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If you’re into driving off-road, then you might need to have a road-specific tire that can get through harsh and extreme terrain. Off-road tires can be all-terrain, mud-terrain, or rugged-terrain. 

Our focus today is on the mud and rugged tires that Toyo offers.

Toyo MT vs. RT

What Are Toyo R/T?

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Does your routine involve going on an off-road journey most of the time? Choosing Toyo Tires as your tire brand is a reasonable decision. It is your go-to all-terrain and mud-terrain tire manufacturer that promises durability and sustainability. 

More importantly, it offers fuel-efficient tires that can withstand and last long, even if you use them mostly on wild adventures. Thanks to the brand’s Nano Balance Technology, you are assured of a safer and more secured ride every day. 

As we said earlier, Toyo’s Rugged Tires (R/T) is one of the top-selling products from this brand. It is compatible with SUVs and pickup trucks, and it also comes with a budget-friendly offer alongside its excellent qualities. You may wonder what does a rugged tire means?

R/Ts are the automobile industry’s answer to the consumers’ need of having a tire that performs well with on-road and off-road traction, no matter how extreme the road quality is. They are also known as hybrid-terrain tires or a combination of all-terrain and mud-terrain tire features. 

The best thing about Toyo’s rugged terrain is it has a tough polyester construction that enhances its durability and impact resistance. It also comes with a sidewall compound that can get through deep mud, loose dirt, and uneven terrains. Its open and scalloped shoulder blocks also allow it to pass through heavy snow with ease. 

On top of it all, you will have a comfortable on-road or highway pavement drive since it does not produce a loud noise that all-terrain and mud-terrain tires do. 

What Are Toyo M/T?

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Mud tires score higher than all-terrain tires when it comes to grip with their improved off-road performance. It has large and staggered tread blocks with wider gaps in between, enabling the car to go through deep muds and stubborn rocks. Getting stuck, especially if the soil is too wet due to heavy rainfall, is not a problem anymore. 

That is why if most of your driving involves going to the wild and terrains with extreme road conditions, mud tires are 80% better than all-terrain and hybrid-terrain tires. However, its tread pattern is not compatible with on-road driving since the wider voids lessen its concrete traction. 

Moreover, it can also result in louder groove noises, and it does not have a mileage warranty. Thus, they easily wear out with the friction involved every time you drive off-road. 

Toyo’s Open Country Mud Tire (M/T) is not an exception to the descriptions mentioned above. It has an aggressive design meant to improve your car’s performance on deeper, muddy, rocky, and icy pavements. Like the company’s RT, it has a 3-Ply Polyester Construction that works best for its durability, handling, and resistance. It also has deeply scalloped shoulder blocks that eject stones and water. 

However, its hook-shaped blocks and deeper siping make it different from the rugged tire. These features make Toyo Mud Tires a better-performing car part for off-road traction. 

What Are the Pros of Toyo R/T?

  • No tread noise
  • Scalloped shoulder tread blocks

Now that the Rugged Tires’ concept is clearer to you, the next information you should be checking on is the advantages of choosing Toyo’s R/T. 

You can use this tire day by day since it has versatile qualities that work with on-road and off-road driving. It does not have the tread noise that most all-terrain and mud-terrain tires have, and the tire’s internal belts and polyester provides a more comfortable ride on bumpy roads. 

Plus, it does not falter when we talk about its off-road performance as well. Its three-ply construction and cut- and chip-resistant compound have a more rigid tread design that improves the car’s handling capacity. You will not get a difficult time maneuvering the car’s acceleration, braking, steering, and cornering. 

Another quality that makes it a favorable choice is its scalloped shoulder tread blocks that makes the tire’s self-cleaning ability possible. No matter how tough the road is, it will not falter on slippery and rocky roads. It will eject small stones and water to keep the tire from any punctures and abrasions. 

Besides, if you live in areas that experience winter in some parts of the year, Toyo R/T is also exceptional with heavy and deep snow. 

What Are the Pros of Toyo M/T?

  • Additional tread below outer shoulder
  • Far better handling capacity compared to R/T

Since the Toyo Mud Tire is a road-specific variety, the advantages you will be getting from it are mostly focused on off-road drives. The most significant benefit of choosing this tire is the gaps that its tread pattern has since it improves the vehicle’s ability to drive through extremely rocky terrains. 

Moreover, you will also notice that the MT’s sidewall has an additional tread below the outer shoulder. It provides additional grip and traction to your car if you need to go over small trees, average-sized rocks, or even passing through mud and snow. 

Its handling performance scores almost the same as Toyo’s RT, except that it has far better handling capacity with wet and muddy surfaces due to the tread’s aggressive design and pattern. They are deep and wide, which gives your car an excellent balance and support, especially if you are also carrying heavy logs and other equipment. 

Overall, Toyo M/T is a reliable off-road tire improved by the company’s advanced technology.

What Are the Main Differences Between Toyo R/T and Toyo M/T?


Winner: Toyo R/T

Mud tires, in general, have a shorter life expectancy than hybrid tires because they wear and tear faster. The reason for this is the friction and traction that the MT tires face whenever you use them off-road. Thus, Toyo RT has a longer lifespan than its mud tire counterpart. 

Off-Road Performance

Winner: Toyo M/T

Between Toyo’s rugged and mud tires, MT is a better-performer when it comes to off-road driving. Its special and improved design is solely compatible with extreme terrain and road conditions due to its special and improved design. 

While the Toyo RT is still reliable off-road, the former has better grip and traction qualities with its additional tread design on the sidewalls and wider groove gaps.

On-Road Performance

Winner: Toyo R/T

Unfortunately, Toyo MT falls behind when it comes to on-road performance. It does not have enough traction to drive over smooth surfaces, and it also produces tread noised that can be unsettling for some drivers and passengers. 

As a hybrid-terrain tire, Toyo RT is a better option for your daily driving routine involves on-road and off-road trips. The tread and shoulder block gaps are enough to have good traction on various surface conditions. 

Price and Value

Winner: Toyo R/T

When it comes to value, Toyo RT has a more reasonable price than Toyo MT. For specific purposes, tires are more expensive since they have special and improved qualities needed to satisfy several conditions. A perfect example of this situation is mud tires. 

On the other hand, Toyo RT is more cost-efficient, provided that you can count on it on-road and off-road. Plus, it does not wear immediately, unlike Toyo MT.

Use Toyo Rugged Tires If:

  • You wish to have an all-around, all-terrain, and all-season truck tire
  • You prioritize a tire that you can use on-road and off-road
  • You prefer a tire with a quieter drive on highway pavements

Use Toyo Mud Tires If:

  • You always use your car for off-road adventures
  • You prefer a tire that can carry heavier loads and can surpass any terrains
  • You do not mind buying another tire for daily use

Wrap Up

The decision in picking between Toyo’s Rugged Tire and Mud Tire depends on you. Before you purchase one, you must ensure that you pick the variant to help you with your daily driving needs. They both function well off-road, but Toyo RT is more appropriate for on-road use.

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