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Vercelli tires deliver the best of both worlds. Their road manners, treadlife, and warranty don’t leave you wanting for more. Despite that, Vercelli tires are available at a pocket-friendly price. If you don’t want your vehicle’s next tires to blow a hole in your pocket, look no further.

Vercelli Tires Review

Vercelli tires are relatively new to the American market. And yet they are among the go-to option for drivers who are on the lookout for affordable tires. That is something that wouldn’t have been possible if these tires’ road performance was below-average. Here’s why.

As costly as tires have become over the past few years, anyone looking for an affordable set of tires is spoiled for choices. Waterfall, Lexani, Mastercraft, Achilles – these are some of the brands competing with Vercelli for the budget consumer segment of the tire market.

And still, Vercelli is the go-to choice for its customers. Why is that the case? That is what we aim to find out in our Vercelli tires review. Read on if you were thinking of buying Vercelli tires but didn’t go ahead with the purchase because you didn’t know much about these.

Vercelli Tires Review

Let’s look at the Vercelli tires currently on the market

#1. Vercelli Strada 1

Vercelli Tires Review

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The Vercelli Strada 1 is a dirt-cheap all-season grand touring tire. It is one of those tires that take dry performance to a whole new level. This model’s road manners and warranty are also second to none. And yet it is available at a pocket-friendly price. 

Drivers are infatuated with this tire’s asymmetric tread pattern. And why wouldn’t they be. The tread design helps this tire maintain constant road contact regardless of the weather conditions. This allows the Strada 1 to offer a noise-free and comfortable driving experience.

Accuracy and steering responsiveness are also above-average. The credit for this goes to the tread pattern’s three continuous ribs and wide shoulder tread blocks. Both join their forces to stabilize the Strada 1 against driving pressures, letting you comfortably control it in all conditions.

Wet traction and grip also deserve your praise. As long as you aren’t driving on waterlogged roads (which you shouldn’t for your own safety), there won’t be many instances where you feel the tire isn’t gripping the road surface adequately to shake your confidence in its controllability.

The danger of hydroplaning is also kept at a minimum, thanks to the four wide circumferential grooves that don’t let water accumulate in the tread area. This decreases the chances of the tire slipping away after being driven in a few miles of slippery conditions.

As is the case with almost every budget tire, winter traction is almost non-existent with the Strada 1. That shouldn’t be a surprise if you have ever used cheap tires or inquired anyone who has used these about their winter performance. These tires aren’t meant to be driven on snow.


  • Dirt-cheap
  • Impressive dry and wet performance for the asking price
  • Comfortable and noise-free ride quality
  • 60,000 miles treadwear warranty


  • Non-existent winter traction

#2. Vercelli Strada 2

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If you’re looking for a tire that could deliver a comfortable driving experience at a budget-friendly asking price, the Vercelli Strada 2 is the right choice. That said, Vercelli didn’t put all its eggs in one basket. It also worked a lot on Strada 2’s performance.

The Strada 2 features a silica tread compound with multiple sipes along its edges and broad circumferential grooves within the tread area. As a result, the traction on wet surfaces is above average, and thanks to the circumferential grooves, the tire can resist hydroplaning.

Another thing you would get with the Strada 2 is excellent performance on dry roads. Hard cornering and acceleration won’t be a problem, and the grip and traction for regular driving won’t pose any issues. That means you can push the Strada 2 even though it isn’t performance-oriented.

The circumferential grooves mentioned above work together with the sipes on the tread area to shorten braking distances on slippery surfaces. The grooves, as stated before, resist aquaplaning too. Again, this is an area where this tire could stand up to its premium counterparts.  

On snow-covered roads, the Strada 2 struggles. You can’t rely on it to keep your vehicle stable, even on roads that haven’t received much snow. Things will deteriorate quickly if you count on it to take you from point A to point B on hard, snow-packed roads.

Which is something you should expect. All Vercelli Strada 2 reviews indicate that it is meant to be driven in summer conditions and moderately winter ones. Only by keeping this tire away from wintry conditions could you count on it to outlast its warranty of 45,000 miles.


  • Provides plenty of grip and traction on dry and wet roads
  • Resists hydroplaning pretty well
  • Offers a comfortable driving experience


  • Treadlife warranty is relatively lower for an all-season tire

#3. Vercelli Strada IV

Vercelli Tires Review

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Most people think you have to break the bank to get a performance tire for your SUV or truck. The Strada IV is proof that that isn’t always the case. Despite being available at a budget-friendly price, this tire has all the attributes of a performance tire, which is why it’s so popular. 

In terms of tread compound, Vercelli has opted for an all-season tire compound to increase this tire’s dry, wet, and winter weather road-gripping power. For added traction in wintry conditions, the Strada IV features sipes around the tread area that enable it to bite in the snow.

