Walmart Tire Return Policy

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  1. Cooper Discovery is NOT winter tire, it is ALL season tire ! Why is nit eligible for return ?
    i need an answer, PLEASE !

  2. I bought 4 Heirtage 37×12.5×17 rtx tires last week, and had them mounted 05/13/2023. When I drove away my jeep had a very bad vibration, I drove right back and had them rebalance them, but the technician said that there is something wrong with the tires, and suggested a front end alignment.After the alignment was done there was no improvement to the ride and he did not charge me .I have read your return policy ,and understand that there are no returns after they have been mounted, but under the circumstance that these tires are damaged, I need to return them.Can you please inform me how I can go about doing this.Thank you.

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