How to Fix a Slashed Tire (2022 Guide)

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Having a slashed tire is something that can happen at any place and time. 

Thankfully, there are some ways by which you can fix a slashed tire! Just stick to the following steps in case you are stuck in this situation.

How to Fix a Slashed Tire

What You Need To Know About Fixing a Slashed Tire

Being able to fix a slashed tire can be amazing, but regular maintenance is crucial as well. Apart from the guide below, make sure that you are taking the following steps:

  • Keeping the tires inflated properly
  • Use the tires as per the guidelines of the manufacturer
  • Monitor any kind of wear and tear

Taking all of the precautions will help in extending the tire’s life and reduce the probability of having a flat tire. Proper care will avoid any mishappening.

Supplies You’ll Need for Fixing a Slashed Tire 

Some supplies usually come with the vehicle itself:

  • Jack
  • Lug wrench
  • A spare tire
  • Vehicle manual

In case you have misplaced it, or your vehicle didn’t come with any of the above mentioned, it’s recommended that you get new ones today. Also, the spare tire should be fully inflated and as per the recommended PSI. 

Here are some other items that might not be coming with the vehicle that you own, but you should be storing them in the box if you end up having a slashed tire:

  • Rain poncho
  • Flashlight and working batteries
  • Gloves
  • Wheel wedges

How to Fix a Slashed Tire

Method 1: Using Tire Sealants

Step 1: Search for a Safe Site:

As soon as you see, that you have a slashed tire, don’t make an abrupt turn or put brake. Slowly lower down the speed and observe the surrounding for a straight, leveled road stretch that has a wider shoulder. An ideal place will be an empty parking lot. 

The level ground will also be perfect as it’s going to prevent the car from rolling. Also, a straight road stretch is better than curved as the coming traffic can likely see you.

Never try to fix the slashed tire on narrow roads with oncoming traffic. Slowly move towards the safe spot. While driving with a slashed tire can ruin the rim, a rim replacement is better than getting hit by an inattentive driver!


Step 2: Turn the Hazard Lights On and Put Parking Brake:

The hazard lights also called “Flashers” are going to help other vehicle drivers to see you. Also for avoiding any kind of accident, make sure that you are turning it on as soon as you can when you realize that there is a need for pulling over.

Once you stop, before you go ahead with fixing a slashed tire, use the parking brake to avoid vehicle rolling. 

Step 3: Use Tire Sealants:

Tire sealants are chemicals that are used to block any small slashes once it gets detected. Understand that these are quick fixes and not permanent solutions. It will be massively helpful in case of emergencies but can be used on small slashes only. Tire sealants are easy to use and inexpensive. The only negative of using tire sealant is that it may damage the monitoring system of the tire. This can later make replacement tricky as it can cling to the wheel. 

  • Just pump the tire sealant in the tire through the stem opening.
  • The vehicle has to be supported through a jack all this while.
  • Now follow the packaging instructions that give information on the amount of sealant required for each tire.
  • Now check the tire pressure so that you are sure of the balance once the sealant is applied. In case the sealant gets a puddle at the bottom, there will be a probability of imbalance in case you move ahead on uneven terrain or at high speeds.

Key Note:

Keep in mind that making use of less sealant than the recommended amount will reduce the efficacy because the tire won’t have enough tire sealant that can stop the puncture.

Method 2: Plugging tire while on the wheel

This can be an alternative and a better option over sealants. Keep in mind that this will be a temporary fix. You can push a plug inside the tire. This will be a good method in case there isn’t any internal damage. 

If you find that there is some kind of internal damage, don’t even try this method.

Step 1: Removing the tire:

With the help of a tool kit in your car, remove the tire from the car. Make sure that this is done safely.

How to fix a slashed tire

Step 2: Search for the Slash:

Sometimes the slash is easily visible, otherwise, you need to inflate it for finding the accurate area. Inflating the tire will assist you to see the leak spot!

Step 3: Hear it!

You should be able to see the slash area physically, or you need to listen to the hissing sound. When there is some kind of pressure over the tire, one can easily hear the sound from the precise place of leakage.

Step 4: Make use of a Plug:

After you have identified the slash area, make use of a block or plug on the vent. The plugging tool is present in the tool kit of the car. Remember to push the plug inside enough and only a bit sticks out. 

Step 5: Fill the slashed tire:

Now you can fill the air with the right pressure and place it back on the vehicle.

Key Note:

This method is helpful just for some time and you are still recommended to replace or use a spare tire when you can!

Can a Tire with a Slash be Repaired?

If the tire slash is big, it can’t be repaired. Therefore in a situation like this, make sure to take it to your nearest tire shop. You can get a new tire in case there is no possibility of a patchwork 

Also, all the methods mentioned are for emergencies only and should be attempted only when there isn’t any professional help available.  Slashed tires often need to be replaced and cannot be repaired.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Slashed Tires?

The cost of fixing slashed tires can vary anywhere between 10 and 20 dollars and would require getting the tire patched. Some dealers will be able to repair the tire slash for a very small cost if the slash isn’t huge or if you had purchased it from them. 

What to do when your tires are slashed?

As soon as you observe the tire is slashed follow these steps:

Record the Damages:

You should immediately take pictures of the slashed tires for a personal record. It’s likely that the insurance company will ask you for these pictures for their record. 

Another vital step is taking notes on the place and time of the incident. Documenting all of this will make sure that you don’t forget anything crucial.

Call Police:

Within 24 hours, you need to call your local area police. This can assist the police for similar incidents of the locality and the possibility of catching the responsible person gets higher. 

Also, make sure that you receive a copy of the record that you can forward to the insurance company for making a claim.

Get in touch with the insurer:

After the police have completed their part, you need to contact the insurance company for filing a claim. The probability is that the company will be asking for a police report copy and any videos and pictures that you had taken. 

The company can also send an adjuster for assessing the damages. Therefore, before you get new tires, check for this information with your insurance company.

Pay the deductible:

You might have to make payment for deductibles before the insurance company pays for the new tires. In case the damage cost is lesser than the deductible, it’s recommended that you pay for the replacement tires. 

In case the tires were expensive, or tires more than one had been slashed go ahead with a claim.

Replace the tire:

After all of these official formalities, you can now buy new tires. 

Will a slashed tire go flat immediately?

If there is a one-inch slash on the tire, it can deflate in just about a minute!

Can you file a police report for slashed tires?

In a situation when you know that somebody has intentionally caused damage to the vehicle by slashing tires, you can file a claim of personal injury for replacing the tires. For this, you have to register a complaint at the police station and file a complaint. Only with this record will you be able to file a claim.

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