Top 10 Best Walmart Tires in the Market

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Walmart is an excellent place to shop for budget-friendly tires. It offers massive discounts that you usually can’t get from other tire retailers. Also, if you can drive your car to your nearest Walmart store, you’d get a much cheaper installation than your local workshop.

Top 10 Best Walmart Tires

Walmart further sweetens the deal by offering free shipping to all of its stores. Given the fact that its tire installation prices are one of the lowest, we’d suggest that you have your tires sent directly to the Walmart near you and call beforehand to schedule an appointment.

But there’s one problem car owners face while shopping for tires at Walmart. The sheer range of options makes it challenging to identify that one set of tires that could meet their requirements. That is especially true for anyone who hasn’t shopped at Walmart before.

That is why we have come up with this article. In the following paragraphs, we’ll review the ten best Walmart tires. Whether you’re looking for an all-season, grand-touring, all-terrain, or a dedicated winter tire, this review has got you sorted. 

  1. Goodyear Assurance All-Season
  2. Dextero-All Terrain DAT1
  3. Cooper Discoverer A/T All-Season
  4. Douglas All-Season
  5. Supermax HT-1
  6. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80
  7. Continental PremiumContact 6
  8. Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R
  9. General Grabber X3
  10. Pirelli P4 Season Plus

Top 10 Best Walmart Tires

Whether you’re looking for an all-season, all-terrain, extreme-performance, mud-terrain, or winter tire, this list has you sorted. Read on for detailed reviews.

#1. Goodyear Assurance All-Season

goodyear assurance all season

The Goodyear Assurance All-Season is one of the best-sellers on Amazon. That is an impressive feat for a tire first released in 2014. That it hasn’t let the passage of years, as well as the arrival of tires with the latest technology, not affect its sales is a testament to this tire’s features.

Most important among which is its all-season tread compound. Goodyear has deliberately employed this compound, aware that it could stay responsive in the summer, yet still, be pliable in the winter to provide the necessary traction. This allows the Assurance to justify its ‘All-Season’ tag.

Given that it has a symmetric tread pattern, you can get more miles from these tires by rotating them side-to-side. The tread pattern features stable, independent tread blocks that lend it stability for confident dry and wet handling. Also, Goodyear has optimized it for a quieter ride on paved roads.

Goodyear has also provided the tread pattern with four wide circumferential grooves. They do an excellent job of eliminating water from beneath the tires’ footprint, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. The improved hydroplaning resistance helps these tires perform better in heavy rain.

Lastly, a close inspection reveals tiny waved sipes on the tires’ tread blocks. They are there to provide the Assurance All Season with more biting edges, improving its traction over (light) snow and shortening its braking distances in all sorts of conditions.


  • Budget-friendly for a premium tire
  • Excellent braking on dry roads
  • Above-average treadwear warranty
  • Ultra-quiet on the highway


  • Average traction and braking in rainy conditions

#2. Dextero All Terrain DAT1

dextero all terrain DAT1

The Dextero All Terrain DAT1 tire is an exciting option for AT driving. Mainly because this tire’s asking price looks a pittance when you compare it with other all-terrain tires. But also because, despite its budget-friendly cost, this tire offers the features that you usually get from premium AT tires.

These tires deliver the excellent soft terrain grip that defines all-terrain tires. Credit goes to their sidewall traction lugs that help the DAT1 stay stable in unstable conditions. The traction lugs are also these tires’ first line of defense against punctures, nicks, and chips.

Most all-terrain tires you see on the market have a habit of getting too loud on the road. That is something you won’t have to worry about with the DAT1. These tires’ five pattern technology eliminates unnecessary road noise for a quiet and comfortable riding experience.

The DAT1’s wet performance and handling are second to none, either. Innumerable wide shoulder channels – tiny spaces between the tread – do an excellent job of not letting any water particles stay in these tires’ tread area for long periods. Thus goes the danger of hydroplaning.

