Top 11 Best Tires for Toyota Sienna (Updated)

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Rugged exterior? Check. Refined road manners? Check. Impressive fuel economy? Check. The 3rd generation Toyota Sienna has almost everything users may look for in a minivan. All it wants from you is a set of tires that would enhance its positive aspects.

Best Tires for Toyota Sienna

The best tires for Toyota Sienna should also help this minivan overcome its ride-related flaws, of which gutless acceleration is the most glaring. Many drivers we have spoken to grumble about how its dull passing power makes them feel left behind on the road.

So, given that this minivan isn’t the quickest on the market, you’d need a set of tires that won’t put its already over-burdened engine under more pressure. Only then would the Toyota Sienna be able to compete, if not beat, its main rivals on the highway.

That is why we have come up with this article – to help you pick a set of tires that will enhance Sienna’s plus points while rolling over the weak ones. All the 11 tires we have recommended will ensure that you don’t feel ‘meh’ after driving this stylish minivan.

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

The Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady is one of the best tires for Toyota Sienna. It is also one of the priciest. A set of four tires will cost you nearly a grand when you add in the mounting and balancing costs. So, only settle for this tire if you have deep pockets.

A Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) emblem tells you all you need to know about this tire’s winter performance. This symbol is an indication that the Assurance WeatherReady has the rater’s confidence for performing reliably in extreme winter conditions. 

Soybean oil inside the rubber compound helps the latter stay flexible, regardless of whether you’re driving in extremely hot or frigidly cold conditions. This flexibility is the primary reason why the WeatherReady is one of the most reliable all-season tires around.

Evolving traction grooves are another ace up this tire’s sleeve. They help the tire’s built-in deep groves transition to wider grooves as it wears out. This enables the tire to offer reliable all-weather traction, while also adding a few years to its road life.

I almost forgot that the Assurance WeatherReady comes with the exclusive Weather Reactive and 3D Tredlock technologies. Both these technologies work together to help this tire offer outstanding grip and traction in dry and wet conditions. 


  • Excellent treadwear warranty for an all-weather tire
  • Great winter traction
  • Supreme wet performance


  • Fairly expensive

#2. Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus – Best Premium

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus

The Turanza Serenity Plus is not your average grand touring tire. Virtually zero road noise at high speeds, excellent high-speed handling, and market-leading treadwear warranty – these are the features that distinguish this tire from its premium rivals.

Start with the comfort department. The Turanza Serenity Plus manages to absorb and smooth out minor road imperfections without any fuss. At slower speeds, there is virtually zero road noise, only a faint hum which you can either ignore or block by rolling the windows up.

A quick glance at its design should erase all your worries about this tire’s handling. The rubber is molded into a tread pattern with shoulders at the sides and continuous ribs in the center. This design should help the Serenity Plus offer reliable handling at high speeds.

Another thing you’ll notice while looking at this tire is that it has multiple circumferential and lateral grooves to evacuate water and improve aquaplaning resistance. It is these design elements which make the Serenity Plus one of the best tires for rain.

The best part of the Serenity Plus has to be its 80,000 miles treadwear warranty. The warranty is one of the largest on the market, even when you compare it with that of CrossClimate 2 or PureClimate LS, tires which hit the market after the Serenity Plus.


  • 80,000 miles treadwear warranty
  • Virtually noise-free at lower speeds
  • Performs exceptionally in the comfort department


  • Limited snow performance

#3. Michelin Defender T+H

Michelin Defender T+H

Nobody in their right mind would say that the Michelin Defender T+H is cheap. In fact, this all-season tire is as expensive as they come. But look beyond the price tag, and you’d find many things to like about this model, especially if you’re looking for a reliable tire for your Toyota Sienna.

Consistent and long-lasting grip help this tire distinguish itself from its rivals. Even after years of use and abuse, you’ll get the same reliable grip as you did on this tire’s first day. This will give you all the confidence you need to push your Sienna to its limits.

Wet traction is another area where this tire excels. The credit for this goes to Michelin’s IntelliSipe Technology, which has provided this tire with a massive number of biting edges. These biting edges, or ‘sipes’, don’t let any amount of water break this tire’s road contact.

Things are equally impressive when you turn a corner. The Defender T+H faces no issues clawing to the road and eliminating the notorious understeer most all-season tires are prone to. It will remain planted to the road, giving you the confidence to pedal harder.

Multiple grooves in the tread area minimize the danger of hydroplaning. Tread blocks and shoulders enhance dry grip while also smoothing out road imperfections and noise. Plus, an 80,000-mile treadlife warranty guarantees a road life of at least 4-5 years.


