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The Tesla Model X is a luxurious and versatile all-electric SUV that provides long-range driving with safety. This five-door SUV is also considered an entry of Tesla into the midsize luxury SUV market. 

Best Tires for Tesla Model X

The Model X shares many features with the Model S, but it is loaded with innovations such as gull-wing doors and panoramic windshields. Such high-functioning cars require high-performing tires to match the speed and performance.

Tesla vehicles have a staggered tire design, i.e., the front and back tires have varied sizes. So, when selecting the tire for the Model X, you should consider this staggering feature along with performance and durability.

This article will provide you with the best tires for the Tesla Model X. We have kept the basic requirements such as budget, how you drive the car, level of tire noise, climate performance, availability, etc., into consideration when selecting and recommending our best tire picks.

#1. Michelin Latitude Sport 3 — Best Performance Tire

Michelin Latitude Sport 3

Michelin is famous for manufacturing supreme-quality tires that perform exceptionally well in different conditions. It uses the latest tire technology to maximize tire performance and tread life. And Latitude Sport 3 is one of its best-performing tires.  

This ultra-high-performing summer tire was precisely manufactured for luxury crossovers like the Tesla Model X. At present, it is one of the best-performing tires available on the market. It has an excellent grip and offers a comfortable, safe, and sporty driving experience.  

It has a remarkable all-year performance. The tire is made of a unique ultra-grippy rubber compound with an asymmetric tread pattern. Together they provide an excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces. The tread compound is also responsible for enhancing the performance as well as durability of the tire. 

Moreover, the asymmetric tread design maintains the balance between the tire and the road. It also enhances steering response and stability. The asymmetric tread design also improves grip and braking on wet and dry surfaces.  

The tire consists of wide circumferential grooves that help remove the water from the tire’s surface and prevent hydroplaning. Thus, providing improved traction and handling on wet surfaces. On the tread of the tire, you will find thick sipes, which avert tire deformation and improve rolling resistance. 

Michelin offers Acoustic Technology in limited versions of Latitude Sport 3. This technology delivers a quiet and comfortable ride by reducing vibrations of the rolling tires resulting in reduced cabin noise. Latitude Sport 3 models that do not feature Acoustic Technology also deliver a smooth and quiet ride even on bumpy surfaces.  

This tire is also reliable to be used in rainy conditions. It delivers an impressive grip, traction, and braking, while the steering response and cornering are exceptionally well. So, if you live in an area that receives heavy rainfall, then Latitude Sport 3 can perform well.

Since it is a summer-performing tire, it is not recommended to be on snow. In addition, since the tire contains an ultra-grippy rubber compound, this tire cannot be used in winters. It is incapable of providing traction on snow, thus making it unsafe to be used in winter. 

Michelin offers a 20,000 miles treadwear warranty along with a sixty-day customer satisfaction guarantee. It also offers a roadside assistance program for its customers. The services are offered 24×7 for three years after purchasing Latitude Sport 3. Roadside assistance program includes various services such as flat tire change, gas, water, or oil delivery, free towing up to 150 miles, battery jump-start, etc. 

This tire is available in 45 sizes ranging from 17 inches to 21 inches. 


  • Impressive high-speed handling
  • Noiseless
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Improved wet and dry traction


  • Tread could have been better

#2.Yokohama Geolandar X-CV — Best All-Season Tire

For four-season drivers, Yokohama Geolandar X-CV is the ideal pick. This tire provides support to the drivers in all-season. In addition, the Geolandar X-CV is specially designed and manufactured to take on today’s luxury sports crossovers and SUVs.  

This best-quality all-season tire delivers outstanding performance and provides enhanced grip, durability, and comfort. The tire consists of a tread compound made with silica end-locked polymer technology. The tread compound delivers smooth contact with the pavement and provides additional flexibility at different temperatures.  

Furthermore, the asymmetric tread pattern consists of five-pitch variations. The purpose of using this technology is to absorb the unnecessary noise and to deliver a quiet and comfortable ride.  

Outside the tire, you will find circumferential grooves along with 2D and 3D sipes. These circumferential grooves are responsible for removing excess water from the tire’s surface. And are also accountable for providing improved traction and blocking the risk of hydroplaning.

The 2D and 3D sipes work together to give additional biting edges that improve grip when driving on snowy or wet surfaces. 

Within the tire, you will find two high tensile belts made of steel. These belts are spirally wrapped with joint-less nylon on polyester piles to provide additional power and stability to the tire when cornering or speeding up during driving. Thus, developing a comfortable ride for the user. 


