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Atlas Force UHP

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  • Affordable
  • Excellent levels of grip and traction
  • Marvelous aquaplaning resistance
  • Responsive and provides plenty of feedback


  • Less warranty than the premium competition
  • May struggle with snow

There are different types of drivers in the world. On one side you have people that look at cars as a means of transport, to get them from point A to point B, while on the other side are enthusiasts, myself included. We are the type of people that enjoy driving and want to get the most out of our cars.

Unfortunately, we all cannot afford some overly expensive sports cars to get the most out of our driving capabilities, so we deal with what we have. Regardless of the type of car we have, we can only drive it as hard as the tires can allow us.

One thing that people often ignore is how essential tires are for safety and fun. Cheaper tires won’t allow you to push the car as hard as you would with premium ultra-high-performance tires. Fitting UHP tires even on a small hatchback can change how the car feels when you’re driving it.

In a world dominated by premium manufacturers offering us tires that we already know, I decided to talk about one of the underdogs. As part of the Uniroyal or United States Rubber Company is Atlas, a tire manufacturer that has been around since the 1930s. The brand claims to have tires designed using high-quality materials using the most advanced technology, resulting in superior performance compared to its rivals.

Performance is key, considering that today’s tire is a high-performance one. The Force UHP is Atlas’ answer to the Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4 or the Pirelli P Zero All Season. It’s an ultra-high-performance all-season tire designed to provide excellent performance at a more affordable price.

What are the features of the Atlas Force UHP?

On the features side of things, the Force UHP has plenty to give it the performance that enthusiasts want.

Atlas Force UHP Tire Review

To provide usability throughout the year, Atlas utilized a rubber compound that is capable of remaining pliable in freezing temperatures. The result should be excellent performance in the winter when the road is cold.

The compound is molded into an asymmetric tread that offers multiple advantages, mainly in the handling department. Another area it helps is with water evacuation. Thanks to the 4 circumferential grooves, multiple cross grooves, and lateral sipes, the Force UHP should be good at keeping water from getting between the blocks and the road, resulting in excellent aquaplaning resistance.

UHP tires are designed to offer good driving dynamics, and Atlas tried to make that happen with the Force UHP. The 3D sipes are designed to be stiffer as the tire is driven, improving the dynamic. 

To improve the tire’s handling characteristics and make it more responsive, Atlas designed the center rib of the Force UHP to be stiffer. With this, the tire will respond to inputs better and be more stable in straight-line speeds.

Finally, the comfort. Even though UHP tires aren’t designed for this, the Force UHP utilizes the sipes in the shoulders to help. They offer minor flex, providing the tire with a more comfortable ride property.

How does it behave on dry tarmac?

The dry performance with the Force UHP is excellent, much better than what I thought.

It’s no secret that cheaper tires can sometimes struggle to reach the performance of their premium counterparts, but that’s not the case here. The Force UHP can provide loads of traction and grip to a point where it may deliver better results than the premium options. You can accelerate hard or go into a corner at higher speeds, and the tire won’t even flinch.

In terms of handling, the Force UHP doesn’t disappoint either. The razor-sharp characteristics combined with the responsive nature, backed by the excellent feedback through the steering wheel, make this a very enjoyable tire for enthusiasts. When you corner it hard, the flex is acceptable for road use but may not be to your liking on a track. In addition to this, the braking distances are very good, almost as good as the premium options.

How does it behave over wet and slippery roads?

Rain doesn’t seem to have a huge impact on how the Force UHP performs. The tire delivers on all fronts, which is another surprise.

In this aspect, the Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 is a better tire, but not by much. The Force UHP delivers similar results in the wet, with traction and grip levels reaching premium levels. Atlas’ rubber compound and tread pattern are going an excellent job at providing the tire with plenty of traction so that you won’t have limited performance. This also results in very short braking distances, which is not something that all mid-range or cheap tires can brag with.

The tire’s grooves and sipes are the main highlights when it comes to driving in the rain. They do an excellent job at channeling the water, giving the Force UHP superb aquaplaning resistance.

How is it over snow?

It’s an all-season tire, so the winter performance won’t be as good as a dedicated tire. The Force UHP remains excellent if the roads are cold, but snow can be a slight issue.

