Top 11 Best Tires for Honda Accord (Updated)

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Honda Accord is one of the most well-known mid-size family sedans. Its spacious interior, intuitive infotainment system and comprehensive set of driver-assistance features make the Accord an ideal road partner for everyday commuting within the city or on the highway.

Best tires for Honda Accord

At the same time, the Accord can rival your average crossover in many things. Two turbocharged engines plus a hybrid powertrain make it extremely efficient should you encounter a twisty road. All you need to make the most of the features on offer is a reliable set of tires.

That is something easier said than done. For, almost every premium manufacturer offers you at least three (if not more) tires for the Honda Accord. Sure, all those tires will keep you satisfied with the purchase. But they won’t satisfy your itch if you want the best performance.

Luckily, we’re here to present you with a list of the 11 best tires for Honda Accord. We’ll take into account every generation of this famous mid-size sedan. Aside from that, we’ll recommend tires for every trim – LX, Sport, Sport SE, EX-L, and Touring – of the Accord.

Read on to pick the best tires for Honda Accord.

Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack

The Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack performs well in different road conditions. It rolls quietly and comfortably on the road and comes with a market-high warranty. All in all, this tire has everything needed to be one of the best tires for Honda Accord.

Bridgestone claims that it offers 20% more traction in wet conditions as well as 44% improvement in snow traction than its previous iteration, the Turanza Serenity Plus. These are significant improvements given that the Serenity Plus was no shrinking violet on the road.

These improvements are made possible by an all-season tread compound formed into an asymmetric tread design. This partnership helps this tire offer adequate traction out there, regardless of whether you’re driving on sunbaked roads or in deep puddles of water.

Aquaplaning won’t be an issue with this tire. The HydroTrack Technology has seen to it that the tire features four circumferential grooves and innumerable longitudinal grooves. Both of which help with water evacuation from within the tread area for maximum road contact.

Ride quality and road noise are also taken care of. The former by the Comfort Cruise Technology which helps the tire spread evenly as it encounters obstructions on the road, significantly reducing vibrations you’ll feel inside the cabin. The QuietTrack Technology dampens any road noise.


  • 80,000-mile treadlife warranty
  • Excellent dry and wet performance
  • 80,000-mile treadlife warranty
  • Excellent dry and wet performance


  • Expensive than rivals

#2. Michelin Premier A/S – Best Runner Up

Michelin Premier AS

The Michelin Premier A/S is an epitome of endurance. At the time of its release, it featured technology never before seen in tires. Sure, many tires contain the same cutting-edge features that once distinguished this model. Yet, as sale numbers show, this tire’s popularity still stands strong.

Part of the credit for that goes to its silica and sunflower oil tread compound. The former helps make the Premier A/S flexible, enhancing this tire’s traction in wet and (mild) wintry conditions. The latter, meanwhile, improves its strength for dependable performance in the summer.

Comfort Control Technology relies on the tire’s computer-optimized tread pattern for an enhanced dry performance. The EverGrip Technology, as the name implies, helps improve the tire’s traction.  It does that by widening the Premier A/S’s tread grooves as the tread depth reduces.

Twin steel belts reinforced with spiral-polyamide cord help this tire retain its original shape for long. The result is a long-lasting and carefree road life. The sturdy internal construction is the main reason why this tire can withstand a maximum load just short of 3,000 lbs.

There is one area where the Premier A/S disappoints. Its 60,000 miles treadwear warranty is below-average for A/S tire. Even models from budget brands fare better on this count. Still, that shouldn’t obscure the fact that it’s one of the best tires for Honda Accord.


  • Comfortable and quiet ride
  • Excellent traction on wet surfaces
  • Has all the traits to outlast its treadlife warranty


  • Smaller treadwear warranty than rivals

#3. Michelin Defender T+H – Best for Highway

Michelin Defender T+H

The Michelin Defender T+H is an outstanding touring and highway tire. It offers exceptional performance on the highway, along with best in-class steering response and straight line tracking. High-speed handling and stability are great too, making it a decent option for the Accord Sport.

Michelin has used the same tread compound with this tire as it did with the LTX M/S. But unlike the LTX M/S, which features a symmetric tread pattern, this tire’s tread compound is molded into an asymmetric tread design. The result is better performance in dry and wet conditions.

Wet traction is where this tire really shines. Michelin’s IntelliSipe Technology, which features inter-locking sipes, help it grip the wet tarmac better than most all-season tires. These biting edges are also to credit for this tire’s decent performance on snow-covered road surfaces.

As it is with the Premier A/S listed above, this tire too features Comfort Control Technology for a more comfortable ride on any road surface. Road noise is also minimal, allowing you to drive at highway speeds with the windows rolled all the way down.

