How To Break A Car Window (Best Techniques)

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Every person’s life will come to a time where the keys to their car will be left in the car, all alone and unattended.

You will be unable to unlock the car without using the keys after that, leaving you with only two options: call for assistance or smash your car window, depending on the situation.

How To Break A Car Window

9 Best Techniques for Breaking a Car Window 

Breaking a car window isn’t something you do every day, and it’s not the correct kind of attention. In an emergency, knowing how to silently break glass is essential.

  1. Hitting The Edge
  2. Basic Household Tool
  3. Emergency Hammer
  4. Spark Plug
  5. Automatic Steel Punch Tool
  6. Using A Duct Tape
  7. Porcelain Bit
  8. Standard EMT Device
  9. Soundproof Blanket

#1. Hitting the edge

Car windows are remarkably sturdy, designed to withstand any form of blunt force that is directly delivered to them in order to provide the most level of protection possible to the driver and passengers.

This is why you should never strike them directly in the middle – it will do you no good and may even cause the alarm to go off. In addition, I strongly discourage anyone from attempting to damage the windshield or the back window.  These car window glasses are not only the most sturdy, but they are also the most expensive to replace if they are damaged.

Instead, pay attention to the side windows.  Because the front seat windows have weaker glass, it’s best to hit the windows on their very edges with a strong, blunt instrument to break the glass. It is substantially more effective than simply striking the glass and is significantly less noisy.

The purpose of this is to be used while breaking a window from the outside. If you’re doing it from the inside, use an escape hammer if you have one; otherwise, any other instrument will suffice as long as it’s sufficiently hard to smash through. Just keep in mind that you should only utilize this strategy as a very last option!

#2. Basic household tool

Some supplies just sit around the house, unused. Most of these common household objects can help in an auto emergency. Unknown tools can be useful. Duct tape, blankets, and pillows can smash car windows.

The first step is to duct tape the window. To gently smash the window, use this method. It also cushions the hammer’s impact on the window when smashing it. Then, drape a blanket under your car’s window. If the glass is moveable, leave it open. Car windows can be smashed with extra blankets.

Pound a dense pillow onto the glass. The tape helps minimize the sound of breaking glass. Large heaps of cardboard paper and containers can substitute pillows and blankets. Seat cloaks or cushions can be used alternatively.

#3. Emergency hammer

The emergency hammer is a surprising addition to the toolbox. This is a useful tool at any time. The hammer has a metal point that also acts as a seat belt cutter.

The emergency hammer breaks windows successfully and quietly, save for the dull thud of glass falling. While the tool can be used to break windows from the outside, it works best from within the car. Again, the edges outperform the middle part of the window.

#4. Spark plug

Using a spark plug is easier than using a hammer. The spark plug is the little component that powers the combustion chamber.

The ceramic part of the spark plug can be used to silently break the glass. That silently cracks the window is a lifesaver. The spark plug is light and slow to throw, which makes you wonder how it does this with such precision.

Car window glass is difficult to shatter but when smashed it breaks into small pieces. This glass cools quickly during manufacture, reducing its density compared to regular glass. This means that the outer glass cools faster than the inner glass, compressing the inner glass. The ceramic part of the plug’s force can easily crack the inner part without breaking it. To shatter a window with a spark plug, aim for the edges rather than the center. Throw it to the corners as it breaks easier than the center.

#5. Automatic steel punch tool

Carpenters and plumbers use the automatic steel punch tool to drill metal or wood. It’s like a center punch but without the hammer. Because the impact surface is less, the sound is less, but the glass is broken.

Unclasp the spring and press it on the glass. The punch effect silently cracks the glass. The spring’s intensity can crush glass into little fragments. It is reasonably priced in any hardware store.

#6. Using a duct tape

Use duct tape if you want to break your window’s glass without shattering it. This method is not only less messy but also incredibly effective. Duct tape the window, inside and out. You’ll probably need more than you have at home. So better be prepared and stock up.

Once your glass is ready, crush it with any tool you have. The tape quiets the sound of shattering glass. And the glass fragments will stick to the tape, so no worries there. A thick blanket can also catch the falling fragments. Plus, it further decreases noise.

#7. Porcelain bit

In an emergency, a porcelain bit or something similar would do. Because of its low density, the glass is vulnerable to sharp things. They are called ninja rocks for their ability to crack automobile windows quietly. Throw it from a distance with force at one of the corners and watch the glass shatter.

#8. Standard EMT device

The conventional EMT device, although slow, may also readily break your windows. Police and emergency personnel use it to break windows. But you may use it to break any glass, including windows.

Cover the window with duct tape to stop the glass from breaking. Now smack the glass in the middle and watch it break. Use a big blanket to make it extra quieter.

An EMT device, like the emergency hammer, is cheap.

#9. Soundproof blanket

While a soundproof blanket won’t help you break the glass, it will assist absorb the noise better than a thick blanket.

Place a soundproof blanket below the window. Place it on top of the glass and hammer or otherwise smash it. Hit it on top of the blanket; the more you can cover the glass, the better. The soundproof blanket absorbs all noises and reduces them.

Several Safety Precautions To Take When Breaking Glass

Know your glass

It’s critical to recognize the type of glass you’re going to break. For example, safety glasses cannot be smashed like a car window. There are two layers of safety glasses with a plastic layer between them. They are quiet and easy to break.

Wear safety gear

We understand that during an emergency, protective gear such as gloves, boots, and glasses are not readily available to be worn. So if possible, wear long-sleeved shirts, jackets, shoes, and anything that would protect your hands. The point is to protect yourself before you break them.

Clean up the space

Breaking glass is a messy activity; however, you must first secure it in some way.

Take precautions to ensure that no one enters the area because of the possibility of being injured by the glass. First and foremost, make certain that no children or pets are in the vicinity of the vehicle.


While I hope you don’t need to smash your window, emergencies happen. And if that means breaking a window, go for it. Better still, have an EMT device or an emergency hammer to crack the car window.

You may possibly be rescuing a child or a pet stuck in a heated car. In these circumstances, a porcelain bit would be useful. No one knows why it usually cracks a window without making a sound. If you want to clean up the mess, use duct tape and a thick blanket or soundproof blanket. Protect yourself and those around you first.

Finally, before driving, check your automobile for shattered glass fragments.

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