Top 9 Best UTV Tires (Updated)

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Searching for the best tires for your UTV? There are three things you must keep in mind. First, you need tires that offer smooth and responsive handling. With a UTV, you’d be driving over diverse terrains, ranging from easy to complex. As such, you need tires you can trust.

Best UTV Tires

Secondly, the tires you’re going to install on your UTV must be designed for the conditions you’d regularly use them in. For instance, models with wider tread blocks (and narrow channels) will provide more than adequate grip on rocky roads, hard dirt, and gravel-strewn surfaces.

However, tires featuring smaller tread blocks with wider channels will provide the kind of grip your UTV needs to keep moving forward in mud, sand, and other loose terrains. This means you must think long and hard about the conditions you’d be using your UTV most often.

Thirdly, make sure to check out the tire’s construction. For most UTVs, 4-ply tires will work just fine. However, if you are worried about punctures and spend most of your time behind the wheel on puncture-prone terrains, there are newer 6-ply tires that might suit you more.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s turn our attention to the 10 best UTV tires on the market. All the models you see listed below are recommended and used by UTV drivers like yourself. For this reason, you can count on our selection to meet your requirements.

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain TA KM3 UTV

The BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 UTV Tire ticks several boxes for the average UTV driver. This model performs reliably on mud, dirt, gravel, and even sand. At the same time, it can handle rocky terrains quite easily. Small wonder then that it’s our top tire pick for UTVs.

This model comes with two-ply steel belts under the tread, which are buffered by two polyester belts and one made of nylon. Aside from that, two additional nylon plies are embedded in the sidewalls. The result? Reliable performance across soft, hard, and loose/slippery terrains.  

Compare this model with BFG’s other mud-terrain tires, and you’d notice that the lugs on the KM3 UTV are much closer. This is done so that the model doesn’t produce much noise on paved roads. Plus, Mud-Phobic bars help remove compacted mud every time this model rolls. 

Even when it’s running as low as 10 psi, this tire flexes very little and grips very well, regardless of whether you’re driving it on soft, loose surfaces or rocky terrain. A Linear Flex Zone enables it to handle rocks, and a notched shoulder design makes it work great on slippery surfaces.

All in all, if you’re looking for a tire that offers reliable mud performance, great rock deflection, and isn’t too loud on paved roads, the BFG Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 UTV deserves to be your pick.   


  • Offers great mud performance
  • Performs an excellent job of deflecting rocks
  • Provides adequate grip on loose and slippery surfaces


  • Sidewalls could have been stiffer

#2. Sedona Coyote UTV Tire – Best Value Tire for UTVs

Sedona Coyote UTV Tire

The Sedona Coyote UTV tire matches rugged looks with an aggressive performance. This sharp-looking model comes in 6- or 8-ply constructions, meaning it’s not for the faint-hearted UTVs. Still, despite its affinity for extreme conditions, the Coyote UTV comes at an affordable price.

A puncture-resistant rubber compound gives this tire the best of both worlds. The tread compound has the firmness needed to perform at its best on dry roads or trails. At the same time, its puncture-resistant properties make it reliable for when things get tough, as they often do at off-roads.

Similar is the case with its tread. The tread features wider lug spacing to give your UTV all the biting it needs to conquer rocks. At the same time, its unique siping detail allows the tread to grip slick or sticky surfaces reliably. You can thus count on the Coyote to do well on mud and sand.  

Smooth Tire Technology ensures a vibration-free ride even on bumpy terrains. The smoothness of the ride has also made it predictable, a feature that distinguishes the best UTV tires from the riffraff. Yet there is one drawback of this tire that might put away a few of its potential customers.

The Coyote UTV reserves its best performance for dry roads and trails. The grip and traction it offers on slippery roads don’t inspire much confidence about its wet performance. For this reason, if I were you, I’d take my foot off the accelerator upon seeing water on the road ahead.   


