Firestone Tire Patch Cost: How Much Does it Cost?

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Firestone is one of the world’s leading tire brands that has been in the business of making tires for more than 100 years now. The Firestone Complete Auto Care company does many different car-related repairs and maintenance tasks which also include repairing flat tires. 

Firestone Tire Patch Cost

If you happen to experience a flat tire near your local Firestone shop, be sure to pop in as they are likely going to be able to help you.

How Much Does A Tire Patch Cost At Firestone?

According to numerous online sources, it should cost around $10-$20 to patch a flat tire at Firestone depending on the severity of the issue and the availability of parts. Firestone is likely to offer you either a plug or patch fix, but sometimes they will also do both. While fixing a flat tire at Firestone, you can also rely on them to help you with various other car-related issues and repairs.  

Which Services Does Firestone Offer?

  • Battery Services
  • Oil changes and oil leak repairs
  • Engine tune-up
  • Steering and suspension system maintenance
  • A/C Service
  • Transmission service
  • Drivetrain repair and maintenance
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Cooling system repairs and maintenance

Can I Get My Battery Tested And Replaced At Firestone?

Firestone offers quite a few battery-specific services which include free battery testing, battery maintenance service, battery recommendations, a battery starting and charging service, and free battery recycling. Firestone also commonly tends to offer limited-time offers on various batteries which means that Firestone is almost a one-stop shop when it comes to car batteries.

They do not offer alternator services or any more intricate electrical repairs because the technicians that work there are not fully trained to do so. Either way, if you are experiencing issues with your battery, be sure to contact your local Firestone shop and ask for further details on the matter.

Does Firestone Do Oil Changes And Oil Leak Repairs?

Firestone takes great pride in advertising their 19-point oil change inspection that includes a plethora of different maintenance goodies that help you keep your car running as smooth as possible. These include a thorough system inspection, oil filter change, oil recycling, topping up the oil, topping up windshield fluid, and so on.

Firestone also says that they only offer the highest quality oil compounds currently available on the market which means that your car is likely going to be thankful. Be sure to head to their website in order to get yourself some oil change coupons and inquire about what they can do for you if your car is leaking oil.

Does Firestone Do Engine Tune-Ups?

Servicing a car engine is one of the most difficult and sometimes most time-consuming services a car can get. However, if you have access to a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, doing all the regular engine tune-ups is a lot easier. As such, Firestone is able to offer you an abundance of engine-related maintenance services.

The most significant ones are spark plug changes, coil replacements, throttle body cleaning, carbon deposit cleaning, fuel system additive fill-ups, air filter replacements, fuel filter replacements, timing belt replacements, and many more engine-related services.

Does Firestone Do Steering And Suspension System Maintenance?

Indeed, they do. Firestone can help you out with a myriad of different suspension and steering wheel components such as shocks, bushings, CV joints and axles, differentials, power steering components and fluids, struts, coil springs, and chassis parts.

This means that they are willing and able to help you solve grinding noises, uneven tire wear, vehicle bouncing, wandering wheels, and so on. Be sure to contact your local Firestone shop before you decide to take your car in as these are not guaranteed for all types of cars at all Firestone locations.

Does Firestone Offer A/C Maintenance?

Firestone also offers a complete and thorough A/C performance check, repair, or recharge. Be sure to head over to your local Firestone shop if you are experiencing issues with your A/C. It’s worth mentioning that Firestone is typically not able to rebuild a damaged A/C, but they could potentially refer you to someone who can.

Does Firestone Offer Transmission Service?

Servicing a transmission is the only type of service that is not only as difficult as servicing an engine but often even more difficult. As a modern-day transmission is made out of thousands of interdependent components that need to work in perfect harmony, you must maintain your transmission whenever necessary.

As such, you can head over to your local Firestone shop if you need transmission fluid replacements, transmission issue diagnostics, transmission repairs, and many other transmission-related services.

Does Firestone Do Drivetrain Repairs And Maintenance?

Firestone is also able to help you with some drivetrain-related repairs and maintenance tasks. They are unable to always assist you in all areas as they are only willing to help you if they are confident they can do so comfortably. As such, they should be able to help you with differential fluids, driveshaft replacements, CV axle replacements, and clutch replacements.

Does Firestone Do Vehicle Inspections?

The good thing about using Firestone as your safe haven for all things car maintenance is that whenever you ask for any of the services they provide, you are also going to get a free vehicle inspection. This courtesy check-up is going to shed light on any potential issues that may arise down the line, and if they find any, they will also offer you to fix them.

This is why so many people prefer taking their cars to Firestone as they truly are a one-stop shop for most car-related maintenance needs.

Does Firestone Do Cooling System Repairs And Maintenance?

If your car is suffering from a broken radiator or any other cooling system component issue, you should stop by your local Firestone shop as they are also able to help you with that. Besides being able to perform cooling system re-fills, they are also able to help you with diagnosing where a leak has occurred which also means fixing it.

Which Tire Services Does Firestone Offer?

After all, Firestone is proud to advertise that they are repairing tires since the 1920s which means that they know a thing or two about how to mend a tire, and how to stop that from happening. Furthermore, Firestone is also able to help you with tire plugging/patching, tire replacement and installation, tire rotation, tire balancing, and wheel alignments.

When it comes to fixing a flat tire, Firestone recommends you to take your tire to a local Firestone shop as they are willing and able to do whatever is necessary to save it. This does not mean that they are going to repair a tire that is severely damaged or one that is too old, but rather that you can trust them to do their job perfectly whenever that is possible.

They tend to recommend their customers to always opt for both plugging and patching a tire as this is the best method of fixing a flat tire currently available. By opting for just tire plugging, you are not always solving the issue, but if you opt for both, your tire is likely going to last a lot longer. Either way, be sure to educate yourself on how you can make your tires last longer.

Which Tires Can Not Be Repaired?

In some instances, repairing a flat is simply not possible which means that you should make sure that you have exhausted all the necessary remedies before you decide to invest in a new tire. First of all, if your tire is too old and has seen better days even without it being punctured, scrap the old tire and go get yourself a new one.

Secondly, if the tire has been punctured multiple times, get a new tire. Thirdly, if the tire puncture is not perfectly straight or it is large and wide, there is nothing you can do but invest in a new tire. If the puncture is located directly on the sidewall, or near it, it’s best to skip trying to fix the tire as sidewall punctures can not be repaired.

Finally, if you want to repair a tire with less than the minimum tread depth left, scrap it and go get yourself some fresh rubber.


Firestone is able to help you with countless different car maintenance and service needs, including fixing a flat tire. The costs of all of these are difficult to predict as they tend to warry from one car to the other. However, predicting a Firestone tire patch cost is rather easy as it tends to hover around the $10-$20 mark depending on the severity of the issue and what needs doing.

It’s safe to say that Firestone is a great place to take your car for all of your maintenance needs as they have vast experience in many areas of car maintenance and repairs. Either way, be sure to always contact your local Firestone shop to ask if they are able to help you with your specific issue before you decide to stop by.

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