Are Spare Tires Universal? (Updated)

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You are not likely going to find a spare wheel and tire combo in a modern-day vehicle because most cars these down offer a tire repair kit instead. Some cars still do come with spare tires but those tires can be full-size matching tires, full-size non-matching tires, donut spare tires, compact spare tires, or even foldable spare tires.

Are Spare Tires Universal

Are All Spare Tires Universal?

Spare tires are usually not universal between different cars and thus can not be interchanged as different cars use different wheel sizes. In order for a spare tire to fit your car, the rim also needs to have similar dimensions as far as wheel diameter is concerned. Furthermore, the bolt pattern, wheel offset, center bore, and wheel width should also match accordingly.

What Are The Different Types Of Spare Tires?

Most spare tires used today fall within these five categories:

  • Full-size Matching Spare Tire
  • Full-size Non-Matching Spare Tire
  • Temporary (Donut) Spare Tire
  • Folding Temporary Spare Tire

What Is A Full-Size Matching Spare Tire?

As the name might suggest, a full-size matching spare tire matches your existing tires to a pinch which means that in an event of a tire blowout, you will be able to replace the tire and continue on with your journey like nothing ever happened.

However, the issue with a full-size spare tire is that it takes a lot of storage space, so much so that it can sometimes take more than half of all the cargo space you got. Full-size matching spare tires need to be rotated with the existing four wheels and should always be replaced together because tires can only last a few years even if not in use.

What Is A Full-Size Non-Matching Spare Tire?

A full-size non-matching spare tire is usually a tire mounted on a different set of rims and could be useful if the rim and tire dimensions are close enough, but only to get you to a service shop. That being said, some wheel parameters such as wheel offset and wheel width can be a little bit different and still be usable.

However, if the wheel diameter, the center bore, or the bolt patterns are different, you should not use this wheel and tire combo at all. Another issue with a non-matching full-size spare is that it takes virtually the same amount of cargo space as a matching tire without being as useful.

What Is A Temporary “Donut” Spare Tire?

A temporary “Donut”, “Compact” or “Space-Saver” tire is a spare tire that can only be used for shorter distances without going over speeds as high as 50mph. The good thing about a Donut tire is the fact that they have been approved by your manufacturer and should therefore match your car precisely.

However, the issue with these tires is that they are going to take up a considerable amount of space anyway and will still only be considered temporary. You should never interchange donut tires between different cars as they need to match a specific car for them to be safe.

What Is A Folding Temporary Spare Tire?

A temporary spare tire is an inflatable and collapsible spare tire that needs to be inflated before you can use it. The good about these types of tires is that they take the least amount of space out of all spare tire types, yet the bad thing is that they are arguably the most difficult ones to use.

A collapsible temporary spare tire needs to be inflated with either an air pump or an air canister before it can be safely used. These tires are almost always not universal even if the main dimensions match because these usually carry a specific maximum weight rating associated with a specific car make and model.

What To Know About Driving On A Spare Tire?

After you’ve successfully mounted your car with a spare tire, you need to make sure to address these guidelines before you start driving. First of all, you need to make sure that your spare tire is inflated properly which means checking the air pressure a few times after you’ve inflated it.

You also need to check the overall condition of the tire in order to make sure that there are no punctures or other imperfections on both the thread and the sidewalls both before and after you air it up according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

You always need to keep a sentient eye on how your car behaves during driving which means making sure your car does not pull to one side or the other. Be sure not to speed on a spare tire, especially if the tread wear is not equal across all four existing tires.

Finally, be sure to replace the spare tire at your earliest convenience because you can only use a spare tire for a limited amount of time if it’s not matched accordingly.

How Do I Determine Which Tires Fit My Car?

In order to determine if a specific tire and rim combo fit your car, you need to look for further info in your owner’s manual. Another place where you can find this info is your inner door sill because that is where some manufacturers place stickers with all the corresponding tire info.

This only makes sense if your car is equipped with original wheels and tires, and if it’s not, you should visit your local tire shop or ask for further instructions directly from your dealer.


Spare tires are almost always not universal between different cars because many wheel parameters such as diameter, width, center bore, and bolt pattern need to match accordingly. The issue here is not usually about the tires but rather the wheels on which they are being mounted.

This means that even a completely matching tire can not fit your car if it’s mounted on a rim that does match your car’s existing rims. If your spare tire came with your car and is officially approved by your manufacturer, you should use it exclusively for that very same car which means that it’s almost always not interchangeable.

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