Toyo Tires Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Toyo tires are the go-to option for off-road and motorsport enthusiasts. Toyo’s all-terrain, mud-terrain, and drag racing radials have helped this tire manufacturer position itself as one of the leading tire brands in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Toyo Tires Review

However, that isn’t to say that owners of smaller cars should look elsewhere. In the past decade, this tire manufacturer has come up with an exciting lineup of highway tires. These include touring all-season, extreme performance, and ultra-high performance tires.

In this Toyo tires review, we’ll help you find out if these tires live up to their name. We’ll kick things off by reviewing some of Toyo’s best-selling tires. This should tell you what you could expect from Toyo tires in terms of materials, manufacturing quality, and road performance.

Next, we’ll turn our attention to what you should look for when buying Toyo tires. The buyer’s guide section is followed by answers to some of your questions about these tires. All in all, our Toyo tires review has everything you need to know about this tire manufacturer and its products

Here are the best Toyo tires currently on the market

#1. Toyo A23 All-Season Radial

Toyo A23 All-Season Radial

The All-Season Radial Toyo A23 is specially manufactured for the drivers of CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks. This tire is designed for users looking for a combination of classy yet low-profile tires having large rim diameter wheels to give a luxurious look to their vehicles.

Toyo A23 tire has a beautiful asymmetrical tread design that provides a comfortable ride with safety. The asymmetrical tread patterns improve steering response and make the tire more stable at a higher speed. 

This versatile tire performs well in all seasons. The tire has excellent wet and dry traction and performs well on light snow. It also has impressive handling when driving during heavy rainfall.

The four circumferential grooves easily handle the vet pavement and thus, reduce the risk of hydroplaning. These grooves are present within the tread area and effectively eliminate water from under the tire’s footprint, and safeguard optimum road contact.

Toyo A23 is made with a special rubber compound that bears the weight of the vehicle while providing smooth handling and outstanding grip on the road. 

It is available in a 19-inch size. The company offers a warranty of 45,000 miles with a free replacement on the first 25% of wear, then prorated to the final 2/32’’ remaining depth.


  • Reasonable price
  • Has outstanding hydroplaning resistance
  • Impressive high-speed handling
  • Improved wet and dry traction


  • Noisy
  • Tread life can be improved

#2. Toyo A24 All-Season Tire

Toyo A24

The all-season touring A24 tire is an Original piece of Equipment specifically designed by Toyo tire to be used on Mitsubishi Outlander Aspire. The company has used the latest tire technology for the manufacturing of Toyo A24 to increase the safety, performance, fuel consumption, and comfort of the users.

The tire consists of a silica tread compound that is cast into symmetric tread pattern. These tread patterns are further attached to the central ribs and independent shoulder blocks. 

All of these together provide improved all-season traction, better handling, and a comfortable ride.

The tire also has four main our main circumferential grooves. These grooves remove excess water thus preventing hydroplaning. 

The well-engineered sipes are also present across the tread design increasing the number of biting edges to increase traction during a light snow, rain, and on wet roads.

Within the tire, you will find two high tensile belts which are made of steel. These belts are secured with spirally wrapped nylon on polyester piles to provide additional power and stability to the tire when speeding up during driving. Thus developing a comfortable and safe ride for the user.

The tire is available in 18-inch size. Toyo tires offer a 60,000 miles warranty and a free replacement on the first 25% of wear, then prorated to the final 2/32″ remaining depth


  • Provides enhanced traction
  • Useful on light snow
  • 60,000 miles tread warranty


  • Noisy

#3. Toyo Open Country R/T


Toyo’s Open Country R/T is an On-Road and Off-Road tire. This commercial traction tire is specially designed for the drivers of pickup trucks, Jeeps, crossovers, and SUVs. The tire has an aggressive look with excellent all-terrain traction. Both the features provide a satisfying and comfortable on-road driving experience.

The well-engineered Open Country R/T has an off-road capability that can cope with the off-road maximum traction at high speed. The tire also produces minimum noise and provides supreme comfort which is closer to that of an On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tire.

The tire consists of a durable, all-terrain compound that is molded into a high-void pattern. The strong Open Country R/T is precisely designed to focus on traction in the roughest road conditions while delivering complete control on steering and giving a safe driving experience.

The tire has open shoulder blocks that have small curves at the edges. This feature is included to enhance traction in loose terrain. The smart Open Country has self-cleaning ejectors that aid in removing stone and mud thus preventing damage from stone drills.

In the tire, the wide circumferential grooves enhance the wet performance by allowing easy water evacuation from the footprint thus providing hydroplaning resistance. Also, the sipes and block edge increase the overall vehicle grip and aid traction in slippery conditions, including snow and heavy rainfall.

