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Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate

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  • Marvelous levels of grip and traction
  • Very dynamic handling properties
  • There is almost no flex from the sidewall
  • Very stable when driving over water patches


  • Not the shortest braking distances in its class
  • Some premium tires offer a bit longer treadwear warranty

The car market has evolved to offer multiple tires of vehicles due to various requirements from the market. Some people want small cars capable of getting excellent gas mileage, while others aim for something bigger and more comfortable.

Among the many types of cars available are the ones capable of delivering a sporty experience. You are looking at coupes, sporty sedans, or, in some instances, hot hatches.

To ensure that the car can put the performance down without any compromise means that you’ll need a proper set of tires.

The tire industry has evolved in parallel with the automotive one, producing various types of tires depending on the requirements. In the case of cars designed for sporty driving, you’ll be looking at tires that can offer superior performance compared with something like touring tires.

There are plenty of options for you to choose from, and the one I’ll be talking about comes from the premium segment. You don’t have too many options in this category, and the one I’ll review today comes from a brand founded in the US.

Goodyear makes some excellent tires, and the one in question is the Eagle Exhilarate. This all-season ultra-high-performance tire comes as an upgrade over the very popular Eagle F1 tire.

What are the features of the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate?

The Eagle Exhilarate is advertised as an all-season tire, meaning that it would be designed to work in summer and winter. To ensure that, Goodyear utilized a special rubber compound that should keep the tire soft in colder conditions.

Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate Tire Review

Like most tires with similar styled compounds, the same thing that enables it to be used in the winter will also provide traction in wet conditions. The Eagle Exhilarate also features an asymmetric tread pattern to improve levels of grip in the corners.

Goodyear’s ActiveGrip technology is part of the tire’s design with the goal of providing the tire with a larger contact patch. Another technology that’s part of the Eagle Exhilarate’s design is the ActiveBraking technology, which aims to shorten braking distances.

The Eagle Exhilarate is also designed with a reinforced casing with a 2-ply cord as well as stiffer central ribs. By utilizing this combination, the tire should deliver excellent handling characteristics. Goodyear also claims that the tire should provide superb stability.

How does it behave on dry tarmac?

When it comes to dry performance, the Eagle Exhilarate is a tire that certainly won’t disappoint.

Having a tire with high levels of grip and traction is crucial for a UHP tire, and the Eagle Exhilarate can deliver plenty of both. Tire slip is almost non-existent, and even in hard accelerating situations, the tire feels like it’s glued to the road.

Grip levels are also the best in class, enabling you to push the tire into a corner very hard. In these scenarios, the sidewall of the Eagle Exhilarate will remain pretty stable and have almost no flex.

The Eagle Exhilarate is one of the best handling tires in this class. It offers excellent responsiveness while providing plenty of feedback, so you’ll know what the tires are doing.

The weakest side of the tire is the braking distance. Even though they are short and very safe, something like the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 will outperform it.

How does it behave over wet and slippery roads?

In rainy conditions, the Eagle Exhilarate still manages to provide you with excellent performance.

Goodyear’s tread design with the sipes and grooves enables the Eagle Exhilarate to offer excellent levels of traction and grip.

You can easily push the tire and still remain safe. Straight line or in the corner, the Eagle Exhilarate will provide you with more than enough for regular driving or if you’re trying to have some fun.

In the handling department, the Eagle Exhilarate is among the best, coming very close to the Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS. With that said, even though the braking distances are very short, there are a handful of all-season UHP tires that will perform better.

Aquaplaning resistance is excellent, and thanks to the tire’s ability to evacuate water, you can rely on the stable experience the Eagle Exhilarate delivers.

How is it over snow?

I wasn’t expecting too much from the Eagle Exhilarate in terms of snow performance, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Eagle Exhilarate can deliver usable performance in lighter conditions, which should be passable for most people. Traction and grip are decent-ish, and as long as you don’t push it, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Handling in snowy conditions also isn’t the best, but it’s usable. The Eagle Exhilarate is controllable up to a point, and if you start pushing it, you will notice a few of its flaws.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the braking distances. Even though the Eagle Exhilarate stops relatively shortly, it’s not as short as the Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06.

Is it comfortable and refined?

The Eagle Exhilarate is a tire that won’t disappoint when it comes to refinement.

