How Long Do Tires With Exposed Cords Last? (2022 Updated)

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Have you ever considered using a tire with an exposed cord? If the answer is yes then let us stop you right there, we understand that it can be quite a drag and too stressful whenever you come across this problem but if you try to ignore it, you could put a lot more at stake.

It is certainly obvious enough that we ought to change our tires whenever we see cords showing out from the tread. 

How Long Do Tires With Exposed Cords Last?

This is indeed a call for disaster and we should not consider driving it not even for a second. 

Where Are the Cords Found Exactly In The Tire?

Knowing the types of cords should give you a hint on how important it is to use a proper tire. Cords or anything that are showing from the tread or the sidewall of your tire is a risk that should never be taken, whether it is a wet road or not. 

Tire cords can be categorized into 3 parts. The carcass ply, the casing ply, and the cap ply. Each cord has a different way of maintaining the tires’ strength. But all in all, they have one common goal and that is to keep the tire from wearing down quickly. 

Carcass Ply 

Carcass ply is a thin textile cord that is attached to the rubber that maintains a firm hold for texture and support. Basically, it consists of thin textile fibers that are bonded into the rubber. It resists pressure and amplifies and determines the strength of the tire.

Casing Ply

This is where the entire tire depends in terms of strength. Casing ply is made up of a bunch of tiny metal cords that give solid firm and durability to the tire. It is also responsible for protecting the tire from cuts and provides durability to withstand highspeed pressure. It also helps the tire from tearing up due to high temperature and rough terrains. 

Cap Ply

A part of the tire is made of rubber converse reinforced nylon cords that keep the tire from deforming. It is also responsible for keeping the temperature optimal and prevents the tire from wearing down or aging. The primary dilemma for tires is high temperature. If tires are not supplied with materials that protect them from heating, it’s durability is reduced significantly.  

Now that we have jotted down every component of cords there are inside a tire, we have fully explained that cords are mainly for durability and shape purposes only. It should be highly alarming to see an exposed cord in the tire when on the run. This defeats the purpose of keeping the tire durable and safe from any unwanted issues. 

What Could Happen If I Use A Tire With an Exposed Cord?

Several damages can be inflicted when you drive a vehicle using a tire with an exposed cord on it. It is surely highly discouraged to do, so to be more specific on what are the things that could happen, here is a list of some possible details that could take place when you use your tire with an exposed wire for driving. 

The Vehicle Will Lose Control Of The Traction 

Tires that show their cord from the inside are usually because of the bald tread. Over time, tires tread are being flattened due to the fact that friction, temperature, and terrain exhausts the tire treads and eventually exposes the cord inside. Imagine an eraser from a pencil, its surface then disappears as you keep on pressing it down on paper.  That’s how tires are like when on the road. 

If not checked well, the tire surface can eventually lead to the cord and it will compensate for the tension due to the absence of the tread. Since it’s mostly made of metal, it is unable to keep traction between the wheel and the road. Thus, the vehicle will lose control and may cause severe damage to the wheel, suspension, and will most certainly damage the tire even more. 

Tires Will Definitely Blow Up

As mentioned above, cords have the main purpose of keeping the tire from deforming and maintain its durability over time. However, cords are unable to produce a grip for handling and steering. When a tire with an exposed cord is used, it could tear up the whole tire and blow it up. 

Some cords are exposed from the sidewalls but it’s not an excuse for safe use. Regardless of where the cord is exposed, the tire is bound to blow up when used eventually and at a certain speed.

Accidents May Occur 

Using a tire with an exposed cord will not only make the vehicle dysfunctional, but it could also lead to more danger such as road accidents. It only takes a matter of time for a tire with an exposed cord to blow up and the percentage of accidents will dramatically increase when used on public roads. It also can cause self-inflicting damages due to unreliable grip and handling. 

A busted tire can catch you by surprise because the only hint you can get from it is its wobbly sound. There are also cases that it does not make any noise at all, which makes it even more dangerous. You can not determine whether the tire will act up, may it be on a speedway or a slow drive. That is why using tires in these conditions attracts accidents and causes chaos on the road. 

Suspension and Rim Are at Stake

Tires with exposed cords are likely to release air pressure bit by bit causing the wheels to be unbalanced. Since we have established that tire cords are not able to withstand traction from the road, it could dent your rim and eventually damage it during the run. Due to this, the possibility of getting your suspension damaged also increases significantly.

Safety Measures for Preventions

You can break down all the safety measures to prevent driving with a busted tire. By educating yourself and others on how to deal with the scenario, you can radically decrease the chances of road accidents due to faulty tires. Safety measures sure sound complicated but from a wider perspective, all the things that you should consider are quite simple. Here are some of those measures that you would want to take.:

Always Bring A Spare Tire

Yes, it sounds too common, but having this fundamental thinking will take you miles without having to worry about any possible defects. Making sure that you are bringing a working spare tire would give you convenience whenever your tire gets busted. 

You would want to check your spare tire’s condition and air pressure every 2 to 3 weeks at the very least. This is to make sure that you are well prepared when a malfunction with your tire occurs. 

Learn How To Change Your Tire

This is surely another common piece of advice. Unfortunately, most drivers tend to forget the basics of changing spare tires. This is pretty much the most important thing you need to learn or re-learn. By being able to know each step, you can ensure that you have the skills to replace tires whenever you need to. Now is the best time to learn and re-learn things because the internet offers so many guides for things like this. 

Sealant Will Not Save The Tire This Time

We have established that there is no other way to use a tire with an exposed cord than to dispose of it. No matter how many cans of aerosol sealant you use on this one, tires with exposed cords will not get a fix anymore. Keep in mind that sealants can repair small punctures but are not able to mend cuts from the sidewall and are not made to strengthen the cord. 

Contact Expert Near You

It is surely better to ask than to act as you know it. If you feel like you are not yet confident enough to initiate the things mentioned above, worry not because you can always consider contacting a tire expert near your area. That way, you can ensure that the issue can properly be fixed and you will be able to see how experts deal with it first hand. Not only will this give you convenience, but it will also help you gain knowledge the next time you experience trouble with your tire. 

Destroy the Myth That It is Alright to Drive a Tire With An Exposed Cord 

Some would say that you can still drive your vehicle in this state for a certain number of miles and certain miles per hour. It is not. You can never really tell when will a tire like this could blow up. Using a tire with an exposed cord is like gambling a losing fight. You would want to risk it but the chances of winning are less than zero percent. 

Do not take risks in driving vehicles with tires that have exposed cords. This will not only put your vehicle into destruction, but you could also put your life and the lives of others at stake by trying to do so. Get your tires replaced, and consult a tire expert for an opinion. 

Buying a Sub-Standard Quality Tire Will Cost You More 

It is true that tires nowadays are not getting any cheaper. That is the reality that we are in right now. That is why we should take a look at our vehicle expenses as investments. Availing a good quality tire that provides longer durability may be pricey but it will most certainly last longer than tires that have sub-standard material. 

Aside from price comparison of tires, sub-standard tires can also affect your driving performance, your vehicle condition, and your suspension. All in all, if you do not think about the wider view, it could cost you more than just a tire. 


All in all, it is common knowledge for vehicle owners to not drive a vehicle using a tire with an exposed cord. You can ask how long it could last but really, no one can really determine. It will always depend on the situation, the road, the speed, and the circumstance. 

We drivers should be responsible enough to educate ourselves and inform others on how crucial these things are. Driving using a busted tire is not and will never be a good option to go to. Hence, being able to prepare ourselves for future happenings will certainly negate this possibility of using bad tires from happening. Do not ever use busted tires for driving. 

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