Even though the tire is usable in light snow conditions, it falls a bit behind the competition. There is just enough traction to give you a safe driving experience, and that’s about it. The braking distances are slightly longer than the premium competitors but are still well within the safe zone.

Is it comfortable and refined?

In the refinement department, the Force UHP brings another surprise.

When compared with other UHP tires from its class, the tire seems to be a bit more comfortable. The shoulder sipes give the tire just enough softness to absorb some of the bumps and eliminate vibrations. Despite that, if you aim for comfort, this shouldn’t be your first choice.

The noise is also relatively low, and the tire won’t be a headache. It’s far from the quietest tire I’ve driven but seems to possess some touring-like characteristics in this regard. 

Is it good for off-roading?

It’s almost pointless to answer this, but here you go: the Force UHP is not a good tire for off-roading. Even though it has relatively deep grooves, the performance in mud or sand will be terrible. On top of that, the internal construction isn’t beefed up to withstand that kind of torture, and the compound won’t stand sharp rocks.

You may be able to get away with a quick drive over a dirt road, but with limited traction and the risk of damaging the blocks.

Is the Atlas Force UHP ideal for sporty driving?

Absolutely, the Force UHP is an excellent tire that you can have a lot of fun with.

The levels of grip and traction are more than enough to get the most out of your car, despite the power output. You might argue that something with a 4-digit rated power output will cause problems, but it may be a similar story with the premium models as well.

Handling is excellent, and the tire responds nicely to inputs, followed by excellent steering feedback.

Atlas Force UHP Warranty

In terms of warranty, the Force UHP falls a bit behind its premium competition, but not by much. Atlas sells the tire with a 40,000-mile treadwear warranty, 5,000 less than the Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4, and 10,000 less than the Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06. 

Atlas Force UHP Pricing: Is it worth the money?

The warranty may disappoint you, but you may change your mind when you look at the price. You can get the Force UHP for as low as $80, making it an excellent bargain. The premium options with similar sizes hover around $100 for the Continental one and over $100 for the Michelin. 

Should I buy the Atlas Force UHP?

Definitely, the Force UHP is an excellent UHP tire that offers excellent performance at a lower price.

The tire will provide you with excellent performance, regardless of the conditions you’re driving on. In summer or winter, the traction and grip on the streets will be on par with the premium options. Wet conditions also won’t be a problem, as the performance isn’t reduced. In addition to that, the Force UHP has excellent aquaplaning resistance and excellent braking distances. In snowy conditions, the tire is usable but will fall behind its premium counterparts.

In the handling department, the Force UHP offers more than what anyone would need when driving it on the streets. The sharp responsiveness combined with the excellent feedback through the steering wheel makes this a fun-to-drive tire. With that said, in the most extreme situations, the premium options can deliver more, so if you’re going on a track, this tire may not perform to your liking.

Overall, the Force UHP is an excellent UHP tire that won’t drain your budget. The lower price means that you will get a shorter warranty and slightly reduced performance, but at the end of the day, it’s an excellent tire. If you’re fine with the minor tradeoffs, you are looking at the best UHP tire for the price.

What Vehicles Will the Atlas Force UHP Fit?

Here’s a sample list of cars that the Atlas Force UHP will fit:

  • Audi A3, A4, A5, Q7
  • BMW 3, 5 Series, X3, X5
  • Ford Focus, Mustang, Mondeo
  • Honda Civic, Accord
  • Hyundai i30, Elantra
  • Lexus IS, LS, ES, NX, RX
  • Mitsubishi Lancer
  • Nissan Altima, Maxima
  • Subaru Impreza, Legacy, BRZ
  • Toyota Corolla, Camry, Rav4, GT-86

Tire Sizes for Atlas Force UHP


  • 205/50R16
  • 205/55R16
  • 215/55R16 XL
  • 225/50R16
  • 225/55R16
  • 195/45R16 XL
  • 215/50R16 XL


  • 205/45R17 XL
  • 205/50R17 XL
  • 215/45R17 XL
  • 215/50R17 XL
  • 215/55R17
  • 225/45R17 XL
  • 225/50R17 XL
  • 225/55R17
  • 235/45R17 XL
  • 235/50R17
  • 235/55R17
  • 245/40R17
  • 245/45R17 XL
  • 275/40R17
  • 245/65R17 XL
  • 255/40R17 XL
  • 195/40R17 XL
  • 195/45R17 XL