That said, there’s one thing about these tires that disappointed us. Their limited size range means only SUV and pickup truck drivers can benefit from all the aforementioned features. Passenger car drivers have no choice but to look at other options.


  • Boasts self-cleaning tread
  • Low road noise for a quiet ride
  • Offer excellent grip in soft terrain


  • Available in a limited number of sizes

#3. Cooper Discoverer A/T All Season

Cooper Discoverer AT All Season

The Cooper Discoverer A/T All Season tires are made for off-road conditions. It features an intermediate tread element that you don’t usually see in budget-friendly AT tires. This tread element self-clean the tire’s inner area, keeping stone retention at a bare minimum.

Next comes the five-rib all-terrain design. Juxtaposed one against the other, the five ribs enhance the Discoverer’s stability and handling in challenging terrains. That isn’t all. They also improve this tire’s traction and slow down its wear, especially in gravel and rocky terrain.

Off-road performance isn’t the only box this tire ticks. Enhanced by the paired tread elements, its wet weather performance is also exemplary. That said, it’s still an all-terrain tire. So you’d do well not to expect it to be ultra-quiet on paved roads/streets.

Cooper also entices potential customers by offering an above-average wear warranty. It backs this tire to stay functional for 60,000 miles, a rare feat for any all-terrain tire, not the least for the Cooper Discoverer, whose asking price won’t blow a hole in your pocket.

Unfortunately, the Discoverer has its fair share of shortcomings. Like the All Terrain DT1 we saw above, this tire is available in a limited number of sizes. Some users also complain about its noise getting too loud to bear on the road. So we’d suggest using it for your off-road exploits only.


  • Excellent off-road grip
  • Above-average wear warranty


  • Available in a limited number of sizes

#4. Douglas All Season

douglas all season

Most people don’t know that Goodyear makes Douglas tires. What distinguishes Douglas tires from other Goodyear products is that Walmart has the exclusive rights to sell them. That is the reason why you won’t see any other platform offering them.

Douglas’s “All-Season” is intended for passenger cars, including mid-size sedans, compact vehicles, minivans and crossovers. This tire is dirt cheap – it costs less even when compared to other budget brands, such as Uniroyal, Kumho, Riken, etc. And the difference isn’t small.

Ok, then, its price attracts you, but what about the performance? The Douglas All-Season provides an above-average grip on dry roads. Its traction, steering power and handling won’t make you feel as if you’re driving one of the cheapest tires on the market.

The credit for this goes to its rubber compounds. Or, to be more precise, the advancements in technology rubber compounds have experienced over the last few decades. These innovations are why almost every modern tire works well in dry conditions.

Unfortunately, things start to go south for this tire when you encounter rain. The same goes for snow, where this tire’s traction gets abysmal. So while Walmart markets it as an all-season tire, we won’t recommend using the Douglas All-Season in wintry conditions.


  • Incredibly pocket-friendly
  • Works well in dry conditions
  • Comes with a respectable warranty


  • Performs abysmally in wintry conditions

#5. Supermax HT-1

supermax HT 1

Horizon added the Supermax HT-1 tire to its all-season lineup in early 2020. That was the time when the pandemic forced people indoors and their vehicles into the garages. Still, despite favoring such unwelcoming circumstances, the Supermax HT1 has managed to make a name for itself.

This tire has (almost) all the features we want to see in all-season tires. It offers excellent traction in both dry and wet conditions, has several zigzag compartments that ensure its grip stays intact in the winter, and has an enhanced central rib that guarantees its stability.

A combination of wide circumferential grooves and lateral sipes provide this tire with an above-average wet traction. The four grooves are responsible for not letting water accumulate beneath this tire’s footprint, providing it with a remarkable hydroplaning resistance.

As for the sipes, you can thank them every time this tire stops as per your expectations in wet and snowy conditions. Though not an M+S rated tire, it does well in light snow, as long as you’re driving the vehicle with a light foot. But like other all-season tires, it isn’t made for heavy snow.

