How To Clean Alloy Wheels with WD-40 (10 Easy Steps)

So you clean and polish your car. You also take it for the annual MOT, and every weekend, you make sure to vacuum it. 

But how does one clean the alloy wheels and their rims? You must be cleaning the alloy wheels as well as rims as these are car parts that are prone to get the dirtiest. 

Today, you’ll learn about how to clean alloy wheels with WD-40.

How To Clean Alloy Wheels with WD-40

The car rim dirt is usually a black powder that can accumulate with the brake pad’s surface disintegration. So every time you are using the brake, the brake pads connected with the rotating disc will create debris. 

You might also see a greasy layer over the rims, this can occur due to oil from the car’s transmission system and engine. This grease might mix with water and form emulsions that once dried are tough to remove!

What is WD-40?

WD-40 is a solution that can be used in multiple ways that range from displacing moisture, protecting from rust and corrosion, penetrating the stuck parts, and lubrication over mechanical products. 

When we speak of cleaning alloy wheels, it will be able to remove grime, grease from the surface with ease.

So whether you want to remove dirt from alloy wheel rims, maintain the machinery or keep your car in the best condition, WD-40 will be helpful and has been so for decades now. 

Supplies You’ll Need for Cleaning your Alloy Wheels with WD-40:

For making sure that you are taking appropriate steps for cleaning the alloy wheels with WD-40 without causing any damage, you will need some supplies. Here is everything you need:

  1. A microfiber cloth or rag
  2. WD-40
  3. Boars hair brushes
  4. Wheel cleaner
  5. Water

How To Clean Alloy Wheels with WD-40

How to Clean Alloy Wheels with WD-40 the Correct Way 

Before we get into the steps for cleaning the alloy wheels with WD-40, it is recommended that you clean the car rims weekly. This pre-wash removes the outer bigger dirt particles, and will make sure that WD-40 further will get into the smallest areas for perfect cleaning:

Now let’s get into the super easy to follow steps for wheel cleaning with WD-40:

Step 1: 

Make sure the wheels are dry and don’t soak it just before cleaning with WD-40.

Step 2: 

Take a good quality, microfiber cloth and spray it with WD-40.

Step 3: 

Now start rubbing the microfiber cloth generously over the wheels. Don’t miss the center hub and the outlaying components and spokes. If you find that the buildup is very heavy in some space, lightly mist over the specific spot directly. 

Make sure that you are using microfiber rage juts over the wheels! It shouldn’t be touching brakes and tires. 

  • In case the wheels have a plastic hub cover, make sure that you are removing them before you rub WD-40 over them. 

Step 4:

Now allow the WD-40 to sit over the allowed wheels for about 2 minutes. As this happens, the formulation will start penetrating the caked dirt. 

For making the process faster and save some time, you should try to rub all of the wheels at one time. Then go for the next step. This way the other wheels will have good enough time for the WD-40 to work over them.

Step 5: 

Now take another clean microfiber cloth and after a few minutes just wipe the WD-40 away.

Step 6: 

Now it’s time to soak the wheels in plain water.

Step 7:

 Now make use of the wheel cleaner of your choice.

Step 8

Spray it over the wheels completely.

Step 9: 

Now for reaching the smaller areas of the wheels use a boars brush. You can use the brush in a circular motion on the wheel surface. This movement is going to lift any dirt that remains and it will come up without much effort. Make sure that you are focusing over the rim spokes and screws where this dirt gets accumulated. 

  • You get these brushes very cheap at the automotive store.
  • Keep cleaning the brush in warm water with some duration break as it tends to get dirty.

Small Tip:

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In case you aren’t able to find the right brush, just use your old toothbrush. The long handle, flexible and soft bristles are perfect for reaching difficult spots with ease. 

Step 10: 

Now, it’s time to thoroughly rinse the wheels. You can also make use of a hose for flushing out any remaining dirt or cleaner from the wheel rim. If cleaner traces are left behind, they will get dry and cause corrosion in the longer term.

  • If you have a hose with an adjustable nozzle, then set the wide spray or fan for larger coverage.
  • Keep spraying with water until it runs clear for complete cleaning!

Key Note to remember:

  • You must make sure that you are completely washing the wheels with a wheel cleaner when you use WD-40 over them. Understand that WD-40 has been known to collect dust as it tends to displace water. Therefore washing the tires well with water will remove the WD-40 after the usage for proper cleaning.

Is WD-40 Safe as a Wheel Cleaner?

Yes WD-40 is a safe wheel cleaner! You need to make sure that you follow proper steps, but it’s safe. You shouldn’t be replacing it with specific wheel cleaners, but will work as a good addition for alloy wheel cleaning collection.

What is the Cheapest Way to Clean Alloy Wheels?

Allow wheels when dirty to need proper cleaning for making sure that oxidation, corrosion, and rust are removed. One of the cheapest ways for cleaning alloy wheels is by adding warm water and vinegar to a spray bottle. Then spraying it over the wheels and letting it sit for some time. Now make use of a microfiber cloth to remove it and rinse with plain water.

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