tire rack vs discount tire

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  1. Alvaro:

    You missed some things.

    You can select your install to be at Discount Tire, if you buy from Tire Rack.

    So that is not a negative for Tire Rack.

    Tire Rack carries Vredestein, DT does not. Vredestein is one of the world’s best tires and at a lower price point, than the competition.

    DT has free balance and rotation if you buy and install with them.

    A huge cost savings.

  2. No mention of the tire roadside/damage warranty. TireRack has a 2-year included warranty. Not sure what the limitations are there, but it’s free. Discount tire has a 3-year, quite expensive warranty that seemingly refunds the price of the failed tire(s), without too much hassle. Would have been nice to review that better.

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