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For most people, car upgrades are a foreign subject. A lot of car owners purchase the car the way it is, and apart from regular maintenance, they don’t spend a dime on improvements. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are some people, myself included, that want to make some changes. Regardless of whether we’re talking about functional or esthetic upgrades, some like to tinker with those things, which is why I’m here to help.

Best Tesla Model 3 Wheels

A common upgrade that many people go for is the wheels. In the past, the most common reason for getting a new set of rims was to replace the old steel ones you purchased the car with. That not only improves the car aesthetically, but it also brings some improvements. The main one that I was interested in when I upgraded my steelies for alloy wheels was reducing the unsprung mass, resulting in better handling.

Today, most cars already come with nice and shiny wheels, so why would you change them? Essentially from the same reasons I mentioned above. Fitting a new set of rims on your car will change how it looks and, in some cases, may even bring some performance improvements.

In this article, the car I’ll be talking about is the Tesla Model 3. It’s been around for about 4 years, 3 of which it was crowned as the most sold electric vehicle worldwide. It comes in several size options ranging from 18 to 20 inches. On top of that, there are multiple types of rim options depending on which model of the Model 3 you get. Some are designed for better airflow, something you’d have on the long-range option, while the others are sporty looking that don’t have a strong emphasis on aerodynamics.

Before I dive into the wheels I’ve chosen, there’s a big note that I have to mention. Whenever you change tires and rims, the important thing to know is how things will change. Since each rim is defined by the diameter, width, and offset, making drastic changes may lead to bad results. There are clearances you need to pay attention to, scrub radius, and tons of other stuff. We’ve done a great guide on that, so check it out before you start planning your purchase.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the list. Keep in mind that it’s in no particular order.

Tesla Model 3 Wheels

  1. T Sportline
  2. Ohm Wheels
  3. Halibrand
  4. Martian Wheels

T Sportline

t sportline

I’m starting with the most obvious choice. T Sportline is a company founded back in 2013 that prides itself in being the first Tesla tuning company. Considering that Tesla makes EVs, the tuning potential is more or less in the lines of aero packages, suspension upgrades, and most importantly, wheels.

Considering that we are talking about a company that specializes in Tesla wheels, you can be sure that their products will be the perfect fit. In the company’s lineup, there are multiple models that come in several sizes, depending on your preference.

There are the standard wheels you can get directly from Tesla, and there are a few aftermarket options as well. T Sportline has the TS5, TSS, and TST in an 18-inch package, while you can get those 3 or the TSV model in a 19 or 20-inch option. All 4 models are flow forged have the standard 5×114.3 PCD, with a center bore of 64.1 mm and an offset of +35. Tesla fans will also appreciate the bore cap featuring the Tesla logo.

Weight-wise, don’t expect to be reducing the unsprung weight too much. The OEM wheels are already very light, and the aftermarket options from T Sportline are more or less similar. Some are a pound or two heavier, while others are lighter. Yes, there is a difference, but it isn’t a drastic one.

In terms of colors, there are several options, and they depend on the model you’re willing to go for. Don’t expect some fancy colors, though.

When talking about the specs, it’s important to mention that T Sportline follows the tesla trend and gives you several options. While the 18-inch options for the model 3 can be purchased with a squared setup, you can go for a staggered one on the 19- and 20-inch wheels. Even in the staggered setup, the company follows Tesla’s requirements, so you can expect them to fit precisely without any fitment issues.

As a bonus, T Sportline has a way to keep you as their customer when it comes to tires as well. For each wheel size and model, you have several tire options to choose from, including the OEM ones. They do differ depending on the size and model, but for the most part, the company has you covered in most cases. One thing I would like to see in its lineup is winter tires.

Finally, I would like to touch base on some of the discontinued models. Up until a while ago, T Sportline had some limited edition wheels, mainly in the larger sizes, which I believe looked stunning. Like all the other options, the sizes were fine-tuned to match a Tesla Model 3. Unfortunately, at the moment they are not available, and I’m looking forward to seeing similar products in the future.

Ohm Wheels

ohm wheels

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Ohm Wheels before. This is a relatively young company born in 2020, yes, new companies were founded during Covid, and for most people, it would seem like it’s a company with no pedigree. In reality, things are far from it.

Ohm Wheels is part of TSW, which is considered one of the earliest producers of aftermarket wheels. Founded in the 60s, the company was run by a retired F1 driver, meaning that, in theory, the company knew what it takes to make a good wheel. The company has a separate brand for each car company, so Tesla models get Ohm Wheels.

If you’re a Model 3 owner, you have two options, the Lightning and Proton wheels at your disposal. A key difference between the previous company and Ohm Wheels is in how the tires are offered. While both have rims in sizes that would fit a Model 3, the advantage here is that you can make some bigger modifications. Let’s say you want to go over 20 inches for a really low-profile tire or below 18 for some meaty ones. In both cases, you can because both options come in sizes ranging from 17 to 22 inches. In addition to that, you can also play around with the width of the rim if you want to fit a wider set of rubber.

The reason for having a wider range of options is that these models are designed to fit any Tesla, which can be an advantage if you decide to change the OEM sizes. If you want to remain with the stock option, the wheels are designed to provide a perfect fit, meaning that you shouldn’t have any problems. This means that the bolt pattern is 5×114.3, and the central bore is 64.1 mm or 71,1, which are the specs for any Model 3. There are two bore sizes because some Tesla models require a wider bore.

