Audi Tire Rotation Cost: How much is it really?

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Audi is one of the world’s most prominent executive premium automakers thanks to their efforts of offering competitive cars that tend to deliver on almost all fronts. Buying such a prized possession requires you to maintain it and keep it in optimal condition, otherwise, the car will not be able to achieve its full potential.

Audi Tire Rotation Cost

This includes not only maintaining the car but also maintaining the tires. Tire maintenance is an often-overlooked factor, yet most people don’t realize that lack of tire maintenance affects the car’s ability to perform in most situations. Tire rotations and balancing are the two key tire maintenance necessities all cars need, including Audi cars. So, how much does an Audi tire rotation cost?

Audi Tire Rotation Cost

An Audi tire rotation cost is no different than with any other mainstream premium executive automaker, except for a few Audi models such as the Audi R8 or one of the now many electric cars Audi offers. An Audi tire rotation costs between $44 and $56, but these costs vary depending on where you do your tire maintenance and when you do it.

These costs can often be lower if you manage to find discount coupons or can even be completely free of charge if you source your tires through third-party tire centers which include tire maintenance deals with purchases of eligible tires.

Where Should I Rotate My Tires?

  • An Audi dealership
  • Costco
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Discount Tire
  • Walmart
  • Sam’s Club

Can I Rotate Tires At An Audi Dealership?

Audi dealerships used to rotate tires for their customers, but it seems like they stopped doing that a few years ago. This does not mean that you can’t rotate your tires and do other tire maintenance services at an Audi dealer, yet it means that you will have to buy the Audi Care package. Audi Care is a special prepaid scheduled maintenance package that includes various maintenance necessities for newer Audi models.

The package includes pre-scheduled services every 10,000 miles or once a year. Tire rotations are also part of this package even though Audi does not always specifically state that in most of their brochures and available online data. This package makes sense if you plan on owning your Audi for a longer period as you can do everything in one place at once.

Can I Rotate My Tires At Costco?

You can rotate your tires directly at Costco, but you first need to schedule an appointment in advance. When you arrive at your scheduled location in time, they will take the car and you can do some shopping until they are finished. Costco tire rotations typically last about 20-40 minutes if everything is on time. If you are a Costco member and you buy your tires directly through Costco, you are in luck.

The reason why you are in luck is that you are able to pay an $18 per tire installation fee which includes a free lifetime tire maintenance package. This package includes free pressure checks and nitrogen fill-ups, free lifetime tire balancing, free lifetime tire rotations, and free lifetime tire repairs. However, some limitations do apply.

Can I Rotate My Tires At Jiffy Lube?

Jiffy Lube does offer tire rotations at an approximate price of $40, but the price varies quite a bit in different states. Jiffy Lube is a place known for car fluid replacements and some other maintenance services such as brake replacements, air conditioning services, filter replacements, and various inspections to ensure your car is running as well as it can.

Jiffy Lube is a place that sometimes gets a bad reputation because their employees are tasked with selling you as many services as they can. On the other hand, Jiffy Lube is a great place to take your car for tire rotations if you want to do various other services as well. If you want to just rotate your tires, Jiffy Lube might not be the best place for you to do it.

Can I Rotate My Tires At Discount Tire?

You can rotate your tires at Discount Tire in two different ways. If you did not buy your tires at Discount Tire, you can rotate them there for a price of $22 per tire. This seems like a big ask at first, but this price includes lifetime tire rotations. The other way how you can rotate your tires at Discount Tire is to buy your tires through them, if you do, you will get free lifetime tire balancing and rotations.

On average, an owner who takes proper care of his car tends to a single set of tires by up to 10 times. If you decide to take the $22 per tire deal, you will be paying $2.2 for 10 tire rotations. Some places offer cheaper tire rotations, but not many of them offer package deals like this one. However, some people have shown reservations about maintaining their tires at Discount Tire.

Can I Rotate My Tires At Walmart?

Walmart is one of the most popular places to do tire rotations because Walmart will charge you just $14 per tire for lifetime tire rotations and balancing. We have already mentioned that a single set of tires usually survives through 10 tire rotations which means that you are essentially paying $1.4 per tire for both tire rotations and balancing.

If you are not interested in package deals and you just want to get your tires rotated, you can pay Walmart $2.50 per tire for a basic tire rotation. You can leave your car at Walmart and go ahead and do some shopping until your car is done. When it comes to costs, very few places are as affordable as Walmart is.

Can I Rotate My Tires At Sam’s Club?

You can take your car to Sam’s Club for tire rotations but only if you are a Sam’s Club member. If you are not a member, Sam’s Club will not do any tire services for you which is more or less the same as with Costco. If you are a member, but you didn’t buy your tires directly at Sam’s Club, you can do your tire rotations at Sam’s Club for $4-$6 per tire.

If you did buy your tires directly at Sam’s Club, you are eligible to buy the installation package which costs $20-$25 per tire and it also includes lifetime tire balancing, lifetime tire flat repair, 3-year roadside assistance, tire disposal, and tire rotations. Sam’s Club is similar to Costco, but they do cost a bit more yet also offer more in the process.

Can I Buy My Tires Through Audi?

You can buy your tires directly through Audi Tire Center which is one of the best places out there for Audi customers. Audi says that if you find a better price for tires at a 3rd party center, you can bring a printed quote to Audi Tire Center and they will match it. Audi also includes a year-long complimentary road hazard package for most tires.

If you are driving an Audi, it makes sense to buy tires through Audi because you will always get the best tires for your car. If you are someone who can’t be bothered with researching which tires are best for your specific car model, the best thing you can do is just buy them through Audi directly and be done with it.

How Much Does It Cost To Service And Maintain An Audi?

Audi Maintenance Service

Audi Average Maintenance Costs

Oil and filter change

$143 to $178

Tire rotation

$44 to $56

Air filter replacement

$72 to $101

Cabin air filter replacement

$83 to $133

Brake Fluid Replacement

$77 to $97

Coolant Replacement

$137 to $190

Tire balancing

$99 to $125

Wheel alignment

$60 to $150

How Often Should I Rotate Tires On An Audi?

According to most Audi dealers, you should rotate tires on an Audi every 5,000-7,000 miles which is more or less the same as any other automaker. Audi is known for its impressive Quattro AWD system that enables you to fully exploit what an Audi can do in almost all-weather conditions. However, Quattro cars should have their tires rotated even sooner than 5,000 miles for optimum tire wear.

The best thing you can do is to always look in your owner’s manual for all the questions you have about maintaining your specific car. I admit, Audi’s tend to come with absolutely huge owner’s manuals and if you are not someone who enjoyed reading every book in high school, you are not going to glance at the owner’s manual for more than a few minutes. If that is the case, you can always call your Audi dealer and they will happily assist you.


An Audi tire rotation cost is the same as with most cars because a tire rotation cost is not often tied to a specific car brand, but rather to quotes offered by competitive tire centers. As such, you can rotate your tires directly at Audi if you are an Audi customer and if you got the Audi Care package.

However, there are places where it makes more sense to rotate tires if you are not interested in everything Audi Care has to offer. Walmart, Costco, Discount Tire, Jiffy Lube, and Sam’s Club are some of the most popular places where people typically do tire rotations.

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