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Are you looking for good quality 235 80r17 Dually Tires? But you are struggling to decide which brand will fit best for your vehicle. There is nothing to worry about it. A lot of us find it quite challenging to choose the right tire for our vehicle

Best 235/80r17 Dually Tires

The purchasing process of a tire can be stressful especially when you are searching for a particular tire category. Before purchasing anything, we often collect information from different sources such as buying guides, websites, reviews, recommendations from friends or family, etc. 

Information is only useful when you have a trusted source that offers reliable options which eventually help you in deciding to purchase the right product for you. But the search is always not easy.

So here in this article, we will provide you with the best 235 80r17 Dually Tires. We’ve considered the basic requirements such as budget, how you drive the car, tire noise level, climate performance, availability, etc. when selecting and recommending our best tire picks.

#1. Michelin Agilis CrossClimate 235/80R17 12

Michelin Agilis Cross Climate 235/80R17 12

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As the name suggests, the Michelin Agilis Cross Climate tire is manufactured to be used all season without any stress of changing tires for different seasons. These tires are designed to provide smooth all-season driving for heavy-loaded vans and trucks in different road conditions.

These tires provide stability to the vehicle in both wet and dry conditions. Michelin has used StabiliBlok Technology and has a unique tread pattern design. 

These tread patterns are intended to perform in all seasons and for LT-metric sizes. These tread patterns work symmetrically and make the tire durable for commercial use.

These pair of tires deliver a quiet and comfortable ride. Even at speed of 80 mph, these tires do not produce any noise. The tire also offers an improved connection with steering on the road. 

Michelin Agilis Cross Climate has excellent traction on all surfaces. Its off-road and on-road traction is far better than many of its competitors that fall in the same category.

The tire provides full control and a firm grip to the driver regardless of the road condition. The tire delivers outstanding grip even in heavy snowfall.

Regardless of the vehicle, you drive Michelin Agilis Cross Climate proves to be efficient during snowy roads and it is possible due to the use of their unique tread design and StabiliBlok Technology.  


  • Affordable
  • Noiseless
  • Up to 4000 lbs loading capacity
  • Great traction on dry and snowy surfaces


  • Slippery on mud

#2. BF Goodrich BFG All-Terrain

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The BF Goodrich BFG all-terrain tires perform well on all surfaces. Whether you are driving on wet, dry, snowy, or muddy roads this tire delivers excellent grip to the user. 

This well-engineered beautifully designed tire is built for all kinds of SUVs, pickups, or trucks and provides confidence and full control to the driver who enjoys driving at high speed.

BF Goodrich BFG all-terrain has outstanding performance both off-road and on-road. Even on snow or rocky hill road, it has an impressive performance and gives exceptional wear and year traction with improved performance and control.  

BF Goodrich’s uniquely designed cut-chip and tear-resistance tread technology make this tire durable.

Inside the tire, you will find two steel belts that are held together with the nylon wrapping on the top these tires are called Goodrich Trigard technology. It also has three-ply polyester cord construction that increases the robustness and durability of the tire.  

The driving is quiet even at high speeds. Also, it delivers a smooth ride and this is possible due to the use of the latest technology built with a unique tread pattern design. Together they give you a better driving experience so far.

Grip with the road at high speed is also quite remarkable. Since this tire is specially built for mud, wet, and snowy roads users feel a bit shaky during balancing when driving on dry surfaces. But in terms of wet traction and handling, this tire is pretty impressive to other tires in the market.  

On wet pathways, these tires are comfortable and noiseless. They offer good traction in snow and remain thriving despite the harsh weather situation in the desert. 

The tread compound and deep potholes are intended to deliver a firm grip in the mud, but users have found them slightly slippery when driving in the deep mud. But when it comes to driving in the ice and snow condition the tires perform very well without any shaking or slipping.  


  • Noiseless and smooth ride
  • Impressive performance on snow and ice
  • Aggressive and enhanced tread design


  • Slippery on deep mud

#3. Nitto Exo Grappler Awt Tire

Nitto Exo Grappler Awt Tire

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Nitto Exo grappler is a uniquely designed tire that provides excellent performance, especially in dry road conditions. Its tread patterns are designed with a computer analysis program that works exceptionally well when driving on wet and snowy roads.

This tire is loaded with unique features such as the variable exclusive block design which functions to reduce the cabin noise whether driving off-road or on-road. This pair of tires are ideal for users who own a dual cabin pickup.

On the sidewall of the tire, you will find the three layers of polyester that give the tire maximum strength. This feature also makes the tire puncture-resistant and gives the user stress-free driving with no fear when driving on hard or rocky surfaces.

The tires have a heavy capacity of load and excellent performance in dry conditions. The tire has a remarkable tread design and is worthy of praise. 

The asymmetric tread design is made with a combination of natural rubber and deep groove blocks with biting edges that help lose the dirt on the tire. Although the tire offers excellent dry performance it still has a bit of noise.

