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  1. Just buy a decent brand and leave the Chinese junk alone. Yes, you’ll save a few dollars initially, but then you’ll still end up spending more in the long run co pared to a reputable brand. Why? Because you’ll have to buy two or even three sets of junky tires that will wear out faster than if you bought some BFGs, Goodyear, Yokohama or even Cooper tires, etc.

    You’ll also save a bit more money on fuel, because most junk tires are harder to keep rolling and use more fuel.

    Then there is the noise level of lower priced, lower quality tires. The healthy component of not having to listen to noisy tires is worth a few dollars, especially if you own a sedan or minivan. You’ll definitely tell, hear and feel a difference if you have a hatchback or SUV, as those types of vehicles are louder by design.

    Spend a little more now to save a lot later.

    1. I agree. Yes, I was surprised that they weren’t as poor as I thought they were going to be, which is why I would recommend considering them if you’re on a really tight budget. With that aside, I’d always recommend some of the more reputable brands.

  2. The other way you’ll save is by being able to have better traction and lower the chances of getting into a collision of sorts. Better traction and handling come with higher priced tires.

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