  • Excellent performance on dry roads and trails
  • Comes with a puncture-resistant rubber compound
  • Available in 6- or 8-ply construction


  • Wet traction isn’t the best

#3. Carlisle All Trail II ATV Tire – Best UTV Tires for Trail

Carlisle All Trail II ATV Tire

The Carlisle All Trail II bares its intentions with its name. This model is designed to perform reliably on most off-road surfaces, including dirt, sand, gravel, rocks, and even mud. It will also offer a smooth ride on the street and shorter braking distances in wet conditions. 

This model features various improvements over its predecessor, the Carlisle All Trail. The tread area contains a larger number of lugs and grooves, enabling this model to offer better responsiveness and stability on wet and dry hardpacked surfaces.

The All Trail II’s tread compound is more flexible than the model it replaced. As such, you can count on this tire to be at its best on slippery and/or dicey surfaces. However, just like its predecessor, this model doesn’t do very well in deep mud. For that, go for our top pick.

Its rubber compound has the ability to absorb most road vibrations, meaning you’d get a smooth ride, even on bumpy surfaces. What the compound fails to do, however, is keep things quiet. In fact, the All Trail II is one of the loudest ATV tires you’d get on the market. 

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  • Performs reliably on the pavement
  • Has a durable tread compound
  • Offers excellent performance on the off-roads


  • Makes a fair bit of noise

#4. Maxxis Carnivore UTV – Best UTV Tires for Desert

Maxxis Carnivore UTV

Maxxis tires are well-known among off-roaders worldwide for their high performance, rugged construction, and durable treadlife. Luckily for you, the Carnivore UTV isn’t any different. In fact, this model is the epitome of all the features discussed above.

Start with its rugged construction. A sturdy 8-ply rated radial construction and puncture-resistant tread compound enable this tire to keep going for years. The combo also allows the Carnivore to UTV to provide excellent traction on desert terrains, roots, and rocks.

Next comes performance, which is taken to the next level by the tire’s 28/32” lugs. Though not made for the deep stuff, the lugs can propel your UTV through light mud and even snow. Plus, their wide contact patch enhances the tire’s cornering performance.

You might find it good to note that these tires don’t come in front and rear-specific options. That means you can easily run one tire on all four corners of your UTV. As a result, you only have to keep one spare and rotate the installed tires to help them wear evenly.

Moreover, despite its beefier 8-ply construction, the Maxxis Carnivore isn’t as heavy as its 6-ply colleague, the Maxxis Bighorn. Therefore, its lightweight construction would positively impact your UTV’s fuel economy.


  • Has a beefy 8-ply construction
  • Performs reliably on dessert terrains, rocks, and roots
  • DOT-approved traction and stability


  • Doesn’t come cheap

#5. Nitto Trail Grappler SxS – Best UTV Tires for Harsh Trails

Nitto Trail Grappler SxS

After a century of producing tires for passenger vehicles, sports cars, and trucks, Nitto made an entry into the UTV and ATV tire market with the Grappler SxS. This tire was released in 2019 and uses the same technology and design details that you get from the Trail Grappler LT models.  

The features both these tires have in common include a hybrid dynamic tread pattern (which keeps the noise levels down), aggressive sidewalls and lugs (for better performance off the beaten path), and puncture-resistant rubber to ensure fewer mid-journey stops.

Reinforced shoulder grooves all but guarantee excellent off-road handling performance, with computer-optimized tread blocks ensuring quick and effective removal of mud and dirt. Plus, this tire has the same tread block stiffness you expect from premium UTV tires.

However, as you might guess, the SxS isn’t a mirror image of the Trail Grappler. This model has a beefier construction (8-ply vs. 2-ply) to ensure enhanced protection against roadside debris. It also weighs more than its LT sibling and was initially launched in fewer sizes (2 vs. 80).


  • Excellent off-road handling performance
  • Optimized dirt and mud evacuation from the tread
  • Aggressive sidewalls and lugs for better off-road performance


  • Available in a limited number of sizes

#6. Maxxis Zilla – Best Mud-Terrain UTV Tires

Maxxis Zilla

Three features make the Maxxis Zilla one of the best mud-terrain UTV tires on the market. These include this model’s biased-ply construction, aggressive tread design, and deep 1.2-inch lugs. Let’s discuss how these features have enhanced the tire’s mud performance.