Yokohama offers a 50,000 miles / 5-year tread life warranty. In addition, the tire is available in different sizes ranging from 18 inches to 22 inches which fit best for Tesla Model X. 


  • Quiet
  • Impressive all-season traction
  • Affordable high, performing tire
  • 50,000 miles tread life warranty


  • Not recommended for deep snow and muddy terrain

#3. Cooper Discoverer SRX 3 — Best Touring Tire

Cooper Discoverer SRX 3

Cooper Discoverer SRX tire is solely manufactured for crossovers, SUVs, and CUVs. The Discoverer SRX is an all-season touring tire that provides durable treadwear with safety and comfort.  

The tire is made using the latest technology that uses high-grade silica compounds with high silica content. The purpose of using this technology is to provide dependable year-round traction on wet and dry pavement.  

The company highly focuses on providing a comfortable ride to its customers on all pavements. And to achieve that, the tire is made with an asymmetric tread design responsible for creating a uniform balance between the tire and the rode contact areas to deliver a relaxed ride even at high speed. 

Moreover, the tire is capable of performing in light snow. The trie delivers quite an impressive grip on wet and slippery roads. And to achieve stability and grip on wet and slippery roads, the company has used 3-D micro-gauge sipes. The 3-D micro-gauge sipes work with biting edges to improve traction and handling on the damp surface.

The tire also offers the best braking performance among other brands in the midsize segment. To achieve stability on uneven roads and improve cornering and steering response, the company has used the StabilEdge technology. 

The tire also consists of a central rib and an independent tread block present on the outer side of the tire. Together they provide enhanced grip and stability to the tire, especially when driving at high speed. 

Another exciting feature is the presence of the Wear Square indicator. Through this technology, you can keep an eye on tire wear and can change or repair it when needed. 

The tire is available in many sizes ranging from 16 inches to 22 inches, with a tread life warranty of 65,000 miles.

No doubt that Discoverer SRX is an outstanding tire, but it too has a downside. The tire does not perform well on snowy surfaces. They are not actual winter tires and fail to provide grip and control when driving in areas with heavy snowfall.


  • Wear Square Indicator
  • Capable of performing in light snow
  • Excellent braking performance for the price
  • Comfortable ride


  • Not for extreme wintry conditions

#4. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 — Best Winter Tire

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 is an exceptionally best-in-class winter and snow tire designed for crossover, SUV, and light trucks. The tire possesses excellent features that are well designed and ideal to be used on light and deep snow. 

Blizzak DM-V2 offers improved traction and braking features on ice and snow with excellent handling. The tire also reduces the spin-outs and gives exceptional acceleration capabilities. 

The tire is famous among the drivers for its remarkable tread life warranty. It also has an improved grip, and the presence of circumferential grooves achieves a controlled braking response during heavy rainfall and also on wet surfaces. The extra-wide circumferential grooves are present at the lateral side of the tire, responsible for the outflow of water from the tire surface, and resist hydroplaning. 

The grooves are also responsible for providing improved winter traction and stability to the driver when driving during the rain or on wet roads. On the center of the tire, you will find a multi-z pattern that works with the additional biting edge to help in removing the water and provide firm traction during snowfall and heavy rain.  

Although the tire has not received UTQG-rating, this is not alarming as it is expected that winter tires do not receive a UTQG-rating rating.  

The most remarkable feature of this tire is the use of the adaptive NanoPro Tech Multicell compound. This compound contains a hydrophilic coating responsible for tackling and removing water and snow. Not only that but the NanoPro Tech Multicell compound is also combined with the tiny biting particles to provide improved traction and grip on slippery roads.

The tread depth of Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 contains two compounds. The first 55% of tread depth on the tire contains the NanoPro Tech compound, and the remaining 45% of the tire comprises the standard Bridgestone winter compound. Together they provide more strength and durability to the tire.

The tire also contains a silica compound. The silica compound is intentionally added to provide elasticity to the tire freezing temperatures. The silica compound also removes water and slush. It is also responsible for delivering excellent braking control on slippery surfaces and heavily snow-covered areas. It also provides stability and strength to the car with controlled handling when driving during rain and thus ensures the safety of the drivers.

The presence of block edges in DM-V2 tread is 15% more than the DM-V1. Furthermore, the tire also contains 3D crisscross sipes. These 3D crisscross sipes provide additional biting edges. Together they work with the circumferential grooves to remove excess water and slush.

It is a widespread practice in the winter tire market that they do not provide treadwear warranty on their tires. Therefore, since Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 is a winter tire, it does not offer any treadwear warranty. 