Considering that it’s a budget option, the Strada IV amazes with its performance in dry conditions. The traction and grip on offer are more than enough for an all-season tire, yet they still stop some way short of letting you push it without any adverse consequences.

Braking power is also exemplary, thanks to the sipes around the tread area, which don’t let this tire break road contact in any type of conditions. Aquaplaning, the number one enemy of tires on wet roads, is also kept to a minimum by its wide circumferential and lateral grooves.

Noise is an area where most truck tires struggle. Strada IV reviews show that it is no exception. Things could get a little noisy in the cabin at highway speeds, especially if the road you’re driving on has its fair share of bumps and cracks. That’s to say that the Strada IV isn’t the quietest tire out there.

It makes up for this shortcoming with its tread, which would take a long time to wear, even when you’re pushing the tire to its limits. The Strada IV has demonstrated an uncanny ability to endure hard cornering and rapid acceleration without showing any signs of its wear.


  • Exemplary braking power on wet roads
  • Won’t wear down quickly
  • Resists aquaplaning pretty well
  • Decent traction and grip on dry roads


  • Won’t be the quietest tire on the road

#4. Vercelli Classic 787

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What if you want your car to look a bit flashier? One option is to install a pair of white sidewall tires, which is where the Classic 787 comes into play. This tire has a design that would help your vehicle stand out among the crowd on the road.  

The Classic 787 struggles on some fronts and shines on others. It offers commendable traction and grip on dry roads, mainly due to its all-season tread compound. The tread compound also offers loads of lateral grip – you can throw 787 into corners, and it would come out smiling each time.

Hard acceleration and sudden braking won’t pose an issue, either. The tire has what it takes to withstand hundreds of bouts of acceleration without breaking a sweat. Multiple sipes along the tread area ensure it stops just in time before a fender-bender.

That is where the good news ends. Unlike premium whitewall tires, the Classic 787’s wet traction is sub-par, to put it mildly. Be prepared for longer braking distances, poor handling, and reduced steering response if you intend to drive this tire on wet roads.

The trend continues on snow-covered roads, for which the Classic 787 isn’t made for. Grip and traction go for a holiday the moment this tire encounters hard-packed snow. So does its wear, which would accelerate upon repeated trips in wintry conditions. Only buy it if you live in an area where it doesn’t snow.

What about noise and comfort? The Classic 787 isn’t the quietest tire out there, make no mistake about it. A hum of road noise is a constant with this tire. Plus, the increase in decibels will hurt driving comfort too. So you might want to go with the tires mentioned above if you like driving in complete silence.


  • Classic white sidewall design
  • Excellent braking power on dry surfaces
  • Can withstand several bouts of rapid acceleration


  • Isn’t the most comfortable or quiet tire
  • Poor performance on snow

#5. Vercelli Terreno M/T

Vercelli Terreno MT

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What about truck or pickup owners that want a mud-terrain tire? If you’re on a tight budget, the Vercelli Terreno M/T might be an option worth considering.

This tire’s highlight is the mud performance, and it doesn’t fail to amaze. Like some of the best cheap mud tires out there, it offers excellent traction when you put this tire up against deeper mud. A highly aggressive dual (A/B) pitch pattern offers similar excellent performance in gravel too.

Vercelli has combined the ruggedness of an M/T tire with the comfort of a highway one. Sure, that won’t make this tire super-quiet on the highway. Neither will it have much impact on its fuel consumption – which is pretty high. It’s just that this tire will roll quietly on the highway than your average MT tire.

A deep buttress area helps this tire offer extra traction on soft surfaces. It does that by going through the mud and not resting until it meets a hard surface. Optimized siping does the same, too, while performing the extra duty of protecting its treadwear. This, as you might guess, leads to longevity.

While this tire doesn’t have the anti-stone retention (4WD Tire Technology) that comes with some of its premium counterparts, it has the next best thing. A couple of stone ejector ribs protect its carcass from stone drilling, enhancing this tire’s treadlife by reducing the likelihood of punctures.

Vercelli further sweetens the deal by offering multiple replacement and treadwear warranties. You get a treadwear warranty for the first 25% of treadlife or 365 days from the date of purchase (whichever comes first). No matter how you slice them, these are respectable warranty numbers for a budget MT tire.


  • One of the most budget-friendly mud-terrain tires
  • Has integrated stone ejectors
  • Sizable wear warranty


  • Wet traction is poor

#6. Vercelli Terreno A/T

Vercelli Terreno A/T

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Whether you own a light truck, a rugged SUV, or a battle-hardened jeep, the Vercelli Terreno A/T has got something to offer to you, especially if you’re searching for an affordable all-terrain tire.