Durability and handling of the tire are improved by the three-ply, polyester while the sidewall puncture resistance is produced by the high turn-up. Cuts, snags, and penetrations are protected by the rugged sidewall compound whereas the upper sidewall design enhances traction in deep terrain.

The presence of two wide steel belts that are ceased by the nylon cap piles provide further durability and handling especially for the drivers driving on highways or at high speed. Toyo Open Country R/T is available in 16, 17, and 18-inch sizes. The overall warranty of this tire is 45,000 miles i.e. for five years with free replacement for the first 25% of wear.


  • Noiseless
  • Provides traction in all seasons
  • Impressive high-speed handling


  • Tread life could be better

#4. Toyo Proxes Sport


Toyo’s Proxes Sport is a max performance summer tire designed for sports cars, luxury vehicles, and high-performance sedans. The Proxes Sport Ultra High Performing summer tire is for those who want a technology-focused tire that can serve extreme dry and wet traction and handling.

The Proxes Sport is specially manufactured to perform in warm dry and wet conditions since the name suggests this tire is not to be repaired, stored, or used in mild and extreme freezing temperatures.

The tire has a high-grip, silica tread compound which is incorporated to provide greater flexibility and grip to the road surface. During load, the central rib design aids to create increased even pressure distribution that improves braking and handling that causes even wear.

Toyo’s Dynamic Taper Design aids in providing improved contact with the road and increases block stiffness by reducing the block edge distortion. The deep circumferential grooves and the open shoulders combine and remove water from the footprint to resist hydroplaning thus improving the wet traction.

Internally the tire consists of Proxes Sport that features rayon covering with bi-ply sidewall construction for improved handling. The bi-ply side wall has two steel belts that support the tread and is ceased by a nylon cap ply to provide stability at high-speed and to improve durability.

If Proxes Sport is exposed to a temperature less than -7 degrees or 20 degrees F they must be returned to a higher temperature i.e. 5 degrees C or 40 degrees F gradually and naturally to avoid any cracking. 

It is available in 17, 18, and 20-inch sizes. The overall warranty of this tire is for five years with free replacement for the first 25% of wear.


  • Excellent dry and wet traction
  • Use of updated technology
  • Impressive high-speed handling


  • Not suitable to use in wintry conditions



Toyo Proxes ST III is an all-season tire for Street/Sport Trucks. This all-season tire is developed for high-energy and performance-focused pickup trucks, crossovers, and SUVs and also for drivers who want to give a sporty character to their vehicle

The good-looking and stylish Proxes ST III gives a secure grip and control to the driver. The fancy-looking Proxes ST III is designed to provide confident traction and handling to the driver all around the year. This well-engineered tire is intended to be used in dry, wet, and wintry conditions, even light snow.

Proxes ST III has a highly directional tread design which is molded from a high-silica, all-season compound. The center rib of the tread consists of arrowhead tapers and shoulder blocks. 

The arrowhead tapers increase block stiffness and give an improved straight-line tracking. Whereas, the directional shoulder blocks are responsible to provide solidity and improved braking performance.

Thanks to the offset pattern the Proxes ST III gives a noiseless and enjoyable drive. In the tread rubber, high silica content is present that is responsible to minimize rolling resistance and increase wet traction. The lightning grooves are also present in the pattern that serves to remove the water for hydroplaning resistance.

The multi-wave sipes in the tire perform different functions. They aid to minimize irregular wear and inhibit increased noise over time. They are also responsible to improve grip on greasy surfaces, including in light snow and on ice.

The handling response is improved by a high-hard bead filler and a jointless bead wire. Handling is further enhanced by the stiff coating that also minimizes rolling resistance. Internally the tire consists of a couple of wide steel belts that are intended to provide a stable and comfortable ride at high speed.

It is available in 17 to 22 and 24-inch sizes. The overall warranty of this tire is for 40,000 miles with free replacement for the first 25% of wear


  • Performs well on wet, dry, snowy, and slippery surfaces
  • Noiseless
  • Available in various sizes


  • Warranty could be better

Toyo Tires Buying Guide

Toyo tire manufacturers offer a complete range of tires but the brand has become a top favorite among motorsports players and off-roading enthusiasts because of its affordable price and excellent performing all-terrain and mud-terrain tire models.

Toyo has a bigger portfolio and manufactures tires for different types of vehicles such as passenger cars, SUVs, Sports cars, ATVs, and trucks. The brand is popular with harsh weather drivers because the tire delivers excellent traction in different environmental conditions.

Toyo tires have an extensive lineup that includes various tires like the highway, grand touring, and performance tires. Also, they produce tires for different environmental conditions such as the summer, winter, all-season, all-terrain, mud-terrain, etc.

The company has used the latest Nano Balance Technology lately, the purpose of this technology is to structure rubber material so that it can improve fuel efficiency. 

