How to Slash Tires (2022 Updated)

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We at Tire Hungry, are committed to answering every tire-related question and providing helpful guides to keep your tires last longer. For all intents and purposes, we even covered how to fix slashed tires here for those who have been victimized. So it’s quite ironic to talk about ruining vehicle tires, but we want to have it all for you.

How to Slash Tires

To slash someone’s tires, first, you need a sharp and pointed tool, (a serrated pocket knife works best) then aim for the sidewall and make a quick and forceful strike. Push the blade deeper into the tire while pulling it to the side. 

The process of slashing someone’s tires is really simple, what you have to know though, is that you should need to re-examine your intentions, plan your way, and anticipate the consequences.

What Is Tire Slashing?

Tire slashing is making any gash, slit, or lacerations deflate the tires in a damaging manner. Commonly done at the tire’s sidewall, most of the cases of tire slashing are intentional, and the most probable motive is brought by someone who wants to have swift justice by themselves. It may be someone involved in road rage, a co-worker that has a hidden grudge that wants to get even, or in some recent reports, a bold statement of a cheating spouse.

There are also cases where slashing someone’s tire is a necessary and more sensible option. One example is running away from someone chasing you and slashing their tires is the only reasonable way to escape.

Things to consider before slashing tires

Before you point your chosen weapon to that helpless sidewall, make sure to apply a lot of force, as tires are built to be sturdy and durable. 

Slashing tires can also cause a loud, attention-catching noise, so you need do it with precision, and you should guard yourself against being injured while doing so. Since tire slashing is considered a misdemeanor in many states, you also have to consider the consequences of getting caught. 

Tires are durable and sturdy

The materials that make up the tires are built to last long. With normal use, a tire can last for up to 10 years! That’s why it will take a lot of force for you to slash them swiftly and quietly. A sharp and pointed tool can greatly help, but it will primarily be based on how you will strike the tire.

Slashing tires can cause attention-catching noise

A normally inflated tire has enough pressure build-up that will produce significant noise when released. Small incisions are the loudest. This is due to the need for pressure equalization as air escapes. In this case, a wide and deep slash works best to keep noise at a tolerable level.

The consequences can range from fines to jail time

Anything that was done to deface, alter, or destroy property intentionally with no right to do so is considered criminal mischief. That includes slashing someone’s tire. Be careful not to get caught as the consequence will not be limited to payment to damages, a fine, court costs plus a surcharge, and jail time depending on the degree of damage.

Again, your safety is paramount

You don’t want to end up in an emergency room because a tire has blown out right in your face when you try to slash it. That said, don’t slash with your face near the tire. A highly pressurized air coming out of the incision can potentially damage your face, eyes, and ears, not to mention the debris that may fly out is not done swiftly.

Tools You Can Use to Slash Tires

The goal here is to be swift and discreet, inflicting more damage as possible and not to be too suspicious. A serrated pocket knife and a regular kitchen knife can be reliable, handy tools. You can also consider using pointed tools such as a screwdriver, awl, pricker, and bodkin though these are designed to pierce through.

Pocket knife

A strong pocket knife could be your best weapon. It draws the least attention and is portable as most designs can be securely folded.  Check out for a pocket knife with a serrated blade because it is designed for harder materials that require a good bite to slice through.

Kitchen knife

The most common and reliable tool you can find is your trusty kitchen knife.  However, since you’re using it for everyday slicing duties, make sure the knife should be sharp enough so it can seamlessly slice through the sidewall. Also, it should be big and solid enough not to bend when you do the slashing. The only drawback of using this tool is potentially carrying more suspicion to onlookers if you decide to go with a larger knife.

Screwdriver, awl, pricker, and bodkin

Though these are not directly considered as ‘slashing tools’ (except for the bodkin), these can also be an effective tool to inflict enough damage by poking through the sidewalls, inflicting damage at a slower pace yet have the same result as you would when slashing tires.

How to Slash Tires Part 1: Swift and Discreet

You should aim for the sidewall while standing away with the tire between your legs and strike with one quick slash, pushing the blade deeper as you pull it to the side.

Aim for the tire sidewall

Near the rim, this is considered the weakest part of the tire. Plus, you have a clear and open vantage point rather than targeting the tread.

Stand facing away with the tire between your legs

The high pressure forcing out of the slashed area may be harmful to your face and eyes, having a safe distance between you and the tire is recommended.

Strike with one quick slash

You should get the slashing done in a quick and forceful motion. Pushing the blade deeper, pull it to the side.

How to Avoid Getting Your Tires Slashed

If you’re on the other side of the picture, worrying you’ll get a slashed tire anytime soon, you can avoid your tires from being severely slashed if you do preventive measures such as relying on CCTVs, parking in a secure location, trusting with your four-legged companions and lastly, to drive responsibly as the root of some cases of tire slashing is brought by road rage incidents.

Drive responsibly

It would not hurt so much if we will practice being a defensive driver. Most of the cases of road rage that end up with a vandalized vehicle are rooted in unpleasant behavior and responses when caught up in tension with other motorists when driving.

Count on CCTVs

The mere presence of these cameras already poses a signal to perpetrators that you can identify them if they do such an act. If you will park in a public place, park with the nearest CCTV camera that has a clear vantage point to your vehicle as much as possible.

Your dashcam can be a good device too. Just make sure that you have set to keep on recording even if you leave the vehicle.

If in public space, park in a secure location

Potential vandals will stay away if you are parked in spaces with ample lighting, adequately guarded, and with enough CCTV like mentioned above. It is also highly suggested to park near the entrance or the exit as these areas have a higher volume of people going around.

Guard Dogs

They are not regarded as man’s best friend for nothing. Their constant bark to any stranger that will go near your house is enough to cause noise that keeps them at bay.

How to Make Use of Slashed Tires

Before you disposed of slashed tires, and if you don’t feel the additional effort of bringing them to a recycling facility, you can still reuse them for more useful purposes. You can make simple DIY projects out of these damaged tires such as a dog bed, garden chair, an indoor ottoman, and you live on a farm, you can make feeder pots out of these tires. 

The point is, even if you ended up in an unfateful scenario, you can still make the good out of it and remember how to avoid getting your tires slashed again in the future.


If you are determined to slash someone’s tires, the process itself is just as easy as slicing through. 

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