Let’s kick things off with its specially designed dual pitch pattern. The A/B pitch pattern is among the least common tread designs in the industry. One section of the tread provides the grip needed to stay stable in tough conditions, while the other offers a relatively quiet ride.

Wet traction isn’t normally among the strong suits of all-terrain tires. However, thanks to its optimized siping that makes its rubber flexible, the Terreno A/T does well on slippery surfaces too. The siping design also enables this model to keep your vehicle stable in snowy conditions.

That said, don’t expect this tire to do well in snowy conditions. Dedicated winter tires are studdable and have an M+S rating to demonstrate their excellent snow handling. That the Terreno A/T lacks both these features (not a surprise given it’s an AT tire) means it won’t win any awards with its performance on snow.

In terms of noise, the Terreno A/T is pretty quiet by the standards set by its fellow AT Tires. The credit for keeping the noise levels low goes to its variable pitch pattern, which makes sure that as the tire rolls over difficult terrains such as mud, gravel, and even rocks, the rubber doesn’t squeak much.

An excellent warranty is on offer too. That is a welcome surprise, and not only because the Terreno A/T is dirt-cheap by all-terrain standards. It’s just that most manufacturers don’t guarantee AT tires to last long. Considering these facts, this tire’s 50,000 miles tread warranty is something to be cherished.


  • Competitively priced
  • Incredibly quiet for an all-terrain tire
  • Decent treadwear warranty (50,000 miles)


  • Won’t win any awards with its snow performance

Vercelli Tires Buying Guide

Besides their competitive price, what features have made Vercelli tires so popular? Are there any drawbacks you should watch out for when buying Vercelli tires? In this section of our Vercelli tires review, we’re going to highlight this brand’s positive aspects as well as shortcomings.

Why Buy Vercelli Tires?

Here are the positive aspects of Vercelli tires:

1)   Competitive pricing

Make no mistake about it. One of the major reasons why consumers in the budget market segment prefer these tires is because they are dirt cheap. Sure, these tires do cost extra than some of the other budget tire brands (Lexani, Achilles, etc.). But on the whole, you won’t find many tires cheaper than Vercelli’s.

2)   Good variety

Variety is one word you won’t see associated with many budget tires brands. Since such tire brands have to keep prices low, they stick to inexpensive all-season or all-season grand-touring tires. The most some of them do – we’re talking about Waterfall here – is produce one or two winter tires.

Vercelli is an exception in that it offers all-terrain as well as mud-terrain tires, which are expensive to manufacture because they have to deal with tougher conditions than their all-season counterparts.

3)   Superb warranty

That Vercelli hasn’t cut any corners to keep prices low is demonstrated by the excellent warranties you get on its tires. All of its tires are backed by a free replacement warranty as well as a 365-days limited protection guarantee, impressive numbers for a budget tire brand.  

4)   Good highway performance

Here’s one thing that is common between all budget tires, Vercelli included. As long as you keep them on the highway, you won’t have a clue that you’re driving a budget tire. That is probably the main reason Vercelli tires are popular in Asia, where the summer season lasts anywhere between 7 and 9 months.

Why NOT Buy Vercelli Tires?

Here are the drawbacks of Vercelli tires:

1)   Aren’t performance-oriented

Look away if you are looking for a tire that won’t break a sweat as you push it to its limits. Sure, all the tires mentioned above can take hard cornering and rapid bouts of acceleration. But they can only do so once in a while. Push these tires to their limits regularly, and they’d wear in no time.

2)   Long braking distance in wet conditions

Cheap tires don’t usually have short braking distances in wet weather. They lack the premium tread compound that provides expensive tires with immense braking power. You’re thus advised to drive these tires slowly in rainy weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common queries people have about Vercelli tires:

Who makes Vercelli tires?

Vercelli tires are made by the American Omni Trading Company. The American Omni Trading Company is one of the US’s leading importers of value-priced tires. Their headquarter is located in West Green Drive, Katy, Texas.

Where are Vercelli tires made?

Vercelli tires are made in Thailand. The American Omni Trading Company imports, owns, and distributes these tires in the United States.

Are Vercelli tires any good?

Vercelli tires are quite good for the price. The Strada I and II offer decent dry and wet performance for passenger vehicles, SUVs, and light trucks. The Terreno M/T and A/T, meanwhile, help keep your light trucks, SUVs, and pickups stable on off-road terrains. 

Are Vercelli tires good in snow?

The Vercelli Terreno M/T and A/T are good in light snow. Both these tires have biting edges around the tread area that enable them to keep your vehicle stable in mild wintry conditions. However, neither will be of much help on snow-laden roads.


Vercelli tires offer you a super-cheap, dependable and trustworthy alternative to their premium counterparts. Sure, these tires don’t last as long as their expensive counterparts. But the price difference more than makes up for this shortcoming of these.

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