An 80,000-mile warranty means this tire can last 3-4 years before needing replacement. Which seems fair given that this model doesn’t come cheap.  


  • Excellent handling and braking on dry surfaces
  • Quiet and comfortable handling in most conditions
  • Excellent treadwear warranty (80,000 miles)


  • Doesn’t come cheap

#4. Continental PureContact – Best Grand-Touring

Continental PureContact

The Continental PureContact is one of our top picks for Honda Accord. This grand-touring tire comes with all the features you can associate with its brand name. At the same time, its asking price is competitive. So, you won’t have to blow your budget to afford it.

One of this tire’s stand-out features is that it’s constructed using EcoPlus Technology. This technology utilizes polymers in the tread area to help this tire evenly. At the same time, it reduces rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency, helping you save money over time.

This tire also uses ‘Tuned Performance Indicators’ on the tread area. These indicators are basically D (Dry), W (Wet) and S (Snow) letters on the outer tread. The greater the fading rate of the indicators, the poorer the tire’s performance will be in dry, wet, or snowy conditions.

Continental’s decision to employ its Comfort Ride Technology in this tire has done wonders for its ride quality and noise. This technology employs an underlay beneath the tread to isolate it from the casing, resulting in reduced vibrations and improved ride comfort.

Extended size range is another feature that helps the PureContact stand out. While most grand-touring tires are available in a few sizes, this model is available in all sizes ranging from 15- to 20-inches. You can thus install this tire on every trim of the Accord.


  • Best in-class treadwear warranty (70,000 miles)
  • Comes with QuickView (DWS) indicators
  • Exceptional ride quality thanks to reduced road noise


  • Not usable on icy surfaces

#5. Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 – Best Winter Tire

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 is one of the best winter tires on the market. It performs reliably over snow and ice, regardless of how much snow and ice you’re talking about. This tire is as dependable in a snowstorm as it is in the aftermath of a mild snowing session.

A stiffened tread compound joins its forces with interlocking 3D sipes and tread blocks to take this tire’s snow performance to the next level. At the same time, this partnership does wonders for this tire’s wear, helping the WS90 last multiple winters with ease.

The biting edges help the WS90 plough through layers of snow and ice before it lands on hard tarmac underneath. They, along with this winter-specific tread compound, are the major reason why the WS90 can conquer harsh wintry conditions without requiring studs.

Then comes the Multicell technology. This technology works by removing water from the tread area. At the same time, it leaves the snow unattended. That is done to help the snow and ice on the tread area come into contact with the snow and ice on the road.

The resulting snow-on-snow contact generates adequate traction to keep this tire rolling. Multiple treadwear indicators (narrow rubber bars positioned inside the tire’s circumferential grooves) will let you know in advance when the tire needs replacement.


  • 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake rating
  • Offer excellent traction on snow and ice
  • Comes with tread wear indicators and winter wear bars


  • Doesn’t come with a treadwear warranty

#6. Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS – Best High-Performance

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS

Honda Accord is rightly renowned for its perky acceleration. Two turbocharged engines and a hybrid powertrain means this mid-size family sedan can give competition to sports cars. That is especially true with Honda Accord, which has been designed with enthusiasts in mind.

The Potenza RE980AS will help you take full advantage of the power on offer. This all-season tire is designed to offer the best in-class grip, traction and braking. Steering responsiveness is also top-notch, almost at the level of extreme performance summer tires.

An all-season tread compound has been molded into an asymmetric tread pattern to make the RE980AS an absolute workhorse in the corners. High-speed stability is another area where this tire shines, helping you retain full grip over your Accord.

Similar is the case with wet traction. A combination of circumferential and lateral grooves performs an exceptional job of evacuating water from underneath the tread area. This results in increased traction with the road, minimizing the risk of skidding and slipping.

What is more, while most high-performance tires make a lot of noise, the Potenza RE980AS is quiet for tires in this category. Yet one area where it didn’t break away from its HP counterparts is wear – the 980AS justifies all the bad rep high performance tires get for wearing quickly.


  • Extremely short braking distances
  • Has top-notch responsiveness and dry handling
  • Less noisy than high-performance tires


  • Wears quickly

#7. Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady– Best All-Weather

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

The Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady is one of the best all-weather tires on the market. Long-lasting traction even as the tread wears down, excellent performance in wet conditions and decent performance on the snow – these are some of the features that define this tire.

Start with the snow performance. The WeatherReady is only the 2nd tire in this review that comes with the three-peak snowflake mountain emblem or 3PMSF certification, an indication that the rater has adjudged this tire to be safe for driving in harsh wintry conditions.