Not only that recently Toyo tires have actively taken part in the Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiative (SNR-I) to create a supportable natural rubber economy and to benefit the environment and society.

Toyo tire manufactures tires in different sizes. The company also offers a reasonable treadwear warranty.

Why Buy Toyo Tires?

Here are the positive aspects of Toyo tires:

1) Outstanding Traction

Toyo tires are famous for their outstanding traction and perfect grip in different conditions. It is observed that Toyo tires deliver excellent wet and dry traction whether driving on paved or unpaved surfaces. Their grip is sufficient to provide stability to the car regardless of the surface.

The specially designed Toyo tires are tested out on various terrains and different environmental conditions such as dry surfaces, damp roads, and slippery and snow-covered roads. 

The tire also consists of Silica Compound of S Generation that along with crisscross sipes and outer blocks delivers an outstanding grip to the driver along with full control on handling.

These grooves remove excess water thus preventing hydroplaning. It also has sipes designed to increase the number of biting edges that enhance traction, makes braking distance short, and provide a stable grip during light snow, rain, and wet roads. 

With the help of these advanced technologies, the drivers enjoy a safe, comfortable, and hassle-free drive, especially in areas that receive heavy rainfall.

2) Affordable Price

Toyo tire falls in the mid-range category. These mid-tier tires perform exceptionally well and last longer. They offer a market competitive price and a decent warranty. 

Their competitive pricing strategy has increased their popularity among the users and they prefer Toyo tires over its competitors.

3) Wide Product Range

Toyo offers a great range of tires with different sizes and specifications. Each tire range offers further options to choose from. 

The tires manufactured by the company include performance, touring, passenger, truck, winter, mud terrain, commercial, etc. The company aims to provide tires that can fit different types of vehicles so that the user purchases a Toyo tire regardless of the vehicle they drive.

4) Fuel Efficient

The well-engineered Toyo tires are manufactured to have the least rolling resistance. With the help of this technology, the car does not have to use more energy and required minimum tire rolling. 

As a result, the car delivers outstanding fuel efficiency and saves money on fuel. This technology also helps in providing a clean environment by emitting low CO2.

5) Customer Satisfaction

At Toyo tires, customer satisfaction matters the most. The company believes in providing 100% customer satisfaction and absolute certainty before purchasing. 

Toyo tires offer a 45-days road test period for its buyers. If the customers are dissatisfied within the allotted 45 days. Toyo values customers’ feedback and alters the design of its tires according to customers’ needs. 

So, if you have any issue with any competitor’s tire you will find a flawless version of that tire in Toyo.

6) Toyo Silent Technology

Toyo tires are manufactured mainly for motorsports competitors and off-roading enthusiasts. The outdoor expeditions demand the car to be driven on different roads, especially on highways. For long-distance traveling drivers always demand a soundless tire to avoid unpleasant driving.

Toyo tires have smartly used the latest silent-wall technology on their tires. The silent-wall technology combats the airflow through its optimized tread patterns. These tread patterns spin and turn the airflow away thus making quieter tires and more comfortable rides.

Why NOT Buy Toyo Tires?

Here are the negative aspects of Toyo tires:

1) Limited Tread Life Warranty

It is well known that Toyo tires are not quite durable tires in the market in comparison to its competitors like Michelin, Bridgestone, and Continental as the tread life of these tires is quite long. 

The overall warranty of Toyo tires ranges 40,000 miles which seems reasonable but not impressive in comparison to its price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the queries people have about Toyo tires:

Who makes the Toyo tire?

Toyo Tires are manufactured by Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas Inc. (TTHA). It is a subsidiary of Toyo Tire Corporation Osaka. Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas manufacture, import, sell and distribute these tires in America and Canada.

How long do Toyo tires last?

Toyo tires on average, last 45,000-miles around 3.3 years which is longer than other products from other cheap tire makers. Although their tread-life warranty is not very impressive however in comparison to the price offered the warranty seems reasonable

Are Toyo tires loud?

Most Toyo tires are noiseless. The use of Toyo’s unique SILENT WALL TECHNOLOGY builds a much quieter and more comfortable ride.

How much do Toyo tires cost?

Toyo tires are super affordable among its competitors because of their small starting size. These noiseless, super-quality tires will not cost around $100. The affordability of Toyo tires makes them popular among its competitors.

Where are Toyo tires made?

Toyo tires are 100% American-made. These high-quality tires are manufactured in Bartow County, Georgia, America.

Are Toyo tires good in snow?

Toyo’s all-season tires have a satisfactory performance in light snow. However, in areas with heavy snowfall, Toyo’s dedicated winter tires are recommended to be used.


If you’re looking for 100% American-made tires, but cannot afford to pay over the top, Toyo tires offer you a decent option. Despite costing less than their premium counterparts, most of these tires are noiseless, perform satisfactorily in light snow, and backed with decent warranties.

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