Start with the biased-ply construction, which means that the Zilla won’t flex as much in the sidewalls as its counterpart radial tires. Sure, this would mean a rougher ride. But by shielding the sidewalls from punctures, Maxxis has improved its mud performance credentials.

An aggressive tread design won’t only enable this tire to keep rolling in mud. It will also enhance its performance on wet, slippery, and dicey roads. The tread design’s aggressiveness, alongside the biting edges on the shoulders, also make the Zilla a reliable snow tire.

Its deep lug pattern may make this tire more susceptible to vibrations than counterparts with less aggressive lugs, but the increase in vibration is almost noticeable. What will be noticeable, though, is the ease with which this model plows through light and deep mud and snow.

All of this is not to say that the Maxxis Zilla is a faultless tire. Many users have complained that its tread can wear down quickly, especially if you go out rock crawling on these mud holes.


  • Comes with a mud-evacuating tread pattern
  • Lightweight for enhanced acceleration performance
  • Offers solid traction and excellent versatility


  • Tread is susceptible to wearing down quickly

#7. Kenda K3201 Mastodon HT – Best Highway UTV Tires

Kenda K3201 Mastodon HT

Do you regularly drive your UTV on pavement, rocks, or hard-packed terrain? If so, a set of Kenda K3201 Mastodon HT Tires might be an ideal fit. This ultra-durable UTV tire is designed to perform reliably and predictably on hard-packed surfaces.

A DOT symbol on the tread area certifies that the K2301 Mastodon is compliant with the US Department of Transportation’s (DOT’s) safety standards. Though this symbol is a requirement, not a luxury – any tire use on US streets/highways is required to bear it.

Just like standard vehicle highway tires, the K3201 offers sharp handling and excellent feedback at the steering. This model is also quick to respond to steering inputs on the pavement, with its shoulder blocks and internal ribs ensuring great cornering performance.

A shallower tread makes this model useful on the grass, a surprising (though welcome) feature to have in a dedicated highway tire. This feature increases the scenarios where the K3201 Mastodon might come in handy, such as when you’re hauling gear or equipment.

As expected, this model isn’t that great on sand. It is made to shine on paved surfaces, and you might experience poor performance if you try to tempt your luck on the sand.   


  • Boasts a heavy-duty 8-ply construction
  • DOT symbol indicates that it’s street safe
  • Offers a smooth ride and responsive handling


  • Performance will nosedive on sandy terrain

#8. GBC Kanati Mongrel – Best for Recreational Driving

GBC Kanati Mongrel

The GBC Kanati Mongrel offers UTV drivers the best of both worlds. This model offers excellent performance on mud and trail to attract off-road enthusiasts, with its impressive high-speed handling and treadlife making it an attractive option for everyday drivers.

This versatility has been made possible by a unique set of features. First of all, Konati has designed this tire in a way that its outer sidewall extends over the rim. This built-in rim guard protects the top lips of the rim from rocks, pebbles, and any other item that could snag and/or bend the rim.

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Upon airing up this tire, you’d notice that it has a well-rounded profile. This is great news as the round profile has made this tire a confidence-inspiring and predictable model out there. Plus, it has also enhanced the way this model handles a variety of conditions.

Hard-pack terrain is another area where this model really excels. The cornering performance is exceptional, as is the stability and high-speed handling. This tire refrains from rolling over on you and handles just the way you like it without making any fuss.

Provided your UTV comes with the four-wheel-drive (4WD) system, engaging it would enable the Kanati Mongrel to offer adequate traction up inclines and on loose rocky sections. However, as one might expect from sporty tires, this model isn’t the best in mud or on sandy roads.


  • Offers brilliant performance on pavement
  • Smooth ride and handling on hard-packed surfaces
  • Comes with a built-in rim-guard protector


  • Isn’t the best on mud and sandy roads

#9. Traxion Glacius Studdable – Best UTV Tires for Winter Trails

Traxion Glacius Studdable

The Traxion Glacius Studdable UTV Tire has what it takes to behave reliably and predicable on winter trails. Had that not been the case, and this tire performed poorly on snow, it wouldn’t have been the industry’s only UTV Tire for wintry conditions.