Newer tread compounds mean you can count on this tire to have an above-average tread life. Thick shoulder blocks balance tread wearing and also help in stable cornering at high speeds. And multiple tread pitches help you enjoy a comfortable and quiet ride. 


  • Excellent handling even at higher speed
  • Offers a quiet and comfortable ride


  • Not our first pick for heavy snow conditions

#6. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

bridgestone blizzak ws80

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 has all the attributes to be the best winter tire for SUV and small crossover owners, especially those who live up north and are looking for a tire that could deliver the best ice and snow performance in extremely poor conditions.  

That this tire performs excellently in the snow doesn’t mean it would behave poorly on dry and wet roads. Its performance in dry and wet conditions is on the level of the best snow tires. Grip is very good, traction is above-average, while braking is average.

As far as snow, ice and slush are concerned, we’re yet to find a tire that could beat the Blizzak WS80. Braking distances are some of the shortest we have seen with winter tires, and the traction is enough for quick acceleration. And the tire self-cleans, too.

You would have no doubt looking at this tire’s winter performance that the next-gen Multi-Cell compound with bite particles have done their job to perfection. But despite all its beneficial features, the Blizzak WS80 does suffer from one serious shortcoming.

One of the biggest reasons anyone would think twice before buying this tire is the fact that Bridgestone doesn’t back it with a treadwear warranty. Sure, this might change in the future. But at the time of writing, this shortcoming is enough to be a deal-breaker for many.


  • Outstanding braking and traction in the snow
  • Works well in slippery conditions as well


  • No treadwear warranty

#7. Continental PremiumContact 6

continental premiumcontact6

Not many grand-touring tires are capable of combining elevated performance with driving comfort. The majority sacrifices one at the altar of the other. Only a few, like the PrimeContact6, are able to maintain a perfect balance between above-average performance and extreme driving comfort.

Whether you’re driving on dry or wet tarmac, the PremiumContact 6 would provide you with unbelievably short braking distances. You’d feel completely secure and in control, regardless of the speed you’re driving at – the PremiumContact 6 makes you feel at ease at the wheel.

We have no complaints about its hydroplaning resistance, either. The circumferential grooves in the tread area do an excellent job of ejecting water particles as quickly as they enter the tire’s tread area. You’d thus not have to worry about skidding and slipping on waterlogged surfaces.

For a grand-touring summer tire, it has a low-rolling resistance. Fuel consumption wouldn’t thus be an issue with the PremiumContact 6. The ride quality is plush, too. And passengers sitting inside the cabin won’t experience much noise on the highway either.

There are two areas where this tire disappointed us. Its winter handling, though secure, isn’t the best in class when compared with other tires in its category. And the lack of treadwear warranty is also something we hope Continental would address in the coming months.


  • Unbelievably short braking distances
  • Has an excellent hydroplaning resistance


  • Wet handling could have been better

#8. Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R

Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R Tire Review

The Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R has got everything. This tire has the handling ability and steering responsiveness that we have come to expect from premium autocross tires. But without the price that racing tires charge for their offerings. Most people would thus be able to afford it.

We are also impressed with this tire’s grip and traction. Both of which are excellent and should give you all the confidence you need to step harder on the pedal. This makes the Potenza RE-71R one of the most easy-to-control tires on the market, letting you make the most of its speed rating.

Unlike most extreme-performance summer tires out there, the Potenza RE-71R is more than capable of handling its own on the street. Cornering grip is excellent with this tire, with braking equally phenomenal. You can thus count on this tire to produce very short stops on the street.

As long as you inflate this tire to the recommended pressure, its soft compound will absorb the rough edges of street imperfections quite well, letting everyone in the cabin enjoy a bump-free ride. Increase the air pressure in the tire, and the comfort might deteriorate.

