Falken Pro G5 CSV Tire Review and Rating (2022 Update)

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  • 60,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Loads of grip and traction in dry conditions
  • More affordable than the premium options
  • Dynamic handling properties


  • Traction is limited in wet conditions
  • Some tires perform better on the snow

Ever since the SUVs and crossovers first appeared on the market, they’ve been looked at as a type of vehicle made for off-roading. Even though that is true, not all of them are particularly good at that, and there are other reasons why people buy them so much.

One of the most common ones is the advantages they offer in terms of comfort. The spacious interior means that you also have a bigger cargo capacity, and on top of that, you have a softer suspension, meaning that the ride is more relaxed. So, what type of tires should you get when you have an off-road capable vehicle that you plan on driving on the road? It depends.

If you are the type of person that enjoys driving and wants to have some fun with it, you will go for the performance option. Since ultra-high-performance tires are mainly made for sedans or coupes, you will have to settle for a set of high-performance ones. They are in the middle of the UHP and touring options, offering a balance between performance and comfort. You won’t get a track-ready tire, but you will get more dynamic handling.

Plenty of tire manufacturers are going after this segment, and one of them is Falken Tires. Even though this Japanese brand has been around for less than 4 decades, it manages to dominate the mid-range market, offering tires with a premium-like performance at a lower price.

Within the brand’s lineup is the Pro G5 CSV, a tire designed for dependable performance, as Falken claims. This is an all-season tire designed for SUVs and crossovers that can bring some enjoyment in driving them.

We know Falken tires are good, but can this one live up to its name and deliver the promised performance?

When it comes to features, the Pro G5 CSV doesn’t lack in any department. They may not be state of the art, based on previous dealings with Falken, I believe that they will work.

Falken Pro G5 CSV Tire Review

The Pro G5 CSV is an all-season tire, meaning that the rubber compound isn’t like on your typical summer tire. Instead, it is enriched with silica to remain softer in colder temperatures and offer performance in -non-summer conditions. This also includes wet performance, as the road can get a little colder when it rains. To aid additionally in non-ideal situations, the tread pattern is designed specifically to help improve traction, especially over wet surfaces.

Another area that helps with wet performance is the grooves and sipes. The Pro G5 CSV features 4 circumferential grooves and plenty of lateral sipes to assist the tire channel water more efficiently. This feature is responsible for the aquaplaning resistance, which should be excellent with this tire.

As a high-performance tire, handling is crucial, which is why Falken also paid attention to that. The stiffer blocks down the center work together with the wider ones at the shoulders to provide the tire with a more dynamic feel. The result of this should be a more responsive tire in the corners as well as more stability in straight-line speeds.

How does it behave on dry tarmac?

In dry conditions, the Pro G5 CSV delivers on its promise and provides excellent performance.

Accelerating with the tire will not be a problem, as it has a load of traction to get your car going. Even with more powerful cars, the Pro G5 CSV has no problem, which is very high praise for a mid-range tire. The lateral grip is also phenomenal, and you can corner hard without worrying about the tire letting go. Once it starts doing that, the feel is progressive, and you have more than enough time to react.

Speaking of feel, the Pro G5 CSV provides decent feedback through the steering wheel. It can be a bit muted at times, but it’s great overall. Responsiveness is also excellent, and the tire can change direction very quickly.

On top of that, the tire is very safe when it comes to braking distances. They aren’t the shortest in the class but are among the top.

How does it behave over wet and slippery roads?

Unfortunately, wet performance with the Pro G5 CSV isn’t as impressive as dry.

The tire is still very usable, and you can push it a bit, but it won’t have as much traction as you may want to. Getting a bit aggressive can result in a slip, which is why you need to set your expectations right. The same can be said about the grip levels; they are acceptably good but far from what the premium options can offer. The results in the braking department are slightly above average but aren’t particularly impressive. 

Aquaplaning resistance is better and is an area of the wet performance that is better than the rest. Even though it’s not comparable with the premium models, it is better than most of the tires within the class.

How is it over snow?

Snow performance is average and is not something that the Pro G5 CSV is excellent for. To be honest, all-season tires don’t perform well in snowy conditions, so it’s not something that this tire is exclusively bad at.

The performance is decent if the roads are clear, and the tire won’t have too many issues. In light snow, the performance drops, but the tire remains pretty usable. If the situations become harsher, the tire will struggle, in which case, a dedicated winter tire is the solution.