Like with the previous wheel manufacturer, the Ohm Wheels don’t differ too much from the OEM ones in terms of weight. If we nitpick, these may be a bit lighter, but in my experience, we’re talking about weight that you probably won’t notice at all.

Looking at the color choices, you have only 2 options per model, which is okay, but not as much as some of the others. One thing that some Tesla owners may not like is the central bore caps, which feature the Ohm logo, not the Tesla one.

One thing to note is that if you are going after a staggered setup, you’ll need to make 2 separate purchases, as Ohm Wheels doesn’t offer packages.



Halibrand is a brand that sometimes flies under the radar, which is a bit odd to me. It’s been around since the 1940s, producing wheels to motorsports. With experience in Indy car, drag racing, and a few land-speed records, it’s a brand that has a pedigree, making it a worthy contender for this list.

Right of the bat, there is a slight problem with Halibrand, and that is options. Unfortunately, you have only one model to choose from, and that’s the Hyper Kinetic. Another limitation if you go for this brand is the color options, which are silver or anthracite.

When we reach the sizes, there seems to be another problem. The Hyper Kinetic comes at only 19 and 20 inches, so if your Model 3 has 18-inch wheels, you’ll need to change the size, meaning a new set of tires.

Moving on to the positive sides, don’t expect any fitment issues. The bolt pattern and central bore are per Tesla’s specs for the Model 3, including the diameter and width of the rims. With Halibrand, you have two options.

On the one hand, the company offers individual wheels meaning that you can choose the ones that you want. With the 8.5- or 10-inch width, along with the adjusted offset, you can either go for the standard look or go wider. The second option is the packages.

Halibrand offers the Hyper Kinetic in a set of 4 with multiple setups. You can get the standard setup of your Model 3 with the same width front and back, or you can go with the staggered setup. Regardless of which one you choose, the fitment will not be a problem. Even though the packages come with a set of nuts and pressure sensors, you can use the factory ones if you want to.

Some owners may not like the Halibrand logo on the central caps, but there’s a solution. Since the bore is the same, you can reuse the caps from your original wheels and keep the Tesla look.

One thing worth mentioning is the weight. Halibrand has a reputation for making lighter wheels, so in direct comparison, the Hyper Kinetic is a tad lighter than the original wheels.

Martian Wheels

martian wheels

Martian Wheels is a relatively young company, another one that came to the market during the Covid pandemic. Even though there isn’t too much info on the background, the team claims to have plenty of motorsport and tuning experience but wanted to make something for the Tesla owners. The company covers a couple of upgrade areas, including which are the wheels.

Considering that the company specializes in Tesla wheels, there are a few options for each model, including the Model 3. There are two models to choose from, the MW03 and the MW05. The first one is a Model 3 only, while the second one can also be used on the Model Y. A slight problem that you may notice are the available options.

It is true that there are two models available, but there are some limitations. The MW03 wheels can be purchased in the standard 18 to 20-inch options, but there’s a twist. Unlike some other wheel manufacturers, Martian Wheels only offers them in the standard width without an option to get the wider ones. All are 8.5 inches wide with an offset of 35, which may be a problem for people that are after the staggered setup. A bit of good news is that you have 3 color options to choose from.

As for the MW05, there is another problem. The first one is that this model is only available in 18 and 19 inches, meaning that 20-inch owners will need to look elsewhere if they don’t want to downsize. You have an option between 3 packages for a set of 4 wheels, two of which are 19 inches, and the third one is the 18-inch option. The difference between the two 19-inch sets is the width and the offset. One of them offers 10.5-inch-wide wheels with 40 offset, while the other one is the 9-inch wheel with a 34 offset. Even in this scenario, you don’t have the option to go for a staggered setup. The good news is that you get center caps and a set of lug nut caps with each set apart from the wheels.

Considering that the wheels are designed and built for the Model 3 specifically, the pressure sensors or center caps will fit from the original wheels. Also, another essential thing to note is that both rim models are lighter than the OEM wheels provided by Tesla.

Other considerations

I saved this for last because it’s often the more complicated choice. I mentioned in the beginning that each car wheel has a different set of specifications based on the manufacturer. The Model 3 has a 64.1 mm central bore and a 5×114.3 PCD, both of which don’t change regardless of which option you go for. You will notice changes in the diameter, width, and offset.

The Model 3 comes with 8.5 or 9 inch wide rims with 35 or 40 offset in a range from 18 to 20 inches. With this in mind, there are loads of more wheel brands to go to. My list for today included wheels from companies that decided to specialize in making rims for the Model 3. That doesn’t stop you from going for Borbet or OZ or BBS. If you do choose to take that route, make sure that you are getting a wheel with the correct size or consult a professional.

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  1. Would love to talk wheels. I have an idea that would change the whole look and style of all the existing wheels. I am going to talk to a couple of wheel manufactures that don’t make wheels for Tesla but I think a couple of styles in their regular line would look awesome on the Tesla. They would have to make any changes to fit the cars but think it’s well worth it. I am a designer and marketing specialist. Would love to get your thoughts.

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