It is also believed that seasonal tires are supposed to last multiple seasons. But because they face more challenging conditions, they tend to wear faster. Therefore, Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 should not be used in the summer to avoid such situations and increase their durability. Moreover, they should be kept in areas with no sunshine or heat as they go much faster in high heat and perform poorly in such conditions.

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 is available in different sizes ranging from 15 inches to 20 inches with a warranty of 15,000 miles only.    


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Excellent cornering grip
  • Very good wet traction and grip
  • Treadwear warranty is outstanding for the price


  • Has a tendency to get noisy at high speeds

#5. Michelin X-Ice Snow

Michelin X-Ice Snow

For many of us, smooth driving during winters is a big challenge. This is due to the icy roads as they pose quite a risk for the drivers. Keeping the safety of the drivers in mind recently, Michelin has manufactured tires, especially for its customers living in severely cold weather.  

We are already aware of the love Michelin has received from its customers. They are famous for manufacturing supreme quality tires and their top-notch services around the globe. Their well-designed tires are made for every season and can fit in regular cars and high-performing cars.

Since driving on snow is quite challenging and risky. To avoid risk, Michelin has introduced the Michelin X-Ice Snow tire, specifically designed for the winter season. Michelin X-Ice Snow is a sturdy winter tire with remarkable abilities to combat the ice and snow. With this tire driving on icy land is risk-free. In addition, the tire gives an improved grip and control and makes driving highly comfortable for the driver. 

This supreme quality tire efficiently handles sedans and sporty vehicles during wintry weather. The tire delivers remarkable winter traction and gives excellent support to the driver. The tire features built-in flex-Ice 2.0, which is intended to provide strength and support to the tire. It also contains silica content which is responsible for retaining the flexibility of the tire.

The tire also features two types of full-depth 3D sipes. These sipes are further provided with balancing traction elements. Together they work to deliver unprecedented control on light snow. It also improves snow-stopping distance, gives long-term biting edges, and increases the claw effect on snow.

The feature that distinguishes Michelin X-Ice Snow from other brands is the use of MICHELIN EverWinterGrip rubber technology. The inclusion of this modern technology ensures durability for more than a couple of years and makes driving smooth and secure. 

The tire also consists of wider circumferential grooves that work with the V-shaped pattern to remove excess water from the tire’s surface and resist hydroplaning and slush. This provides a smooth ride and ensures the control and safety of the driver when driving on icy or snowy surfaces.  


  • Comfortable handling on ice and snow
  • Brilliant hydroplaning resistance
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Pricey

#6. Nitto NT05 — Best Street Performance Tire

Nitto NT05

Nitto NT05 is an ultra-high-performing street tire built to give maximum cornering, handling, and braking features. Moreover, The tire features a W speed rating which means this tire is fit to be used up to 168 mph. In addition, the Nitto NT05 is reviewed as one of the best dry/summer performing tires available in the market.

The tire contains a sizable percentage of rubber compound. This rubber compound is molded to form an asymmetric tread pattern and delivers excellent dry traction and steering response. This also ensures a smooth ride on dry surfaces when cornering at high speed. 

The tire consists of a continuous center rib, circumferential grooves, and an external shoulder block. The continuous center rib works with the exterior shoulder blocks providing a firm grip on tires on dry pavement. They also provide stability and robustness to the tire during harsh sunny days.  

The circumferential grooves are responsible for removing access water below the surface of the tire so that hydroplaning can be resisted. Since it is a performance street tire, the wet surface performance of this tire is below average. 

Inside the tire, you will find two high tensile steel belts. These belts are spirally wrapped with nylon to provide additional power and stability to the tire when cornering or speeding up during driving. Thus, developing a comfortable ride for the user.  

Nitto NT05 is available in different sizes ranging from 15 inches to 20 inches. 


  • Remarkable dry traction
  • Quick Steering Response
  • Affordable
  • Available in a wide range of sizes


  • Below-average wet traction

How to Choose Tires for Tesla Model X

It isn’t child’s play to choose the best tires for Tesla Model X. You have to consider multiple factors, including your driving style, the conditions in which you regularly drive, as well as your budget. To make this process easy for you, we’ve come up with this buying guide section.

Tire Sizes

Four different tire sizes can be installed on a Tesla Model X. These include:

  • 265/35R22
  • 285/35R22
  • 265/45R20
  • 275/45R20

Even though Tesla has released multiple versions of the Model X since 2016, the electric car manufacturer has kept the tire sizes the same. You’d do well to note down these tire sizes – or, better yet, bookmark this page – to ensure that the tire you’re looking at is available in the required size.