  • Excellent handling and braking on dry surfaces
  • Quiet and comfortable handling in most conditions
  • Excellent treadwear warranty (80,000 miles)


  • Doesn’t come cheap

#4.Continental TrueContact Tour

Continental TrueContact Tour

The Continental TrueContact Tour offers Toyota Sienna drivers the best of both worlds. It comes with all the cutting-edge technologies you can expect to get from Continental tires. Despite that, this model’s asking price won’t blow your budget.

EcoPlus technology has slashed this tire’s weight to a) bring down its rolling resistance and b) improve its fuel efficiency. In addition, this technology helps the TrueContact Tour wear evenly, helping you get 4-5 years out of this tire with zero fuss.

Data released by Continental back these claims. Tests conducted by the US tire manufacturer show that the TrueContact Tour has a 27% longer treadlife than TrueContact. The results from the trial also point to this tire’s rather excellent fuel economy.

You also get Quick View Indicators with this tire. These indicators will show you when the tire’s performance is no longer adequate for Dry, Wet, or Snow conditions. An ‘Alignment Verification System’, whose name betrays its utility, is also on offer.

Like most touring tires, the TrueContact Tour isn’t the most reliable performer on icy roads. So, if your area receives more than its fair share of snow, this tire might not be the best fit for you.


  • Comes with QuickView maintenance indicators
  • Short braking distances for a tire in this category
  • 80,000-mile treadwear warranty on some models


  • Braking distances aren’t short on icy roads

#5. Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring is one of the most reliable grand touring tires on the market. It is also one of the most inexpensive. This potent combination makes it a must-have for Sienna owners who intend to get dependable performance at an affordable price.

A coupled silica tread compound has slashed this model’s weight, bringing down the rolling resistance with it. It has also improved this tire’s grip. The result is fewer costly trips to the gas station and more sure-footed driving in dry and wet conditions.

Proprietary square wear indicators won’t let you resort to guesswork about how much treadlife is still remaining. These narrow rubber bars on the tread area will only become visible once the tread depth has hit dangerous limits. So, their sighting should coincide with tire replacement.

Massive outboard tread blocks and tiny void areas enhance this tire’s high-speed stability. Another thing they do is increase the Ultra Touring’s responsiveness. This is excellent news for those of you who want the comfort of a touring tire but the steering feedback of a performance model.

Another thing that goes in the CS5 Ultra Touring’s favor is its treadlife, which is extremely good for a grand touring tire. In addition, Cooper offers a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty on V- and H- rated models, helping this tire compete with some premium offerings mentioned above.


  • Affordably priced
  • Extremely quiet and comfortable
  • Above-average dry and wet handling


  • Small treadwear warranty W-rated models

#6. Goodyear Eagle Sport All Season

Goodyear Eagle Sport All Season

Multiple features distinguish the Goodyear Eagle Sport from other high-performance tires. The first is that this model won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Also, while most HP and UHP tires eschew treadwear warranties, this model is backed to last for a long time.

An all-season tread compound in a high-performance tire might raise a few eyebrows. But its presence in the Eagle Sport isn’t without its merits. The tread compound is the reason why this model delivers outstand performance on dry as well as wet conditions.

Similar to most high-performance tires, the Eagle Sport comes with an asymmetric tread pattern. The tread pattern is the primary reason why this tire’s dry handling is as good as it is. Plus, the credit for this model’s high-speed stability also goes to the tread design.

The coming together of the notched center rib, inboard shoulder blocks, and outboard shoulders enhance this tire’s steering response. The trio’s partnership also ensures even pressure distribution, reducing the risk of blow ups and helping this tire wear uniformly.

This should explain why Goodyear has provided this model with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, an excellent number for a high-performance tire. Tread wear indicator bars as well as workmanship warranty further make this tire an exciting option for Sienna owners.


  • 50,000 mile treadwear warranty
  • Comes with industry-standard treadwear indicators
  • Offers excellent steering responsiveness and high-speed handling


  • High road noise

#7. Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus – Best Run-Flat

Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus

The Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus is a run-flat tire that can be driven up to 50 miles (at speeds of up to 50 mph) with zero air pressure. Having only been released in April 2022, the DriveGuard Plus is the latest in Bridgestone’s line lineup of run-flat tires.

To support the vehicle’s weight with zero air pressure, this tire features reinforced sidewalls. A unique cooling fin technology helps the sidewalls by minimizing heat build-up. Plus, a NanoPro-Tech rubber insert enhances the sidewalls’ ability to support your vehicle’s weight. 