A 6-ply radial construction might not be as heavyweight as that of other tires featuring 8- or 10-plies. This is good as it means the tire won’t be bogged down under its weight in winter and icy conditions and can safely carry you from point A to point B in snow.

 As all dedicated winter tires, the Glacius Studdable comes with an ultra-soft tread compound. One which won’t harden unless you’re driving through the Arctic in the peak winter season (for that is where the -40*C temperature at which this compound hardens is normally reported).

Both the positioning of the lugs as well as the spacing between them enables this tire to plow through snow and ice with little fuss. And if you feel that the built-in features are proving adequate in the face of heavy snow, insert TSMI #17 carbide-tipped ice studs into the stud area.

Before you do that, make sure that studs are permitted on the roads you drive. We’re saying that because some local authorities have banned the use of studded tires in their jurisdiction. So before ordering this winter powerhouse, make sure you aren’t living in any such area.


  • Features an ultra-soft rubber compound
  • Can handle the worst of wintry conditions
  • Computer-assisted lugs for optimal off-road traction


  • Doesn’t come cheap

Best Tires for UTVs

All-Terrain Tires

All-terrain tires are the ideal choice for the average UTV driver. These models deliver an exciting mix of versatility and flexibility. Plus, as their name implies, you can count on ‘all-terrain’ tires to perform reliably on all types of terrain, including rock, mud, pavement, and grass.

These models can also work wonders in all types of weather, from dry to wet roads and snowy conditions. Their durable sidewalls and puncture-resistant tread compounds allow them to last years. However, all-terrain tires usually struggle on loose surfaces, such as sand. 

Mud Tires

If you regularly drive your UTV through the sticky substance or soft dirt, mud-terrain tires may be ideal for you. The M/T tires feature aggressive tread blocks that dig into soft surfaces, enabling the tire to keep going and minimizing your chances of getting stuck.

Mud-terrain tires also have excellent water evacuation systems, meaning they are less susceptible to having to deal with hydroplaning. Their mud-evacuation properties are equally fantastic. As you might guess, these models may not be the best for driving on paved surfaces.

Hard Pack Tires

Also known as dual sport UTV tires, the hard-pack models are as straightforward as they sound: these models offer excellent traction and grip on the highway, street, and hard-packed dirt. All of this is made possible by their wide channels that can bite into unfamiliar terrain.

Bear in mind, though, that not every hard-pack tire on the market can be used on the highway. If your main reason for buying hard-pack tires is because you intend to use them on the street or highway, make sure to buy only those models that come with a DOT symbol.

Sand Tires

If you spend most of your time behind the wheel traversing through sand, then it’s a no-brainer that sand tires should be your pick. These models are made specifically for driving on loose surfaces and have the ability to protect your UTV from getting stuck in always-moving sand.

How to Choose UTV Tires

Tire Size

Make sure to install the correct size tire on your UTV’s wheel. Installing an incorrect size model won’t only hurt your UTV’s traction. It might also imbalance your vehicle’s center of gravity. Even an inch or two of difference in tire size can degrade your UTV’s handling and performance.

Tread Pattern

To choose the correct tread pattern, think about where you do most of your driving. For example, models with wider tread blocks and narrow channels are great for hard-packed surfaces, gravel, and rocky roads. Conversely, those with narrower tread blocks and wider channels give extra grip on loose terrain.

Tire Construction

UTV tires come in two constructions: bias or radial. Bias construction tires perform better on uneven terrain and sharp incline. Radial tires offer a much smoother driving experience and are usually the better option for driving on paved/even roads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles should UTV tires last?

UTV tires typically last anywhere between 2 and 5 years. Most tire manufacturers recommend replacing UTV tires every six years, even if their tread isn’t fully worn out.

Can I put car tires on a UTV?

You’d have to do some serious modifications to your UTV before you can put car tires to it. These modifications would take a lot of time, effort, and money. It’s therefore recommended to install dedicated UTV tires on this vehicle.


Now that you know everything about the best UTV tires, the onus is on you to use the knowledge you have gained and pick a set that best meets your requirements. Keep your driving habits, the area/terrain where you regularly drive, and weather conditions in your area while making this choice.

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