Is it comfortable and refined?

Despite being performance-oriented, the Pro G5 CSV has some touring-like features that some people may like.

On the comfort side of things, even though it won’t be as comfortable as something like the Continental CrossContact LX25, the experience isn’t terrible. The tire can smooth out most of the road imperfections, and the vibrations will be absorbed for the most part. It’s not the plushest experience, but it’s far from the worst.

Noise levels are acceptable, but the tire isn’t the quietest option on the market. It is very quiet at lower speeds, and the noise levels increase at higher speeds or rougher surfaces.

Is it good for off-roading?

Off-roading with road tires isn’t an experience that I’d recommend. The Pro G5 CSV isn’t made for those conditions, and the performance and longevity will be compromised a lot.

With that said, driving on dirt roads is doable, as long as you are aware of the limitations. The levels of grip and traction won’t be nearly as good as with an off-road tire, but it’s not impossible. Keep in mind that sharper rocks may damage the tread leading to uneven wear.

Is the Falken Pro G5 CSV ideal for sporty driving?

It’s not bad, and it’s not the best. The Pro G5 CSV is somewhere in the middle, meaning that I have mixed feelings about this.

In dry conditions, the tire shines with the levels of grip and handling characteristics. You can chug it into a corner and play around with it. It’s controllable and very easy to find the limits. In wet conditions, the performance isn’t nearly as good, so I would advise you not to push it too much. 

Falken Pro G5 CSV Warranty

The warranty is one area of the Pro G5 CSV that is positive. Falken offers the tire with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is a pretty nice number, considering its performance-oriented model. If you compare this with other mid-range tires, this one is in the lead even in cases when a touring tire is added to the scale.

Falken Pro G5 CSV Pricing: Is it worth the money?

Price-wise, the Pro G5 CSV is a cheaper option than the premium models. It starts from around $120, which is not a bad price when considering the overall package. Hankook models with similar properties are a bit more expensive, meaning that this is a good bargain.

Should I buy the Falken Pro G5 CSV?

I’d say that you should consider it and I’ll explain why.

A tire with excellent dry performance is one that I can recommend, meaning that based on that, the Pro G5 CSV should be an excellent option. Combined with sporty-like driving characteristics, the tire delivers on the promises Falken made. Things take a turn for the worse in wet and snow conditions. The tire remains pretty usable, but the performance levels drop, and you don’t have a tire that is as capable as on dry roads.

For a high-performance tire, the Pro G5 CSV seems to be doing well in the refinement department. The comfort levels are decently good, and the noise isn’t obnoxious, making it an acceptable choice for when you don’t need the performance. It’s not a replacement for a touring tire, but it will pass.

Warranty and price are another combinations that goes in favor of the Pro G5 CSV. The affordable price combined with the treadwear warranty means that you purchase a tire that will last several years and won’t drain your wallet.

To sum things up, if performance isn’t the highest priority and you want an affordable tire that can do most of what you ask of it, the Pro G5 CSV is an excellent option. With that said, you should keep your expectations realistic, as this is not a replacement for a UHP tire.

What Vehicles Will the Falken Pro G5 CSV Fit?

Here’s a sample list of cars that the Falken Pro G5 CSV will fit:

  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio
  • Audi Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5
  • BMW X3, X5, X6
  • Honda HR-V, CR-V, Passport
  • Kia Seltos, Sportage
  • Lexus NX, RX
  • Mazda CX-3, CX-30, CX-5
  • Subaru Crosstrek, Forester
  • Toyota Rav4, CH-R

Tire Sizes for Falken Pro G5 CSV


  • 235/60/R16
  • 225/65/R16
  • 235/70/R16 


  • 215/60/R17
  • 235/60/R17
  • 225/60/R17
  • 225/65/R17
  • 235/55/R17
  • 235/65/R17 


  • 225/60/R18
  • 225/55/R18
  • 235/60/R18
  • 255/65/R18
  • 235/65/R18
  • 235/55/R18
  • 245/60/R18 


  • 245/55/R19
  • 255/60/R19
  • 235/55/R19
  • 225/55/R19 


  • 245/50/R20
  • 255/55/R20
  • 255/50/R20
  • 265/50/R20
  • 235/55/R20

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