A soy-based, all-weather tread compound is behind this tire’s excellent performance in freezing temperatures. The presence of soy, in particular, increases the tire’s flexibility to help it fulfil the demands that will be placed on it by snow-covered and ice-laden surfaces.

Next comes long-lasting traction. The WeatherReady features Goodyear’s exclusive Evolving Traction grooves on its tread pattern. These grooves widen as the tread wears down, making sure that even when the tire has lost a percentage of its tread depth, its traction remains unaffected.

Wet-performance isn’t bad either. Goodyear’s Proprietary WeatherReactive Technology works with 3D TredLock, another of the brand’s exclusive technologies, to improve its grip and traction in wet conditions. This helps the WeatherReady justify the tag of an all-weather tire.


  • Brilliant grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Has the three-peak snowflake mountain symbol
  • Keeps offering traction even as the tire loses a percentage of its tread depth


  • Short treadlife warranty (50,000 miles)

#8.Yokohama Avid Touring S – Best Budget Tire

Yokohama Avid Touring S

Yokohama tires are famous for offering high-quality performance in a budget. That is something you also get from other budget brands, such as Sumitomo, Arroyo, Hercules, etc. What actually distinguishes Yokohama tires is their above-average warranties.

Take the example of the Yokohama Avid Touring S. This touring tire is available at less than half the price of its rivals from premium brands. Yet you cannot guess that by looking at its 65,000-mile treadwear warranty, higher, ironically, than that of the Michelin Premier A/S.

Low cost and high treadwear warranty aren’t the only features that distinguish this tire from its mid-range rivals. A Tri-plex Tread compound also plays its part. This compound is the reason why the Avid Touring S offers a very responsive drive for any tire in its price range.

Wet traction too won’t give you any nightmares. While premium tires use circumferential and lateral grooves to improve hydroplaning resistance, the Avid Touring S does the same with what it refers to as Tapered Rain Channels. So expect no difference in wet performance.

All of this is to say that this tire ticks almost all the right boxes. Except the fact that it isn’t ideal for snow or icy roads – this model lacks the biting edges needed for adequate traction in harsh wintry conditions. Neither can you count on it for sporty or fast driving.


  • Competitively priced
  • High treadwear warranty (65,000 miles) for the category
  • Excellent traction in dry/wet conditions


  • Not ideal for fast or sporty driving
  • Not usable in harsh wintry conditions

#9. Michelin X-Ice Xi3 – Best for Ice

Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi3

The Michelin X-Ice Xi3 belongs to the manufacturer’s Latitude Series. All the tires in this lineup are designed to fit SUVs, crossovers, and pickup trucks. The Xi3 is one of the few Latitude Series tires that can be installed on a mid-size family sedan like the Accord.

That is extremely good news. For this tire’s silica tread compound has enhanced its flexibility vis-à-vis the majority of winter tires you see on the road. Similar is the case with its fuel efficiency, with the Xi3 capable of reducing your trips to the filling station.

While most winter tires have to pick sides between eco-friendliness and fuel efficiency, the Xi3 strikes the perfect balance between both. This tire’s GreenX tread technology reduces rolling resistance to bring down its fuel consumption, thereby reducing fuel emissions.

Cross Z sipes are responsible for the tire’s excellent traction. These biting edges plough through ice, snow, and slush before landing on hard tarmac underneath. The result? Road-on-rubber contact for better grip and traction on various kinds of conditions.

Average cornering in harsh wintry conditions is one of the reasons why some users might want to prefer the Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 over this tire. That and the fact that this model doesn’t come cheap might prevent some deals from going ahead.

Average cornering in harsh wintry conditions is one of the reasons why some users might want to prefer the Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 over this tire. That and the fact that this model doesn’t come cheap might prevent some deals from going ahead.


  • Offers exceptional snow and ice traction
  • Very comfortable on the highway and the street
  • Low rolling resistance translates to better fuel efficiency


  • Average cornering in harsh wintry conditions

#10. Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

The Cooper CS5 is another grand touring tire in a crowded market. This tire isn’t as astronomically priced as its premium counterparts yet not as cheap as mid-range tires. That is something that makes it an exciting mid-range option for US and Canadian drivers.

A coupled silica tread compound has lowered this tire’s rolling resistance. The result? Reduced trips to the filling station. At the same time, the tread compound has also seen to it that the CS5 has improved grip and traction than its budget rivals.

High-speed stability is another area where this tire shines. A combination of massive outboard tread blocks and tiny void areas is the reason why. Both these elements also deserve the credit for increasing the responsiveness of this tire, especially on dry tarmac.

Similar to other Cooper tires, the CS5 Grand Touring comes with proprietary wear square indicators. These are narrow rubber bars on the tire’s circumferential grooves. But they won’t be visible straight away – the indicators can only be seen once the tread wears down.

