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Replacing your old tire with a new one is easier said than done because money is not the only variable that you must address. There are a few other and more important aspects to consider. 

This includes the mileage, lifespan, ability to take on heavy load, drive safely on rough roads and harsh conditions, etc. 

Goodyear Endurance vs Maxxis M8008

Choosing between Goodyear Endurance and Maxxis M8008 is easy because the former is built to help you save costs. The latter helps drive smoothly even with heavier loads. Secondly, the Maxxis M8008 is a pocket-friendly option in trailer tires, but spending some extra bucks on the Goodyear Endurance is justifiable by its longer lifespan and even wearing out. 

Every tire brand’s lineup is built with a purpose and a specific set of vehicles. In our case, the Goodyear Endurance and Maxxis M8008 are trailer tires. This means that both these tires are meant for trailers, driving in the harshest of conditions, rough roads, going long distances, taking on heavy load, etc. So, here’s our take on two trailer tires you can choose from; Goodyear Endurance and Maxxis M8008. 

What is the Goodyear Endurance?

Goodyear Endurance

Endurance made entry in 2017 as a radial special trailer tire meant for all types of trailers and haulers with a load range sizes of D and E. The unique selling point of this tire is its ability to handle heavy loads and still take you on long trips smoothly. You can expect better durability and longer tread life from the tire, along with a longer life span. 

An enhanced and systemic tread pattern coupled with a rounded profile adds stability to the drive even at higher speeds. Improved tread patterns also mean that the tire will remain cooler under heat and rough surfaces. For those who have earlier used the Goodyear Marathon tires, this is a much-needed improvement in the Endurance. 

Not only the Marathon, but the Goodyear Endurance tires are an improvement over various other tires that were designed and built by Goodyear in the previous years. Trailer tires need to perform better on all terms and aspects, including the roads and weather conditions. 

This is because when you are traveling in a trailer, the most common notion is to take it on longer trips, into the mountains, cross country, or on uncharted roads. So, to ensure a smooth journey, you need the tires that will stay strong and provide the best performance. 

The Goodyear Endurance is a good tire on all these counts providing exemplary ride comfort, boasting a higher tread life, and improved handling. 

What is the Maxxis M8008?

Maxxis M8008

Another successful and popular tire in this category is the Maxxis M8008, which has built a reputation of a cost-efficient tire coupled with improved construction. In terms of durability, the M8008 has only a few counterparts in the industry, one of which is the Goodyear Endurance. 

You will also notice a robust casing design on this tire, which lends it more stability and durability increasing the lifespan and giving a smoother ride. The tread pattern in this tire is an advanced version, which means that it has a decreased rolling resistance leading to less fuel consumption. 

The M8008 has an increased weight and a double steel-belted design construction which provides more strength to the tires and gives them higher stability. This is also the reason you will see that these tires weigh 7 pounds more than the basic bias-ply tires that come with the trailer. 

What are the Pros of the Goodyear Endurance?

The Goodyear Endurance is a special tire that boasts a better performance and build than its predecessors. Here are some advantages of the tire;

  • Carry Heavy Loads: The Goodyear Endurance is marketed as a tire that can carry heavy loads. Trailers that can take you across the country also carry a heavy load, including the furniture, utilities, and the passengers, apart from the basic infrastructure of the trailer. 

The reinforced steel belts on these tires will ensure a smooth performance even at heavier loads without compromising on the drive quality and stability. 

  • Durable Construction: The definition of a tire that can take you on new adventures both on and off the road starts from Goodyear Endurance. Its off-road driving capabilities are improved by several features.

Most importantly, these tires are built with the Durawall technology that reinforces the tire sidewall strength that can also resist punctures and cuts from off-roading. 

Along with this, the sidewalls are added with Scuff guards, which protect the sidewalls from the natural rate of wearing off, protecting it from sudden busts. 

  • Less Air Loss: While using the Goodyear Endurance on the hauler, you will like that it has a decreased rate of air loss compared to other tires used for the same purpose. 

This is because these tires have an enhanced inner liner that minimizes air loss while towing and driving. 

What are the Pros of Maxxis M8008?

Coming to the pros of the second tire in our discussion, the Maxxis M8008 is a cost-effective option competing with the other high-priced tires in the market without compromising on the quality. 

  • Can Carry Long Distances: The Maxxis M8008 can work seamlessly good for longer miles than the average tires in this category. We went to ask some of the previous and existing owners, and they were all praises about the tire while appreciating its performance on rough roads and long trips. 
  • Impressive Shock Absorption: These tires are fitted with double steel belting, which gives them a remarkable shock absorption ability and increases the tire strength. 
  • Fuel-Efficiency: The Maxxis M8008 are built with an advanced tread configuration and structure, which reduces the rolling resistance. Less rolling resistance translates to better fuel efficiency. So, the M8008 can take on long trips with less fuel cost while carrying an above-average heavier load. 