Unlike the DriveGuard, the model that it replaced, the DriveGuard Plus comes with open shoulder slots. These help with water evacuation and thus resist hydroplaning. This tire also features an asymmetric tread pattern for confident handling and quiet ride.

Circumferential and lateral grooves help the open shoulder slots with water evacuation. So do the full-depth main grooves, which you can easily see from outside. Twin internal steel belts as well as a single-ply construction helps this model soak up road vibrations.

Mileage warranty is another area where this tire leaves its predecessor behind. This model has been backed to last five thousand extra miles (65,000 miles in total) than its precursor, an excellent number for a tire that you can drive with zero air pressure.


  • Can be run flat for up to 50 miles at speeds of 50mph
  • Excellent ride quality for a tire in this category
  • Enhanced wet traction and snow performance


  • Doesn’t come cheap

#8. General Altimax RT43 – Best Budget

General Altimax RT43

The General Altimax RT43 doesn’t cost as much as some of the other tires we saw above. Yet you cannot guess its original price from its performance. This all-season tire is as reliable on the road as any of its premium counterparts, with the added bonus that it is affordable.

A dual-layer tread compound helps this tire in many ways. The low density lower layer gives the rubber the flexibility it needs to hoover road vibrations for a comfortable ride. The high-density upper layer, meanwhile, enables the RT43 retain its original shape for long.

Then comes the Sound Wave Suppression Technology, whose name betrays its intentions. This technology works side-by-side with the tire’s independent tread blocks to minimize road noise. The result is a noise-free riding experience, even with windows rolled all the way down.

Multiple tire indicators are also on offer. The first, ‘Replacement Tire Monitor’, allows you to get a daily update on the tire’s status. Another, titled ‘Visual Alignment Indicator’, lets you check wheel alignment with the help of two sipes on opposite shoulder blocks.

A 75,000-mile treadwear warranty ensures that this tire would stay in use for long. Plus, availability in multiple sizes in the 13- to 20-inch range means the RT 43 can fit all trims of the Toyota Sienna.


  • Comes with two highly useful tire indicators
  • Has Sound Wave Suppression technology
  • Twin cushion silica tread compound absorbs road vibrations


  • Poor performance on snow and ice

#9. Continental VikingContact 7 – Best Winter Tires

Continental VikingContact 7

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80. Michelin Latitude Xice Xi2. Continental VikingContact 7. Any of these three tires can be installed on your Toyota Sienna for reliable snow performance. Yet the VikingContact 7 gets our nod of approval. Here are the main reasons why.

In contrast to the other two tires, the VikingContact 7 isn’t a dedicated snow tire. Instead, Continental advertises it as a premium touring tire capable of tacking Scandinavian winter. This means that this tire will offer the road manners of a touring and reliability of a winter tire.

A silica tread compound enriched with canola oil makes this possible.

Silica, as most of us already know, has the uncanny ability to stay flexible year-round. Canola oil, on the other hand, helps this tire remain soft and flexible in the winter. The coming together of the two ensures that this tire is equally reliable in summer and harsh wintry conditions.

The VikingContact 7’s tread pattern featured the design elements crucial for plowing through snow. Multiple sipes with different widths trap snow within them for better snow traction. Plus, Grip Edges on the shoulder blocks keep this tire from slipping and skidding.


  • Reliable performance on snow-covered roads
  • Provides excellent steering response
  • Boasts above-average hydroplaning resistance


  • Struggles a bit in the comfort and noise departments

#10. Cooper Evolution Tour

Cooper’s Evolution family gathers multiple tire categories in the same roof. The Evolution Tour is the flagship member of this family due to its all-season utility, affordable asking price, and long treadwear warranty. This model’s dry and wet traction are also superb.

Cooper wants you to believe that this tire is ultra-quiet. Our personal experience with this tire indicates that what Cooper is saying here is true. Sure, this tire isn’t the quietest on the market. Yet, it is quiet enough to earn a place on any list of noise-free models.

Another thing Cooper highlights about this tire is its efficiency. Primarily because it has equipped it with the StabiliEdge Performance Technology found in other Cooper models. This technology ensures that the tires’ blocks don’t flex at high speed, increasing grip and stability.

The symmetric tread pattern and multiple grooves help this tire with wear and reduce the risk of hydroplaning, respectively. In addition, this tire features sipes for better snow performance, while a dual-ply casing wrapped in nylon should help with drivability.