However, the computer-analyzed, variable-pitch tread blocks design prevents the noise and bad vibrations from these tires especially if you are a user of a dual cabin pickup. Performance-wise the tire delivers a smooth and controlled driving experience.

The best part about the Nitto Exo grappler is its robustness. They are very tough, intended to be durable, and deliver outstanding stability when towing. They have a perfect combination of commercial quality with an aggressive tread. 

The tire also offers better traction on the wet surfaces and gives a smooth grip on the road. Furthermore, it consists of circumferential grooves along with the sipes. Both of which work together to remove water from the tread tire, preventing hydroplaning.


  • Delivers outstanding on and off-road traction
  • Firm and smooth handling on wet traction
  • Impressive performance on rocky and hard surfaces


  • A little noisy

#4. Yokohama Geolandar H/T G056

Yokohama Geolandar H/T G056

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Are you planning to replace your current tire without stressing your pocket? Then the Yokohama Geolandar should be your choice. This fantastic budget-friendly dually tire is the best all-season tire that is specially manufactured for trucks.

The uniquely designed tread patterns are specially designed to deliver a long and comfortable ride. The well-engineered Yokohama Geolandar H/T G056 uses its unique tread design to provide the user with all-weather handling and traction including light or deep snow.

Yokohama has used various latest technology features when manufacturing this tire.

The use of orange oil is one of them. The orange oil is added with micro silica that works together with asymmetric tread design and in return produces high resistance to wet and dry traction. Apart from this the orange oil technology also makes the tread pattern flexible in freezing temperatures.

The tread compound is molded into an asymmetric tread design that possesses adaptive shoulder blocks, providing a noise-free sustainable drive to the user.

The company offers a fantastic tread life warranty. Some of the users have claimed the tread life of the tires is extensive. Yokohama has achieved it due to the use of their unique orange oil technology for the tread design.  

The tread design combined with orange oil technology and micro-silica not only provides the most prolonged tread life but also a noise-free ride. The tire’s 3D locking sipes give it a biting powder on the road and offer stable performance, even in harsh weather conditions.

Outside the tire, you will find four independent grooves along with crisscross tread blocks that are located at different angles. Together they provide stability to the vehicle when driving in the rain or winter season.


  • Use of Orange Oil Technology
  • Great traction on wet surfaces
  • Unique tread pattern design
  • Fantastic tread life warranty


  • Braking in deep snow is not satisfactory



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The Dynapro AT2 is manufactured by Hankook. This tire is specially designed to be used on-/off the road and for drivers who want an adequate mix of all-year performance. Dynapro AT2 is ideal for the users of pickup trucks, Jeeps, work vans, and full-size SUVs.

The tire has all the abilities to work well on off-road dry and wet tractions. This smart tire is also capable of handling light snow and has achieved the mark of a three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol. However, the tire does not match the competence of a true winter tire in all severe weather conditions.

The tire has a special tread compound that is precisely framed to improve fuel economy and deliver cut- and chip-resistance on irregular planes. The shoulders of the tire consist of rigid tie bars that help in stabilizing the tread blocks which in return improves ride comfort and dry handling.

To enhance the grip on wet surfaces high-grade dispersible silica is used in the tread compound. Open shoulders outside the tire wall along with the wide grooves help clear water from the part in contact to prevent hydroplaning.

These multi-directional grooves and sipes are intended to offer grip in any direction. The independent tread blocks have extra biting edges that provide traction off-road and in snow.

To resist punctures and damage while driving off-road a durable, three-ply casing is used. For even distribution of pressure, a wide footprint is used which further aids in improving the tread life of the tire. 

Inside the tire, you will find two steel belts that are reinforced by bi-layers of nylon. Both of them work together to improve this tire’s durability, helping it outlast the warranty period.


  • Has a three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Puncture resistant
  • Noiseless and comfortable ride


  • Not a true winter tire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the queries people have about 235 80r17 Dually tires:

What are the advantages of using dually tires?

The biggest advantage that a dual tire offers is that the back axle allows you to carry more loads. This feature is helpful for users that are into regular towing. Also, it provides stability to the vehicle in windy situations.

What are the issues I may face while using dually tires?

One possible issue you might face when purchasing a dually tire is you need to be more careful because the tires should be exactly similar. Also, you may feel uncomfortable when driving without a load. Another issue is the decrease in fuel economy.

How much space is required between dually tires?

The recommended minimum space between the rear dually tires is ½ inch or 1.27cm. In this way, your car will be safe at maximum load capacity and it will also prevent sticking of small debris between the rear tires which can cause early wear and punctures.

How much space is required between dually tires?

The dual rear wheel truck tires last twice as long as single rear wheel trucks. The main reason is that these tires have less strain on them in comparison to the single rear wheel trucks.


We know that selecting the best dually tires is not quite easy. And we hope that our article has helped you a bit. The tires we have reviewed in this article are some of the bests picks from the market. A dual tire is a huge investment and taking good care of it will surely serve you for a long time. And we recommend a thorough search before investing.

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