Weather and seasonality play a crucial role in determining how well a tire performs on the road. There are three seasonal tire options for you to consider:

All Season

All-season tires are a great choice for everyday driving year-round. These tires have a rubber compound that enables them to offer adequate traction and grip in summer conditions. At the same time, they’re flexible enough to stay useful in mild-to-moderate winter conditions.


Summer tires are designed to offer optional performance in temperatures above 7*C. They offer great handling and steering response at high speeds, while also offering the grip to remain under your control on wet roads. However, their fuel consumption is higher than that of their all-season counterparts.


Winter tires are available in two types. Studless winter tires offer adequate traction and handling on light snow and ice without leaving many skid marks on the road. Studdable tires are designed for extreme winter conditions, though not every state permits their usage on public roads.

Driving Conditions

Whether you only use your Model X for work, frequently haul your entire family to the mountains, or enjoy the more-than-occasional cross-country trip, it’s important to consider the conditions you regularly drive in before purchasing a new set of tires.

Performance Tires

Performance tires will supplement the thrill that comes with Tesla Model X. A pricey set will come with unique or asymmetric tread patterns. This will enable them to offer excellent responsiveness, enhanced precision, and above-average traction.

Furthermore, performance tires are famous for their high speed ratings. You can thus count on them to keep up with your Model X’s horsepower without straining too much. However, keep in mind that performance tires wear much faster.

All-Terrain Tires

All-terrain tires are perfect for drivers who often take the route less traveled. These tires excel against mud, gravel, sand, rocks, and mild snow to meet all your off-roading needs. At the same time, their highway and road stability is also great.

However, the trade-off is more noise on paved roads. Also, since they are designed to handle tough conditions, all-terrain tires have a shorter tread life. Their fuel efficiency is also much lower than other sets of tires.

Mud-Terrain Tires

Mud-terrain tires are made for enthusiasts who often test their vehicle’s limits in testing conditions like deep mud and sand. Large tread blocks, built-in stone ejectors, and aggressive tread patterns. These are some of the features you’d get in MT tires.

However, this intense design translates to a rougher ride quality.

Speed Rating

Put simply, a tire’s speed rating tells the fastest speed it can handle before going out of control.

According to Tesla Model X’s owner manual, its factory tires have V speed rating. While you might be tempted to move up to W or Y speed-rated tires, the quid pro quo may leave you with a tire with shorter tread life and worse performance in winter.

What about downgrading the tires to a lower speed rating? Sure, that may give you long tread life, especially if you drive slowly. But the trade-off might be excessive heat build-up in the winter, especially since Tesla Model X is a higher-performance vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are tesla tires different from the rest? 

Tesla tires are not entirely different from the rest, but the Tesla company recommends using a premium version of a tire. Premium tires are intended to achieve improved results over tens of thousands of miles. The company also recommends tires that are not initially manufactured for electric cars but can perform, cause minor wear, and handle rapid torque or regeneration load.

What is the average life span of tesla tires? 

Officially, the average life span of the Tesla factory-installed tires on Tesla vehicles is around 30,000 miles which is almost three years. However, some owners have reviewed and reported better tread depth that lasts more than 40,000 miles. However, it is estimated that the average lifespan of Tesla Model X tires ranges between 20,000 to 40,000 miles. 

Do Electric Cars Wear Tires Out Faster? 

Since electric cars are high-performing, their tires tend to wear out faster than conventional gas-powered cars. As a result, it is commonly observed that many tire shops replace tires on electric vehicles between 3,000 and 10,000 miles or even earlier. However, with proper care and handling, you can decrease the chance of early replacement. 

How much does it cost to install a tire? 

The average cost to install a tire range between $25 and $50 per tire. The price includes installation services such as mounting and balancing and the use of the latest tools so that the rims are safe and do not get scuffed or scraped.

Do Tesla tires run flats? 

Usually, Tesla tires do not run flat; however, if your tesla tire runs flat, you are stuck because they also do not come with a spare tire. But Tesla offers a service for its customers by towing the car up to 50 miles and can perhaps bring you a spare wheel if you are near a service center, but the process is not smooth.

Should I need to buy tires from Tesla only?

Tesla sells tires, but you do not need to buy the tires from them only. Instead, you can buy tires from a tire manufacturing company. However, in case of an emergency, you can buy from them too as they are generally well-stocked.



Tesla cars are ultra high-performing cars, and they require tires that can match their speed and performance. As a result, Tesla cars are well suited for tires precisely designed to handle instant torque and regeneration load wear.

Tesla tires are not entirely different from the rest, but the Tesla company recommends using a premium version of a tire. Premium tires are intended to achieve improved results over tens of thousands of miles. However, the company also recommends tires that are not initially manufactured for electric cars but can perform, match the speed, and cause minor wear.

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