Not everything Cooper says about this tire is true, though. For instance, Cooper wants you to believe that this tire is predictable in snow. Our experience and that of drivers we have spoken to indicates otherwise. Also, in contrast to what Cooper claims, this tire isn’t usable in snow.


  • Very affordable
  • Some models are backed with 65,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Quiet and comfortable on the highway


  • Unpredictable wet handling

#11. Michelin Primacy MXV4

Michelin Pirmacy MXV4

The Michelin Primacy MXV4 has nothing extraordinary about its design. A conservative symmetric tread design with underwhelming lettering decorate this tire’s face. But it is only when you look a little closely that this tire’s wealth of features start coming in sight.

Michelin designed the MXC4 to meet the requirements of family minivans such as Toyota Sienna, as well as coupes, sedans and crossover utility vehicles. The reason we’re telling you this is to assure you that the MXV4 will fit your Sienna, whichever trim you might be owning.

Michelin’s MaxTouch Construction maximizes the width of the contact patch, enabling the rubber to evenly distribute the forces it’s subjected to during cornering, hard braking or sudden acceleration. The result? Longer and more even tire wear.

Together with the intermediate tread blocks and continuous center ribs, this tire’s notched center blocks enable it to offer some serious traction on dry, wet and even icy roads. The active sipes on the tread play an especially crucial part in enhancing its snow traction.

However, nothing Michelin could say or do would be enough to deflect your attention from this tire’s eye-watering asking price. This tire costs at around $211 each, which, when you throw in the mounting and balancing costs, takes it out of the reach of most people.


  • Ensures long and even wear
  • Serious traction on dry, wet, and icy roads
  • Impressive 60,000 miles  treadwear warranty


  • Prohibitively expensive

Best tires for Toyota Sienna

Touring and Grand Touring

The third-generation Toyota Sienna might have underwent an exterior re-do to compete for sales in the SUV market. But make no mistake about this: this is still a family minivan we’re looking at. And like all family minivans, touring tires are the best option for the Sienna.

Not only do touring tires enhance this minivan’s positive aspects – comfortable ride quality, refined road manners, impressive fuel economy. They also give a boost to this model’s otherwise tepid acceleration, enabling it to compete with its rivals on the highway.

For all these reasons, touring tires should be on top of any list of tires for Toyota Sienna.

Performance and High Performance

Performance and high-performance tires will take care of the major problem that puts potential customers off buying Toyota Sienna – its lackluster acceleration. Their lightweight construction will help make this minivan slightly quicker on the road.

Having said that, the price for increased speed will be steep, both in the short- as well as in the long-run. Performance tires cost more up front and consume more fuel during use. Plus, they don’t care much about driving comfort and road manners.

So, you must juxtapose their pros and cons before making a decision.  

Winter Tires

Those of you who are looking for winter tires for their Toyota Sienna have two options. Either you could go for dedicated winter tires such as the Bridgestone Blizzak WS80, Michelin Latitude Xice Xi2. Or you could opt for a balance between winter and dry performance.

The Continental VikingContact 7 strikes that balance. This tire has what it takes to safely carry you from point A to point B in harsh wintry conditions. At the same time, its silica tread compound enriched with canola oil lets you keep on driving this tire even when the weather stars getting better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tires go on a Toyota Sienna?

The 2022 Toyota Sienna has tire sizes of P235/65TR17, P235/60TR18 and P235/50TR20. The first number (P235) indicates the width of tire in millimeters. The second and third numbers, meanwhile, denote shape of the tire and the size of the wheel on which the tire will fit.

Can I put bigger tires on my Toyota Sienna?

Yes, you can put bigger tires on Toyota Sienna. Just keep in mind that bigger tires will increase this minivan’s fuel consumption. They will also put more weight on the engine, bringing down this minivan’s already lackluster acceleration down one or two levels. 

How much does a Toyota Sienna tire cost?

A Toyota Sienna tire might cost anywhere between $130 and $250 per tire. All-season, all-weather, touring and grand touring tires are typically placed at the lower end of this range. High-performance and winter tires are usually placed at the other end.

Does Toyota Sienna have spare tire?

The 2021-2022 Toyota Sienna doesn’t come with spare tire. If you want a spare tire, you will have to pay Toyota separately for it.


The best tires for Toyota Sienna won’t just enhance this vehicle’s plus points. They will also see to it that this vehicle’s not-so-positive aspects are taken care of. 

That is something factory-installed tires, reliable as they are, could do. That’s why we recommend that you remove the factory tires and replace them with the aftermarket ones recommended above as soon as your budget allows.

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