On top of everything else, the CS5 Grand Touring comes with 70,000 miles treadwear warranty for V-rated (149 mph) and H-rated (130 mph) models and 50,000 for W-rated (150 mph) models. No matter how you slice these numbers they are pretty respectable.


  • Affordably priced
  • Extremely quiet and comfortable
  • Above-average dry and wet handling


  • Small treadwear warranty for specific models

#11. Michelin CrossClimate 2

Michelin CrossClimate 2

What is it that makes the Honda Accord uber-popular? Its spacious interior makes it perfect for a family of four. But as spacious as the interior is, it needs help from tires to ensure a comfortable ride. And help is precisely what the CrossClimate2 offers.

The CrossClimate 2 holds a legendary status for its lateral grip. This tire tracks in a straight line and stayed glued to the road even at high speeds. No amount of sudden acceleration, cornering or even braking can hurt this model’s contact with dry or wet tarmac.

One area where this tire has improved over its predecessor is traction in slippery conditions. The CrossClimate+ had decent road manners but struggled a bit in the brain. In contrast, the CrossClimate 2 has some of the shortest braking distances of any tire in rain.

Yet another area where this tire impresses is snow handling. Sure, its braking distances on snow-covered surfaces aren’t as short as those on dry or wet surfaces. But as long as we’re talking about light snow, the CrossClimate 2 would be useful.

All of this is not to say that the CrossClimate 2 doesn’t have any drawbacks. This tire’s 60,000 miles treadwear warranty is smaller than what you expect from a premium tire. Also, on uneven surfaces, its ride feels slightly firm than expensive tires.


  • Outstanding lateral grip
  • Braking distances are among the shortest in the category
  • Reliable on light snow


  • Not as comfortable as its premium rivals

Best Tires for Honda Accord

Touring and Grand Touring

All-season touring and grand-touring tires are without the best tires for Honda Accord. There are various reasons for that, but the biggest one is these tires are incredibly balanced. Even at high speeds you feel like in full control over touring and grand touring tires.

Durability is another area where these tires shine. If you cover 20,000 miles annually, these tires will last for 3-4 years without some of the tread still remaining. To back this number up, most manufacturers offer 60,000-mile treadwear warranty, while some go as high as 90,000 miles.

Another unique selling point of these tires is comfort. Especially when compared with their all-season, all-weather and high-performance tires. With these tires underneath your Accord, your ride will be much quieter and smoother over bumps. All these reasons are why Accord owners prefer them.


The Honda Accord Sport is made for enthusiast drivers who want the comfort of a midsize car class and the acceleration of a sporty vehicle. The Accord Sport feels agile and balanced on the road, and it navigates twisty roads with aplomb. Plus, the brakes offer surefooted stopping power.

Owners of Accord Sport thus have every reason to opt for a set of high-performance tires. These tires pose much less rolling resistance than their touring and grand-touring counterparts, which in turn translates into far better responsiveness, making for an enjoyable ride.

Bear in mind though that high-performance tires do have their drawbacks. One of the major reasons why they aren’t as popular as their touring and grand-touring counterparts is a small treadlife. Plus, they aren’t as comfortable and cost more than other types of tires.

Winter Tires

Winter tires, as their name implies, are designed for harsh wintry conditions. They have a flexible rubber compound that helps them retain adequate grip over snow and ice. That, and biting edges make them useful in conditions with their rivals struggle for traction and grip.

Don’t opt for studdable winter tires even if they are costing you less. These tires are banned from most public roads in the US as studs leave marks on the road. So, make sure to go for studless winter tires, such as the Bridgestone Potenza WS80 and Michelin X Ice Xi3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tires does a Honda Accord use?

Touring and grand-touring tires are the best for Honda Accord users. These tires offer an excellent fuel mileage, are durable and long-lasting and backed with long-term warranties. Plus, these tires are much more comfortable than their all-season or all-weather counterparts.

What size tire does a Honda Accord take?

Here are the tire sizes for Honda Accord 2022:

  • Accord LX and EX-L come with 225/50 R17 tires
  • Accord Sport, Sport Special Edition and Sport 2.0T trims are fitted with 235/40R19 tires
  • Accord Touring 2.0T dazzles with 235/40 R19 tires

How often should I replace my Honda Accord tires?

Honda Accord tires should be replaced every 50,000 to 60,000 miles. However, the life of your Accord’s tires may vary, depending on road conditions, your driving style, and weather.


Honda Accord is one of the finest mid-size family sedans. But to take its ride comfort and quality to the next level, you need to install the best set of tires underneath your Accord. Only then you can take full advantage of the features your Accord has to offer.

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