just a place where you can fix your car yet is also a place where you can treat your car with something a bit more positive. Wheels and tires are the most popular and likely the most important aspects when it comes to making your car feel a certain way. Low-profile wheels and wide tires will make your car more agile while smaller wheels and bigger tires will make your car more comfortable.

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Thankfully, you can buy all of the above at Big O Tires as they offer tires for cars, trucks, SUVs, CUVs, trailers, and special tires designed for electric vehicles. Big O Tires offers upwards of 20 different tire brands and more than 10 different wheel brands, all of which are prominent, well-known, and proven in various environments.

You can also call or visit your local Big O Tires facility and talk to one of the employees about which wheels and tires are best suited for your car and your specific needs.

How To Know Which Oil My Car Needs?

There are a few different engine oil types in the current market and it is essential to know which type of engine oil is best for your specific automobile. The best thing you can do is check your owner’s manual for detailed instructions about the type and possibly even the brand of engine oil your car is designed to take.

If for some reason you don’t have an owner’s manual, you can try to look for one online, or even call your local dealership and ask for instructions there. No matter what you do, you should never use engine oil that is not designed for your car as engine oil plays a vital role in engine longevity, performance, and efficiency.

Where Can I Perform an Oil Change?

  • Mavis – Mavis has loads of locations around the country, all of which offer oil change services. The best thing about Mavis is that they make sure that all motor oil they use is both recovered and recycled in the most environmentally sustainable manner.
  • WalmartWalmart also offer oil change services and many people choose Walmart because they have loads of locations, they are relatively cheap and tend to do the job quickly and reliably.
  • Valvoline – Valvoline is of the largest and most prominent global manufacturers and distributors of engine oil which means that you can also change your oil through Valvoline Instant Oil Change.
  • Jiffy LubeJiffy Lube is known for mostly doing oil changes and many people go for Jiffy Lube because they are quick, easy, and have many locations around the country.
  • Firestone – To finish off our list, we are also going to mention Firestone Complete Auto Care thanks to their impressive 19-point oil change inspection that comes with all sorts of goodies besides just normal oil changes.


If you’ve ever wondered how much is an oil change at Big O Tires, you can expect to pay between $35 to $80 depending on coupons, discounts, and potential package deals you can get from them. Big O Tires is one of those places that deals in all sorts of car maintenance and repair services which means that changing oil is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Big O Tires maintenance and repair services.

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