  • 215/40R18
  • 215/45R18 XL
  • 225/40R18 XL
  • 225/45R18 XL
  • 225/50R18
  • 235/40R18 XL
  • 235/45R18 XL
  • 235/50R18
  • 245/40R18 XL
  • 245/45R18 XL
  • 245/50R18
  • 255/35R18 XL
  • 255/40R18 XL
  • 255/45R18 XL
  • 255/55R18 XL
  • 265/35R18 XL
  • 265/40R18 XL
  • 275/35R18
  • 275/40R18 XL
  • 225/35R18 XL
  • 205/35R18 XL
  • 305/30R18
  • 205/40R18 XL
  • 195/35R18 XL


  • 225/40R19 XL
  • 225/45R19 XL
  • 235/40R19 XL
  • 235/55R19 XL
  • 245/40R19 XL
  • 245/45R19 XL
  • 245/50R19 XL
  • 255/35R19 XL
  • 255/40R19 XL
  • 255/45R19 XL
  • 255/50R19 XL
  • 265/40R19 XL
  • 265/50R19 XL
  • 275/35R19 XL
  • 275/40R19 XL
  • 285/35R19 XL
  • 235/35R19 XL
  • 265/30R19 XL
  • 245/35R19 XL
  • 255/60R19
  • 275/45R19 XL
  • 275/55R19
  • 285/45R19 XL
  • 295/30R19 XL
  • 245/55R19
  • 225/35R19 XL
  • 275/30R19 XL
  • 215/35R19 XL
  • 265/35R19 XL


  • 225/30R20
  • 225/35R20 XL
  • 245/35R20 XL
  • 245/40R20 XL
  • 245/45R20 XL
  • 255/35R20 XL
  • 255/45R20 XL
  • 255/50R20 XL
  • 265/35R20 XL
  • 265/45R20 XL
  • 275/30R20 XL
  • 275/25R30 XL
  • 275/40R20 XL
  • 275/45R20  XL
  • 235/30R20 XL
  • 245/50R20
  • 235/35R20 XL
  • 245/30R20 XL
  • 255/30R20 XL
  • 255/40R20 XL
  • 285/25R20 XL
  • 295/25R20 XL
  • 305/25R20 XL
  • 315/35R20 XL
  • 265/50R20 XL
  • 285/50R20
  • 215/30R20 XL


  • 295/35R21 XL
  • 245/35R21 XL
  • 255/30R21 XL
  • 285/30R21 XL
  • 235/35R21
  • 245/30R21 XL
  • 265/40R21 XL
  • 275/35R21


  • 245/30R22 XL
  • 255/30R22 XL
  • 285/35R22 XL
  • 265/30R22 XL
  • 265/40R22 XL
  • 285/25R22 XL
  • 285/40R22 XL
  • 285/45R22 XL
  • 295/25R22 XL
  • 305/25R22 XL
  • 305/45R22 XL
  • 265/35R22 XL
  • 305/40R22 XL


  • 255/30R24 XL
  • 275/25R24 XL
  • 275/30R24 XL
  • 295/35R24 XL
  • 305/35R24 XL


  • 255/30R26 XL
  • 275/25R26 XL
  • 295/30R26 XL
  • 305/30R26 XL


  • 295/25R28 XL
  • 275/25R28 XL


  • 275/25R30 XL

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  1. Atlas Force UHP are GARBAGE. and so is dealing with PRIORITY tire. In just over a year and a half a problem was noticed on the exterior side of the tires inside facing sidewall. A 2 inch crack has developed in the sidewall and a secondary 1/2 inch one also. NOT any type of road damage but a separation of the outer layer of rubber from the sidewall. Looks clearly that the layer was not fused or glued properly. Clearly a manufacture defect. No bubbles or cuts of any kind on the tire. Priority tire had me remove the tires to obtain numbers from the inside at my expense claiming they needed it to file a claim with the manufacture. now they refuse to help me stating some kind of improper use caused this tire to separate. Really…. its a mercedes passenger car drivin on city streets and highways not some off road vehicle. There is NO evidence of that, they are just making excuses. Thanks for nothing PRIORITY TIRE.
    These tires also wear twice as fast as any 500+ rated tire EVER. in 15K they are worn down to just above the wear bar. GARBAGE!!!

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