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  1. Great review. I have run the dht2 on a work truck out to 60k miles. What you say about wet weather is dead on, the snow driving is not a good experience, granted, my truck does not have posi or limited slip, it’s a single drive axle, 3 dead axles. It’s all up to one.

    1. Yeah, that can be a problem in terms of putting the power down. Hope you can get them fixed soon and give me an update. Thanks

  2. I drive a Titan and have put that toy through forever things in 13 yrs. including tires. Runs like a top. I searched for a set recently for some months and found Dextero DHT2 in comparing and experiences.
    Have had the set for a week now so comments are limited but will say the ride is a lot quieter than last A/Ts set of others. Performance has been impressive. Waiting for a rain/ wet test. Turns are good. No squawling as far as I’ve noticed. Highway use is great for now.
    Like I said , it’s only been a week. For the price this has been a blessing. Compared to around cost and present outcomes I’m thinking these are standing up to competition well. Will update around 5 -10,000 on them.

  3. Great tires! I have used Dextero DHT2, which is comfortable and quiet and allows me more control of my vehicle while driving at a reasonable speed

  4. Newly purchased DAT1’s all the way around an 01GMC Sierra 6cyl 4.3 vortec.
    Extremely good match up. Price, performance, & matched expectations for certain. The vehicle is a utilitarian but primarily a grocery getter, Point A to Point B, but the sound in cockpit is quiet. Im a speed manager so pushing the envelope won’t be necessary with tires. Why? Well the rated performance, the price, & age of the truck (177,000 mls) was a perfect match. Will follow up, & remember Wal Mart backs their products with free tire balance & rotation for the life of the tire. These tires will need care, but that’s the easy part

  5. I used the DAT’s on my silverado and absolutely love them. I have about 35000 miles on them so far and still about 1/2 tread left. When it’s time for tires again I will be getting another set of these.

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