Not too many UHP tires can deliver the most comfortable driving experience, but the Eagle Exhilarate seems to be doing pretty well. It can smooth out road imperfections very well and absorbs most of the bumps.

As for the noise levels, the Eagle Exhilarate is a pretty strong contender for the quietest tire in this category. Regardless of the speed, it will be quiet, even when you drive over rougher surfaces.

Is it good for off-roading?

Off-roading isn’t something that you should expect from a UHP tire, so don’t expect the Eagle Exhilarate to be any good at it.

The biggest obstacle when it comes to off-roading is the fact that the Eagle Exhilarate isn’t designed for that. As a result, the tire won’t be able to handle the conditions, and you may end up damaging it.

With that said, you may be able to use it in some cases, as long as you’re careful. Driving over a dirt road should be fine, but the performance will be limited.

Is the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate ideal for sporty driving?

Yes, and I can safely say that the Eagle Exhilarate is among the best in its category.

In most conditions, the Eagle Exhilarate can deliver excellent levels of grip and traction, both of which are essential for sporty driving. Yes, wet performance isn’t as good as dry, but it still manages to deliver superb results.

Handling is what the Eagle Exhilarate knows best, and it proves to be the best in class. Excellent responsiveness, paired with plenty of feedback, is precisely what you need from a UHP tire – something that this one can provide.

Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate Warranty

Things aren’t so great when it comes to warranty. The Eagle Exhilarate comes with a 45,000-mile treadwear warranty, which isn’t as much as some of the other tires offer. Some of the other premium UHP tires come with a 50,000-mile warranty.

Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate Pricing: Is it worth the money?

Premium tires mean that they come at a premium price. The Eagle Exhilarate starts from $156, which isn’t too different from the likes of Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 or the Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS.

Should I buy the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate?

Looking at the overall performance, there aren’t any significant reasons why you shouldn’t get the Eagle Exhilarate.

If you’re looking for a tire that can deliver superior performance compared to a touring tire, the Eagle Exhilarate is an excellent choice. The high levels of grip and traction are perfect if you’re looking for a tire that can handle being pushed a lot. With that said, the braking distances are a tad longer than the shortest ones in the category.

If you’re looking for a good snow performer, the Eagle Exhilarate is not a good choice. Even in lighter conditions over unpacked snow, the traction and handling aren’t very good.

When it comes to refinement, the Eagle Exhilarate may not be comparable to a touring tire, but it’s a pretty good performer. You get a decently comfortable tire that won’t be particularly loud even at highway speeds.

Some may argue that the warranty and price combo aren’t excellent, and I might agree to a point. As a premium tire, I expected it to have a slightly longer treadwear warranty.

There aren’t too many tires in the premium UHP all-season category that can deliver premium performance. One of those is the Eagle Exhilarate, and if the price falls within your budget, it’s definitely a tire that you should consider buying.

What Vehicles Will the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate Fit?

Here’s a sample list of cars that the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate will fit:

  • Acura ILX, TLX
  • Audi A6, A7
  • BMW 5, 7 Series
  • Ford Mustang
  • Genesis G70
  • Kia Stinger
  • Lexus IS, RC
  • Mazda 6
  • Nissan 350Z, 370Z, GT-R
  • Porsche Cayman, Cayenne
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Toyota Camry
  • Volkswagen Passat

Tire Sizes for Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate


  • 215/45ZR17
  • 225/45R17
  • 245/45ZR17


  • 225/40R18
  • 225/45ZR18
  • 225/50ZR18
  • 235/40ZR18
  • 245/35R18
  • 245/40R18
  • 245/45ZR18
  • 255/35ZR18
  • 255/40R18
  • 275/35R18
  • 275/40ZR18


  • 225/40R19
  • 225/45R19
  • 235/35ZR19
  • 235/40R19
  • 245/35R19
  • 245/40R19
  • 245/45ZR19
  • 245/50R19
  • 255/35ZR19
  • 255/40ZR19
  • 255/45ZR19
  • 255/50R19
  • 265/35ZR19
  • 275/35R19
  • 285/35ZR19


  • 245/40R20
  • 245/45ZR20
  • 265/35R20
  • 275/30ZR20
  • 275/35R20
  • 275/40R20
  • 275/45R20


  1. Dive into the world of Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate! It shines brilliantly on dry and dusty roads, wielding exceptional grip that redefines the driving experience. But wait, there’s a twist – braking distance doesn’t quite meet the same standards.

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