Its internal structure is sturdy enough to let you bet your car’s stability on. Two inner steel belts are strengthened by a spirally wound nylon, giving this tire stability at high-speed. And a combination of 2 circumferential and 7 lateral grooves keep the danger of hydroplaning at bay.


  • Brilliant dry traction and grip
  • Above-average cornering and braking
  • Demonstrates excellent hydroplaning resistance


  • Comes with no wear warranty

#9. General Grabber X3


The General Grabber X3 is one of its manufacturer’s flagship tires. General spent a lot of time on this tire to perfect its off-road formula. Thanks to which this tire could easily be described as one of the best extreme performance tires for your truck or hardcore SUV.

General claims that the X3 is an “aggressive Mud-Terrain tire’’ that also delivers “extreme off-road performance” in multiple terrains. That means that even though this tire carries a Mud-Terrain moniker, it should work in mud, dirt and rocky terrain as well.

To achieve this, General Tire has equipped the X3 with several state of the art technologies. Most important among which is the DuraGen Technology – that makes this tire more pliable in wet weather, and also much more cut- and chip-resistant than your average mud-terrain tire.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep this tire puncture-free, multiple Sidewall Protection Lugs take its cut- and chip-resistance one notch up. Two ultra-high-strength steel belts and a three-ply body casing give this tire the toughness it needs to withstand the most challenging terrain surfaces.

Lastly, as you might expect from a dedicated all-terrain tire, the X3 doesn’t score high marks when it comes to comfort and noise, especially on the road. But buyers who are interested in AT tires might not mind this shortcoming much as it’s almost a given with AT and mud-terrain tires.


  • Outstanding mud traction
  • Excellent grip on dirt and rocks
  • Sturdy and tough tread compound


  • Noise can be an issue on highway speeds

#10. Pirelli P4 Season Plus

Pirelli P4 Season Plus

The Pirelli P4 Season Plus is one of the most highly-rated tires at Walmart right now. Mainly because of this tire’s excellent wet performance. An optimized tread design and two longitudinal grooves in the center of tread area help this tire offer exceptional grip in wet conditions.

The optimized tread design not only helps this tire retain its dry-weather grip, but in damp conditions too where other all-season tires suffer. As for the longitudinal grooves, they offer any accumulated water with all the space it needs to escape the tire’s footprint.

You can also count on this tire to be virtually noise-free at highway speeds. Aside from that, its silica-rich tread compound enhances the tire’s grip in slippery condition, making the P4 Season Plus one of our picks for the best tires for rain on the market right now.

A long-lasting 90,000-mile warranty is another thing that goes in this tire’s favor. That said, keep in mind that the P4 Season Plus is available in a limited number of sizes. Be sure to compare your vehicle’s wheel size with the available sizes before making the final purchase.


  • Long-lasting 90,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Excellent fuel efficiency thanks to low rolling resistance


  • Available in only a few sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to queries most people have about Walmart tires:

Why are Walmart tires so cheap?

Walmart tires cost less than tires on other retailers such as Amazon, AutoZone, and Target. That is because the company reportedly has its own tires made by big name manufacturers. That, and its push to be the customers’ go-to-choice for automotive services, are reasons why Walmart tires are so cheap.

Are Walmart tires reliable?

Yes. Walmart might offer tires at a lower price than other retailers. But the moneyback warranty you get on tires purchased from Walmart – up to 3 months – versus those purchased from say Amazon is the same. This shows that Walmart tires are reliable and trustworthy.

Can I return a new tire to Walmart?

Walmart lets you return new tires within 90 days of purchase, as long as the tires haven’t been mounted or installed. You could return your new tire to any Walmart store with an Auto Care Center. Stores that don’t have an Auto Care Center won’t accept tire returns.


Walmart tires cost you much less than purchasing tires from other major retailers. That is despite the fact that they are as reliable and come with a similar warranty. So if you’re on a budget, don’t forget to check out the 10 tires recommended in this guide.

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