What Are the Main Differences Between the Goodyear Endurance and Maxxis M8008?


Goodyear Endurance

Maxxis M8008


It starts from $124 per tire

The cost of one M8008 begins from $118. 

Tread Pattern

Due to low depth treads, their ability to take on harsh roads is reduced. 


Again, the low-depth treads make it challenging to drive on muddy and snowy roads.

Deep, straight, and blocky treads ensure that these wheels are built for every weather.


The deep treads again set into action and help the trailer talk to the wind even on rough roads.

Uniformity in Wearing Out

Comes with a load range E and 10 play rating. This means they have more strength and have a balanced structure. 

They have C load range and a 6-ply rating. This means these tires will wear out faster. 


With these tires, you can travel at a maximum of 80 miles per hour. 

It can easily take the driving speed up to 106 miles per hour. 

Load Capacity

They can easily take on a load capacity of up to 3200 pounds. 

The maximum load capacity for the M8008 is 3420 pounds.

Tread Depth

Low tread depth affects the overall performance and stability. 

Higher tread depth leads to better performance. 

Fuel Requirements

Leads to more fuel cost due to low tread depth and higher rolling resistance. 

Reduced rolling resistance and deeper treads lead to less fuel requirements. 

Shock Absorption

Goodyear has a century-long reputation of providing comfortable rides, and the same is reflected in Endurance tires. 

The double belted steel side walls may give the M8008 better durability but at the cost of ride softness. 


With low-depth treads, the traction is less. 

Deeper treads always translate to higher traction. 


A low aspect ratio means better cornering. 

Here too, the aspect ratio is low sidewalls, which provides better control during cornering. 

Driving in Different Weathers

Goodyear Endurance has a low-depth tread pattern but straight, suitable for driving in the rainy season on wet roads. 


But the low treads are not an ideal aspect to have when driving in cold weather and icy roads. 

The aggressive tread patterns with depth are ideal for repelling water while driving in the rain. 


Also, the aggressive treads allow sipping and gripping on all weather conditions, including icy, hot/dry, and warm conditions. 

Based on the aspects above, we can say that both the tires have their unique characteristics, which can easily confuse you when choosing between the two. 

Use the Goodyear Endurance if:

  • You want the tire to run longer miles.
  • Want to have an economical tire that will wear out evenly. 
  • You want to have a smooth ride on all types of roads.  

If you are looking for a tire that stays with you for long and provides a better driving experience in terms of higher stability, durability, and wearing out, use the Goodyear Endurance. 

In other words, if you want to take long trips on the road and want better cornering, the Goodyear Endurance is a better option. Moreover, this is an economical tire, even though the price of its counterpart (M8008) is lower. This is because, in the long run, Goodyear Endurance has the capability to stay with you longer. 

With these tires installed, you might need to drive a bit more carefully, but given these aspects, they will be more cost-effective as you won’t need to change them too frequently. 

Use the Maxxis M8008 if:

  • You want a low-price tire but better performance. 
  • The trailer will tread rough roads and on harsh terrains frequently. 
  • You want to save on fuel and carry more weight. 

The Maxxis M8008 is a good tire to buy if you are looking to save some money for the time being and need to replace the tires. 

They are a necessary addition to your trailer if you want to venture on icy roads, to places where the climate can play serious games with you, and if you want to spend less on fuel. 

While driving with these tires, make sure to drive safely as they won’t give a smooth ride on rough roads due to the steel-belted sidewalls. 

Wrapping It Up

After going through this review, you will realize that price is not always the decisive factor when you want to buy a tire. Looking at the price alone is not conducive in the long run. 

While choosing between two tires, in our case, between Goodyear Endurance and Maxxis M8008, which are specially-built trailer tires, you must look at the various aspects of a trailer. 

Since trailers will move on all types of roads and weather conditions, they will carry heavy loads and will be required to travel long distances. You need tires that are good enough to provide better performance on all counts. So, the choice between Goodyear Endurance and Maxxis M8008 is based on their performance, stability, durability, capability to drive on harsh weather and rough roads. 

To sum it up, if you want better performance, a longer life span, and a smooth drive, go for the Goodyear Endurance, but its cost is more. However, if you want to save on fuel, spend less, and want a tire that can take on harsh weather conditions and rough roads like a pro at a lower cost but with a reduced lifespan, go for the Maxxis M8008. 


  1. Low tread depth is a major concern for me. Assurance tires wear out quicker. I like the Maxxis tire and have both on my rv trailer.

    1. I’ve had both. The GY’s are more dependable but wear out MUCH faster. My trailer weighs about 10K# and I will only get about 25K miles out of the GY’s while the Maxxis will only time-out and still have legal tread left. I’ve had 2 Maxxis tires fail though (covered by warranty).
      It will be a hard decision next time around.

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